Needlework – Mark Mac

So everything that I have is custom. I have designed all of my tattoos. Like there is nothing that I have that’s like you walk into the shop and you say I want that tattoo For me it’s like an extension of myself
my personality of myself makes me an individual I see tattoos as like an art
form, number one and it’s just expressing yourself through art. I’ve only ever had two people tattoo me. I can’t just walk into a shop and get a
tattoo like I have to know the person. I have to feel his energy you know you have vibe together and it’s like he’s my art dealer I got my first tattoo the day
my son was born. And I got his name tattooed on my arm and then his date
of birth. There’s a few different pieces that I’ve incorporated it’s really
personal. This particular tattoo I have a son who’s 15 with my ex which we tried
to have more kids and we had like like six they didn’t make it like she
was a few months pregnant so that tattoos got like six stars represents
like the kids you know that could have been. And now I have a new wife and a new baby Maya that’s my daughter’s name. I don’t have any space to put it anywhere
else so the neck was the next obvious choice. I thought the neck would be sore and it
wasn’t. So I’m actually gonna go do here and here. But I think the most painful part is like
right underneath the on the inside of the arm because it’s really soft. I plan on filling all the space I have like up to here So if we run out then we can just go back of the head. My mom somehow saw this tattoo online and she was like “Mark what’s going on why are you getting neck tattoos” so I’m like no mom it’s okay the beard covers it you know so I
have to still respect my mom as old as I am. People always look at you and look
at your tattoos they make assumptions and I’m actually an engineer so I always
used to use like long sleeves a sports coat coat every day to work right
yeah so never never going back to corporate, it’s okay.