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Hey guys It’s kimberly from the Fat Quarter Shop and on today’s Classic and Vintage series I’m gonna show you our brand new pattern called 9-patch star so this pattern is available for free If you want the block on our free pattern page at Fat Quarter Shop or in the links below And if you want to turn this into a quilt, that’s a larger size We have a low-priced pattern available at fat quarter shop Also, this uses sunny-side up by Cory Yoder for Moda fabrics And we’re using the great triangles on a roll paper So if you’re shopping at Fat Quarter Shop and want to find it It’s the two and a half inch finish size and the SKU number is H 250. So let’s get started today We’re using triangle paper I prefer Triangles on a roll to any other brand because it’s thin enough to pull off if you get a triangle paper brand that is too Thick when you pull it off later, your stitches will come out So the first thing we’re going to do for this block is we need 16 half square triangles Which from each square you get two so you need eight square so two four six eight and you’ve got this solid line Right here and You want to cut exactly on it? To get accurate results. So first you’re gonna do that and put your triangle roll aside Then you’ve got a Darker fabric which is ‘A’ and a lighter fabric which is ‘D’ and you can get the measurement of these two rectangles on your free pattern in the link below You’re gonna put these together right sides together. And when I first started doing these, you know, 20 years ago I I would always mess up The key is right sides together so that when you pull it apart, you don’t have them upside down and I still do that. So That’s just kind of part of it So then you’re gonna put this down I like to put in maybe six Six pins you want to put your pins In an area that you will not be sewing on So you will be sewing on the dotted line and cutting on the solid line So we’ve got that nice and flat you’re gonna take this to your sewing machine and we’re gonna be stitching I like to use color 2000 or a really light color for this. I always use Aurifil thread when I’m stitching So that’s what we did here You’re going to want to use a shorter stitch length Maybe like a 1.6 and you’re gonna stitch directly on this dotted line and then we’re going to cut this apart. So I’m going to show you kind of how I do this at home first. I cut all four sides And then what I like to do is this this next section which sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t It doesn’t so we’ll see if it works today So I like to cut the center put my finger on the top so it doesn’t move when I move my ruler and It moved so I’ll just move it back Make sure everything is lined up Cut again Try to get that to not move And Again, cut right on that line if you cut off of the line and make sure triangle either larger or smaller Which will then be inaccurate in the next step? So just keep it all lined up and Then from here when you’re cutting on the diagonal those are not those are just your seam allowance So those don’t have to be accurate. So I just do those pretty fast And then what you’re gonna do is take your paper peel it back and press it Put your finger right on the edge and pull it off real quick and you see both of the papers came off really quick So you’re gonna do all of that Do all of those and then you’re gonna press today We’re pressing towards your darker print and you are going to see that you have these little dog ears You’re just going to clip those off And then you’re just going to keep going until you have 16 half square triangles So you’ll see that with triangle paper you can make sixteen half square triangles in about ten minutes so that’s super fast Let’s move to the next section now. We’re going to start putting our 9-patch units together You’re gonna need 20 fabric ‘C’ squares We’re using darker prints and in our pattern and the darker prints are your Browns and we’re working with a couple different Brown So you can have fun making those all scrappy together. So the first step is to make Our outer 9-patch unit. You’re gonna need eight of these so you’re gonna have two of your C’s and one of your half square triangles and you’re gonna pay attention to how That faces and it’s going to look like this you need to for each nine-patch unit and eight for each block Then for your inner 9-patch unit You’re going to use two half square triangles and a fabric C square and you’ll see that we’ve got the half square triangles going different directions So you just want to pay close attention to that and you’re going to make one for each 9-patch unit and four for each block Then we’ll start putting that together You’re going to put together one outer and One inner you’re gonna flip that and it’s gonna you’re gonna see you’ve got white Blue and then brown and then you’re just going to pin these intersections together – to sew this nine patch together and I’m going to show you a little trick so Right here You’ve got two two points that are a quarter inch in you’ll want to put I call it poke a pin at home But I just get a thin pin, I like to use C 103 which are Collins pins They’re nice and sharp and thin you’re gonna poke that pin right through that first point Go down into that second point Just lay it lay it flat hold it in place and pin that way when you sew over it you’re gonna be your they’re gonna both line up and then this one doesn’t have That it’s just a regular intersection. So those seams nests If you follow our pressing our pattern and when I pin I like to just do my pins Straight up and down so that when you go to the sewing machine You don’t have to move them until you’re right about to go over that seam So that’s how you’re gonna pin Stitch your seam set your seam and press and then add your next one and these are going to be Your 9 patch units and for each block you need four and you can see how fun we have how much fun we had with Our scrappy brown just giving it a big fun look. So let’s put the block together Now we’re going to get our block together by putting our four nine patch star units place them where your whites Go diagonally and kind of pay attention to your browns. So that not too many similar or together Then place your fabric E sashing and your fabric B center. I like to use really big design boards We sell them at the fat quarter shop and that way Nothing moves and you can set it at your sewing machine and just so you’re gonna sew these with a quarter inch seam Press towards the white Then you’re gonna go back and press these and you’re gonna press towards your inside and this block is going to finish at 18 inches And it’s a wonderful Quilt that would look great with all kinds of fabrics reproduction, 1930s, contemporary, modern, floral, everything would look great with this and if you want to turn this block into a quilt We’ve got a low-price pattern available at Fat Quarter Shop for crib, lap, twin, and queen. So check it out and thanks for watching