Nebraska Stories | Quilt Alley Tour

(peppy music) KEN BURNS: We figured out a
way that we could hang more than one quilt
behind one another. And this is how it’s all
about kinship to me. LESLIE LEVY: Uh-huh. BURNS: Who makes this quilt
connects me to who this was. This was on my bed, I
slept under this quilt for years and years
and years and years. And that’s another
part of it, these are useful things. I have done the opposite
of what I do for my films. I say, it’s enough to just
be in the presence, if I’ve got information about
it, we’ll collect it. But, I don’t even
want to be the person who knows everything about it. I have this up for the
longest time in a room, you know, and I…today it’s
sort of a bit of a painful “Oh yeah, why isn’t
that up there or why isn’t that or
why isn’t that. LESLIE LEVY: You have
exquisite taste. So… BURNS: Well that’s so great,
I’m glad to hear that. Tell my wife that. LESLIE LEVY: Yeah. BURNS: “You have exquisite…” They said at the quilt
museum that I had exquisite taste. LESLIE LEVY:
They have it on camera
that I have exquisite taste so I can get this. (walking) (peppy music)