No-Sew Fleece Hat, Scarf & Pillow : Cutting Fringe on a No-Sew Fleece Pillow

Now I’m going to show you how to cut the fringe
for our fleecy no sew pillow cover. Take your two covered pieces. We’ve finished our decoration
and you can put decorations on both sides of the pillow if you want. Take your two pieces
of fleecy fabric and place them with the wrong side of the fabric together and the outside
of the fabric facing out. The right side of the fabric facing out. And we’re going to
cut a 3 inch fringe all the way around the pillow. Now the corner is the most difficult
part to cut. And I’ve drawn this diagram to show you how the cut will be. On the corner,
your cuts are going to be a little bit longer and more diagonal. And it’s helpful if you
measure this point right here. And maybe mark it with a pin. So if you go in three inches
from the side here and three inches from the side here and mark that point. And then we’re
going to cut our fringe at a diagonal that corner cut here. So you go one inch from the
corner of the pillow, cutting through both thicknesses of our pillow cover. And cut a
line that’s going to be just outside our three inch marking. Okay. All the way up there.
And then do the same thing on the other side making sure you have at least 1/2 inch at
the top of the fringe. Okay. Now your next cut is going to be a little less diagonal.
You move down about an inch from the first cut and a little bit diagonal coming about
1/2 inch away from the end of the last cut. And as you go around the corner, your cut
will straighten out until you have a straight three inch cut. And your tassels or your fringe
will be 3/4 inch wide. So continue down the side of the pillow. And you can place a ruler
to keep an eye on where the three inches are. Or you can take pins and mark along the three
inches. And just make 3/4 inch fringe cutting through both thicknesses of fabric. Now you
don’t have to be very precise with this. They don’t have to exactly 3/4 inches wide. And
they don’t have to be exactly 3 inches long. And just cut all the way around. And again,
you could stop here and work on the second corner and then ease back into the side again.
I like to do that. So we’ll mark our corner again. And then cut your corner and then ease back
into the side.