No-Sew Fleece Ponchos : Cutting Slits Around Neck Hole for a Reversible Poncho

Now we’ve opened up our fabric and here’s
our slits that we cut and I’m just going to cut a little curve from one slit to the other
to finish cutting the neck hole.
If you want you can cut a piece of paper in the three inch circle if you don’t think that
you can cut nice and evenly. You can make a pattern and lay that down and cut the circle.
At this point you may think that the hole is a little small but if you pick it up you’ll
see that the fabric stretches a little and that there is plenty of room for your head.
The next thing we’ll do is we’re going to, for the woven treatment, we’re going to fold
back both layers of fabric one inch and take your scissor and cut a slit that goes through
both pieces of fabric. You’ve folded back one inch and cut a little slit. The slit you’re
cutting is less than a half inch and the inside piece of fabric, this light purple fabric
is going to end up with a smaller hole than the outside fabric. Now fold an inch, work
around to the circle and an inch from this slit you’re going to cut another slit. So
you’re folding over an inch and you’re cutting the slits an inch apart and working your way
around the neck hole. Now you want to make sure that your fabric stays together and when
you make the fold that the pieces are together so that you get a cut through both pieces
at the same time and we’re working our way around the neck hole. Just shift your fabric
around and fold in the next place. One inch and one inch away from the last cut so you’re
slits are one inch apart from each other and you’re folding in your neck hole one inch.
Just work your way around the neck hole. Your slits are only a half, less than a half inch,
just like a little bit of a cut like that and that’s what your hole looks like.