Needlework System 4 Lap/Table Stand

Hello everyone. This is Lori, also known
as Organic Granny here, going to give you a quick demonstration of my Needlework
System 4 table/lap stand. This is part of the Needlework System 4 stand system There’s actually four different bases
and then they all go with the four different heads. So I have previously
done a video on my floor stand and I will link to that below. I’m not going to
review that here. That is in another video. What comes with the table/lap stand and I apologize I’m probably
going to call it a lap stand one time and a table stand the other, but that’s what it is. It is a table “slash” lap stand. All the bases come separately. All the heads come separately so you can mix and match to
what you what suits you. What comes with the lap stand is the
base, and it’s very, very light, and then this arc and then the two knobs that one
attaches to the base and one attaches to to the head. This allows for quite a bit of
flexibility and then you can… and actually this would come off. You can actually use this on your floor stand if you wanted to. So this all comes apart. It’s very, very
well crafted. Made in the USA, actually. Needlework System 4 is in Ormond Beach, Florida. Actually, you can’t buy directly from the
manufacturer, but you can buy from your local needlework store. Your LNS would be more than happy to order one for you or you can find an LNS online that would
ship one to you. Okay, so as I said, extremely light and well made. This is aluminum and it’s got
little rubber feet on the bottom to help keep it from skidding. And what I would do to use my clamp….this is the frame clamp. It will
actually accommodate any, and I apologize I didn’t grab a hoop, any sized hoop or
frame. This widens to a couple inches so
you can slide any frame in there or any hoop. I use this with my hoop and so
what you do is you slide that on. This has actually, I don’t know if I’ll be able to show you well, but there are little grooves, see right here? These are all grooves. These are little teeth and then there’s little
teeth on here, so when you match them together, the teeth lock and
when you tighten the nut, it keeps the head from sliding. It’s extremely
well-designed. So basically, we’re gonna spin that on really quick. Okay and then
you would put your hoop in here and you would be able to stitch two-handed.
Now I like using this on a table and I also enjoy using this on my couch. I
can my prop my feet up on an ottoman and then I put this on my lap and it
works perfect. I thoroughly, thoroughly enjoy this. I am so glad I made the investment to
the base. So if you were going to attach, and I
have my Q-Snap attachment here, I”ll just show you
how that goes on. I’m going to demonstrate really quick how to put the
Q-Snap in the Q-Snap attachment. Now I’ll be the first to admit this is
fiddly. Okay, this is a little bit cumbersome. You definitely want to do
this on a table. This actually expands and accommodates a very wide Q-Snap and then these rotate around and let you flip to the back side. So let me see if I can get this in
here really quick just to show you. Let’s do it this way. So you can slide your Q-Snap in here. You would of course put your fabric in first. You don’t have to
to tighten, tighten it. In fact, if you want to, when you’re done for the evening, you can just loosen your Q-Snaps a little bit and loosen your fabric. It is not necessary for you to
take this off every single day, okay? I left mine in for three years or so, but
that’s another story. So now you have this mounted and this will spin. This allows you to
get to both sides. And then you would take this
whole thing and attach it here. What we would do is we want or need to make an adjustment so you just move that by loosening this up and this down here also has the teeth. Okay so you just tighten up a little bit,
put it where you need to put it. Next slide that on there. Don’t grind the teeth together that’s very hard on the device Okay, so now you can actually stitch on both sides. You can flip it over to finish off. Now it’s it’s loose but it’s not floppy. I feel it’s tight enough
because generally you’re holding the frame on both sides with your wrists so but this swings very easily but it also
then stays in place. As an added bonus, I’m going to throw in what I have found
is the ultimate light for this. It is an IKEA….. I don’t know how to pronounce that….. That’s okay. JANSJO. What this is
is a clip-on light. It’s extremely sturdy accept what I do not recommend is you open up the clamp really, really super wide and then let go of it.
What will happen is you’ll snap one of the pieces off. Ask me how I
know. Anyways this I have found has lots of…don’t know if it’s going to say real quick…it has 11 feet 6
inches or 3.5 meters of cord. So it is wonderful. It has an on/off switch here
and has lots and lots and lots of cord and so hopefully all will be able to see this. I clip this on my stand here. I also clip it on my frame
clamp. It goes right there and it’s not going anywhere. You can point it anywhere that you want to. I just thought I’d throw that in
here that this is absolutely a wonderful light. It doesn’t have anything to do with the Needlework System 4, but I just thought I’d throw that in. This is
an IKEA product. You can also order it on Amazon. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me below. I will link to the other the other floor stand
that I have. I love this system. This is not an inexpensive system. It may be
cost-prohibitive. But if you are going to do a lot of traveling, I highly recommend
this. This will fold flat in the bottom of your suitcase. No problem. This comes off. Just fold it,
throw in the bottom of your suitcase clothes on top and away you go. It’s very light. I’m sorry i did not weigh it but it’s not that heavy. If there’s anything else I can
answer for you, don’t hesitate to write below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.
Have a lovely evening. See you soon.