MOST SATISFYING SOAP CARVING VIDEO | Most Satisfying Soap Cutting ASMR Compilation 2018 | 5

hoi this music is suuuper creepy wow so prettyyyy i love this pink soooo satisfying as I’m watching this i’m wondering what i’m doing with my life why did I decide to do this? story of my life back to the video pretty i wonder how they got the white and blue it looks cool not the best moving on only been 30 SECONDS???? JK its kinda satisfying nivea is a good brand but it my skin worse soooo story of my life part 2 WHAT ITS BLUE ON THE INSIDE????????? SO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL this one is yellow this one is salmon pink only 12 more minutes to go such a variety of purple diversity rules first time doing subtitles thought u should know if it sucks wai is that so thin???? but it looks prettyyy so clear WHAT?!?!?! how is this possible????? i like it tell me where to find one and i’ll get it i like the squiggly lines. theyre cool that is a meh color that knife is coolio tho woa that rhymes im like shakespeare 2.0 they really are a perfectionist arent they dang i like the hearts they remind of my non-existent love life i like how clear it is thooo down to the last bit i see how did they get it sooooooooooo clear????????? this also reminds me of my non-existent love life but this isnt as cool as the one before this i wonder if the same person made both of these that sound thooooooooooo 6 more minutes?????????? hoooooooooooooooooooooow???? u know what i just realized this is a complete waste of soap my parents would kill me if i wasted this much soap mostly cuz they’re asian it is a pretty blue thooo how did they make it sooo tiny this is hardcore dedication guys like the subtitles and the satsifying vids mostly the subtitles cuz my arm is hurting SOOOOOOOOOOOO bad rn cuz im typing a looot of subtitles o wow this is different the other ones are cutting cubes or crushing or scraping not peeling me likey the combo of blue and white i wonder how they made the curls that looks so cool i loooove dove so does my mom thats my fav color this is a loooot of work why did i choose to do this idk i guess i wanted to be productive with my life something my asian parents would say hope u enjoyed cuz i didnt like doing these subtitles i could be doing my science project thats due in three days which i havent started btw love that sister snatched oh yes subscribe even tho i dont own this channel i need a better life honestly like if u agree the cringe is sooooooo real baiiii