Making Chenille

(cheerful music) – [Instructor] Use this method of make textured chenille fabric. You can layer different
colors for a fun effect or even chenille within a specific shape. Lay the backing fabric wrong side up. Center the batting and several layers of fabric right side up on
top of the backing fabric. Secure with basting pins or spray baste. If you stitch a shape like we did, you can remove any basting
pins at this stage. Mark a center line using a pencil or tape. Then continue marking on
either side, 3/8 of an inch to 1/2 an inch away. Chenille works best along the bias, so we’re marking diagonally, aligning the 45 degree mark on the ruler along the top edge of the fabric. Sew through all layers
along the marked lines. Using a walking foot
or even feed mechanism will help prevent the
layers from shifting. Using a small, sharp pair of scissors, make a 1/4 inch slit in the top layers near the edge of the channel. You’ll want to leave the
bottom layer of fabric intact. Insert the tip of the chenille cutter into the channel over the bottom layer and cut the top layers. Continue until all the
channels have been cut. Run the chenilled quilt
through the wash and dry cycle to fluff it up and get ready to snuggle.