Mary Fons Invitation to Expo

Hey everybody! I am Mary Fons and I am saying hello to you from Chicago, Illinois. I want to tell you about something thing I
am doing very soon with the Sewing and Stitchery Expo. I am coming to the show and I cannot
wait to be there. When I was going to talk to you for a minute and film this little video, I thought, “Well, I could really Martha Stewart this up.” You know, I could sit by a vase of flowers, and put on a cute little dress or something. But the truth is, I’m sewing. This is my sewing machine; this is my sewing studio/living room. And this… …is what I am working on. I’ve
got all these beautiful scraps—these beautiful brown scraps I am turning into a spiderweb quilt—so great. And if you are like me, this is about as fun as it gets except for when you go to conventions, when you go to shows–the bigger the better. When you get to meet people like you, like me. You get to share and learn; and I think nobody is doing it better than the Sewing & Stitchery Expo people in Puyallup. I can’t spell it but I can say it now, Puyallup, Washington in just a couple weeks, the Sewing & Stitchery
Expo will take place. If you have never been, if you’ve been many times, if you are thinking about going but you are not quite sure, just get there. Get there. Aside from
some things I am doing, which I will say in just a second, there is no better place to improve your craft, to meet great people just like you, to get inspired—no better place
than at a show like this where there is so much to look at and so much to see and shop you know—we like to shop. So I’ll be doing some demos, some… a patchwork demo. I’ll be doing signings at the EE Shenck booth. I can sign a book if you want, we can take a picture and—of course—you can shop my fabric line, ‘Small Wonders’ there. And I am also giving a lecture. And the lecture that I am giving is called, “You Call That a Quilt?” And it is so engaging and funny, and fast-paced. You won’t realize how much you are learning. And you will be so inspired by what you see. The lecture is on the four quilt
styles in American quiltmaking: Traditional, Studio Art, Contemporary, and Modern. It’s fascinating, the more I know about quiltmaking in America and the history of making quilts in America, the more I fall in love with this. It’s true, I enjoy that part of it every
bit as much as…this. I think… this is really good. So, we will see you soon. Go to the website, visit. When you get there, get your information
packet, your show brochures. Everything you can get your hands on. Get the most out of the show. It only happens once a year, so I hope to see you all there. Mmm yeah, you guys
are great. Let’s hang out!! [laughing] OK! See you later. Bye, bye.