Neighbourhood houses – Sewing For Kids

[MUSIC] I was off work for a bit and I wanted to learn
how to sew, I wanted to be able to take up my pants
so I’m doing it myself and not pay someone to do it so I seen it in the program
that was sent to my house and I joined up and then I got started. I think I’ve been
going for about five years meeting new people which has been really
good. Learning different things off other people as well like what they know and
what they can teach and how to make it easy for myself. I volunteer for a kids
sewing class and help out the teachers and the kids there because it can get a
bit busy. I also do some volunteer work for the crafty kids which is a kids art
class which is pretty good as well. I was approached by my sewing teacher and
she asked if I could help out and I had the free time and I actually
really enjoy it because with the kids it’s a bit different to the adult
classes, you get a bit more perspective and it’s amazing what they can do,
you look and go wow you know some of them really good at what they do and
it’s pretty impressive. [MUSIC]