Nestor Case Study – Fabric IT

My name is Brent Ridings I’m one of the owners
and Directors of Nestor Financial Group. Nestor is a leading provider of independent
financial advice and wealth management services for recipients of personal injury awards and
medical negligence claims. We give pre and post-settlement advice to
claimants and their lawyers. So we started working with Fabric IT in 2014,
so four years now. We are early adopter technology and we wanted
to find somebody who would help us with that and assist us with that.
At the time it was quite difficult to find someone who would offer support in that area
because it was new. But it was very important that we could find
somebody who could help us out because we do like to be right at the forefront of the
technologies that are available to us. We did struggle initially trying to find someone
who could help us with Office 365 and Sharepoint because it was so new at the time.
In the end, I had to go to the Microsoft partner center, where they had a list of approved
providers which gave some comfort. And Fabric was listed on there, so I made contact with
them. So the reason why we appointed Fabric was
because they could help us with the issue that I identified earlier which was helping
us with the early adoption of new technology. But also because they offer a very good personal
service, which is something that we pride ourselves on.
So we wanted somebody who could do something similar for us.
The advice I would give to anybody looking for an IT support provider would be to find
somebody who takes the time to find out about your business and then offer solutions that
are appropriate. For example, when we were looking for providers
to offer us solutions, they were very focused on giving us hardware solutions, either in
our building or elsewhere. Whereas, we were very focused on wanting to be in the cloud.
Fabric immediately understood that, went with it, and gave us a solution that we wanted.
We’re very happy with the service that we currently receive from Fabric.
And I’m also confident that they’d be willing and capable to help us should our needs and
circumstances change.