One Strap and One Shoulder Frocks – Cutting and Stitching in Hindi/Urdu (Baby Frock Design 2)

We are making one shoulder dress for kids This is our skirt: 8 Inch in lenght This is our skirt: 8 Inch in lenght Width tentative as per how much gathers you want! Bodice size is: 10 Inch lenght In total we have 17 to 18 Inch length Dress Firstly we will do cutting similarly as we did for normal shoulder dress 4.5 Inch Shoulder 5 Inch armhole lenght Chest would be 6.2 Inch Waist: 5.5 Inch Make Curve on armhole I am doing cutting Now we start setting up the one shoulder We take 45 Degree Angle and do deepness of 6 Inch Now mark it to opposite shoulder Now join this line to bottom of the armhole I will do cutting here Our piece is ready, we will attach strap from here All other steps are same as the other simple frock This Biastape which is used as ruffle on bodice neck These are the sleeves, we have did these sleeves before many times We are attaching lace on side of the ruffles I have also attach lace on sleeves First we join shoulders Now we give ruffles to biastape and then attach to neck We are giving manual gathers, do single seam and then stretch the thread to do some gather do single seam and then stretch the thread to do some gather Now we start applying ruffles from this side Now I am sewing sleeves Now we apply Biastape to cover open edges Our bodice is almost done Mark the point where you will attach strap we measures strap size like this We will white strap at the bottom of the bodice and this is a bow which tie at the back We are joining sides Attach strap for next shoulder here Our Bodice is ready Now we start with skirt We will sew bottom fold first then sew sides then we will attach with bodice We have attach the skirt We had attached lace at the end Hope you like this tutorial Please subscribe to us