My Free Motion Quilting Storage Journey One Year Later – Hightower Stitching

This is Stephanie at Hightower
Stitching. Today I wanted to do a look through the last year and how I
have been working to manage all those motifs that I have seen. The brain’s
a wonderful thing, but it can’t hold all those motifs all by itself. This is a
look at where I’ve come in the last year. I have it down to three basic parts-
one’s the sketchbook, 2 is the practice, and three is a practice on larger pieces
of fabric. I never thought that I would stick so close to a computer
and it wasn’t related to work that I used to do, but I can sit for an hour or two
with my sketchbook looking at different motifs and listening to people speak. And
I started out with a sketchbook and I’m so glad I did. I’ve gone from one,
through two, and now I’m ready to do three.They’re not totally full. I’ve
got spaces to put things other things in there. It has almost been like my
journey through free motion quilting and I love looking at them. I’ll get them out
and sit and look at them. This is book 2; I had a section that I just used that
I used at the very back for a two-inch edgings I might like to do. When the motif is something I want to practice I put a box by it, and then I keep a
post-it where I put down the page number- because all of my books now are
paged. When I get ready, have time, feel like it, and then I practice
where some of those that I’ve marked. And like I said I’m on to book three and
it’s empty right now, but that’s really been fun. The second part of my process
is to practice and one of the things I practice a lot is feathers. I think
I’m finally getting a little handle on it, but I have to watch all those
demonstrations on YouTube and have to practice and practice with your
pencil and practice with your stitching. I now have three notebooks. Some people put these sandwich practice pieces together to make some quilts.
Right now I’m just happy having the sections that have the practice so that
I can look at those when I get ready to work on a quilt. They have really
come in handy. Last year I had about fifty motifs and now I just looked and
I’ve got 85. I just saw the MacTavish and number 86- where I was
practicing those circles and making a wreath. I want to go back one step
and talk about a really good way to practice your different motifs. It’s with
one of these kids’ advanced primary writing notebooks. There are pages of evenly spaced lines and you can do one line, two lines, five lines together
and it really helps you to get a sense of how big the motif is that you’re
working with. I don’t do a lot with it anymore, but it’s still something that I
like to go back to. The third part that I really like and I love to
go and look at it’s the section where I use sample motif sandwiches that are
larger because some motifs need to be practiced larger or have more times to go
across. I was experimenting with variegated thread and
you can see this particular one that I have has a nice band; each one of the
colors is exactly the same for the red, the blue, the yellow and I know that now
because I’ve got a sampler. Then I tried some stitches with it, some
initials and some free motion writing with family names and things
like that. It has a lot of those in there but then mostly I have the big pieces
where I practice quilting the motifs. and using the ruler foot. Rather than a whole quilt, I enjoy doing a section at a time. That’s easy and manageable and I
figured someday- if I ever have a quilting luncheon I can pull those out
and we can use those for placemats. When I get tired or I want to do something a little different, I’ll take
and put some of my scrap fabrics together and make the sandwiches that
I’m going to use to a practice on. that is a lot that I have gotten done in
a year and I’m really pleased with it, if you have any comments or suggestions to help me I love comments and please subscribe to my channel. Thank you very