Hey Sewing report squad in this episode I’m
showing you my ruler collection and I’m going to tell you which rollers are used
all the time and also which ones I might have a little bit of buyer’s remorse
about so stay tuned welcome to the Sewing Report I’m Jennifer
Moore helping you discover your love of sewing if that’s something you’re
interested in feel free to subscribe to this channel and we are taking a look at
the massive amounts of rollers that I own some I use and some I really don’t
so let’s get started the first rulers that I actually picked up were these
omni grid rollers they’re like neon hyleri yellow and well her fun color I
use these when I was first getting started quilting I didn’t really know
what I needed so this is what everybody was using at
the time it seemed so I got this I think this is a 6 by 24 this is a 6 inch by 24
ruler it’s got a little bit of some like non-slip stuff in the back like a little
bit it works okay and I actually picked up these true grips and I put these
little like silicone dots on the back of all of my rulers this is a two and a
half by 18 ruler and I use these for like smaller cuts or if I was you know
doing strips stuff like that so real small pieces these were the first two
that I owned while the Omni grips do work I have since kind of migrated to
another brand that I feel works a little bit better and let me tell you more
about these rollers I own a lot of them these are the creative grids rulers and
I discovered these in my local quilt shop and they got these really cool like
very much like non-skid little pads in the back or I don’t know they’re like
frosted but they work a great on quilting cotton and also dharmic fabric
these do not hurt the fabric sad story I was working one day and had this on the
floor bad idea and my chair leg cracked it so
what did I do I immediately went out and got another
one so this is my new eight and a half by 24 ruler I use this all the time I
would say this is my main ruler and I’m a complete creative grids convert now so
let me tell you about some of the other rulers I’ve got actually they’re mostly
brids and i keep them in this little container that I got from Target sellers
but this was kind of a square up ruler it’s eight and a half inches and I’m not
really sure why but I also have creative grades other eight and half inch ruler
because you definitely need a lot of eight and a half inch rulers right I
also picked up this eight and a half inch I believe this is yes I really like
eight and a half inch rulers I did use this to cut out a quilt although that
was like three years ago and the quilt still isn’t pieced together but I really
like the ruler and I’ve used it to make a lot of triangles here’s my little six
and a half inch square ruler and I use this when I may have like a six and a
half inch quilt block one thing I can tell you is if you’re going to be making
a quilt with a lot of blocks it’s worth it to get the corresponding size ruler
so you can square up all your blocks to their uniform size these rulers are
maybe like 20 bucks but in my opinion it’s totally worth it just to have
totally uniform sized quilt blocks so that’s really the reason why I probably
own so many of these square rulers is because at one point I was working on a
quilt with six and half inch blocks or eight and a half inch blocks and so on
this ruler is the binding tool when I first started quilting I saw this
product this is a binding tool and it kind of helps you cut your binding
strips so that they’re perfect when they butt up to each other and I saw Jenny
Doan on the Missouri star quilt company using it it’s a cool ruler but I have
found a method that works better that doesn’t involve this ruler so I don’t
really use it anymore a couple years ago I took a class of marathons and this
ruler came with the class this is fawns and Porter’s half and quarter ruler I
did use in the class I haven’t used it since then it is kind of a neat ruler
though this bad boy is creative grids twelve and a half inch ruler and you
might think like when would I really need this but I have made quite a few
quilt blocks that were twelve and a half inches unfinished so it has come in
handy plus I actually will combine this with my eight and a half by 24 inch
roller so quite often I’ll use those rollers together just to trim my clip
after they’ve been finished so this one actually does come in handy and I love
this one while I haven’t done a lot of free motion quilting lately I did take a
couple handi quilter classes on the sweet 16 sit down and I purchased these
rollers from those classes they’re pretty cool and I do have the hopper
foot for my Janome 7700 and I’ve got an extension table actually should do some
free motion quilting one of these days maybe it’ll be future video let me know
if you would enjoy watching me tried to free motion quilt using rulers but I’ve
got this handy tool and this one makes a lot of shapes this does like a clamshell
shape or like a half circle it does like points and you can do a lot of things
with it it’s got a straight edge and then it’s got this curved edge so we
actually use this in the class and I purchased it and then I also got
something called handy grip and it’s sort of the same type of material that’s
on the back of the creative grids rollers but it’s sort of like these
little strips and you can put these on any roller I will say these are
definitely they definitely are more effective than these true grips circle
but I would not recommend these strips for like fine fabrics like if you’re
trying to use the ruler to cut silk or something that might snag
I would actually not recommend these because this is a little bit like
sandpaper but for your quilting Cotton’s or for your sturdier fabrics this would
be totally fine I have not personally experienced any problems with it
damaging my fabric and I have used it so these work really well and I’ll try to
link to everything below if I could find it in the description box so if you’re
interested in any of these rulers look below and I’m going to try to create a
kit from kit ROM to link to all of these products now that I’m getting more into
dress making and garment construction I picked up a couple curved rulers this
one’s from Amazon’s as the Fairgate curve works pretty well and then I also
got this one this is from a class I took with Atika Beamer she is a craft
doctor as well and it’s cool because that like that is see-through so that
you can see what you’re doing underneath this one you cannot see through and this
also has lines for seam allowance I believe this is a 3/8 seam allowance and
this is the 5/8 seam allowance so pretty handy tool and I can see using this a
lot once I get more into like grain patterns and doing a lot of things with
that so I’m very happy to pick these up the ruler I don’t have that I’m looking
for are more dressmaking rulers I’d love to get one of those flexible rubber
rulers I think that would be cool and I’d also like to get a smaller flexible
ruler that looks more like this so I’m looking to pick that up as well you know
like the kind that you see in all those like beginner fashion student kits
something along those lines so that’s my ruler collection let me know what you
think did you enjoy this video give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down let me know
why and do you think I have too many rulers and also what’s your favorite
ruler I’d like to know I will see you next time for another edition of the
sewing report Oh