Make the Sunny Skies Quilt

Hi I’m Jenny from the MSQC. Take a look
at this quilt behind me. Isn’t this darling? This is one of Natalie’s designs. And it’s
so simple. It’s made using two blocks: the four patch and this chevron block. It’s
a quick and easy quilt to make and a lot of fun. The trick is in the layout. So for this
quilt what you’re going to need is 24 strips, about a yard and a half of a background color.
We used cream. And about a little over two yards maybe 2 ⅛ of the blue or whatever
color you choose and the stand out or pop color on your chevron blocks. And that, all
of that together will make a quilt about this size which is about, oh, 55 by 70. It’s
a big lap. It’s somewhere around there. Don’t hold me to those measurements. But
it’s a big lap quilt, not quite a twin. Anyway to do this you’re going to need to
make four patches. You can make them the scrappy four patch way which will be in the link down
below. Or you can make them out of strips which is what I did. So I used strips to make
this quilt. And to do a four patch doing that, you just take two strip sets and sew them
together. Cut them 2 ½ inches like I’ve got here. You’re going to put them right
sides together and you’re going to sew a quarter of an inch and that’s going to give
you your four patch right here like this. Now there are places on this quilt like here,
you can see there are four four patches but it’s also a 16 patch block so if you want
to do it that way, you can sew four strips together and then cut them in 2 ½ inch strips
like this and mix and match them to make 16 patches. So we’ve got our four four patches
sewn together right here. You’re just going to go ahead and sew those together and that
takes care of that block. But you’ll see on this quilt that you, there are places where
they use, you know, two four patches together and one single four patch also. So just keep
a watch, you know, on the layout on how it goes. The other block is made using two 4 ½ by
8 ½ pieces of cream. And I’m going to cut those right now. So we’ll cut that 4 ½
by 8 ½. So you’ll have two blocks like this and let me make sure these are exactly
right. A little bit longer than I need. I’ll straighten up that edge. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight and a half. And when I’m cutting out these blocks what
I like to do is cut one 8 ½ inch strip and then sub cut it into pieces. Your cutting
goes a lot faster if you do that. The other thing you need for your corners is you need
4 ½ inch blocks. So they’re the same size. We’re going to iron them in half to get
our diagonal sewing line. And when you make these blocks you’re going to need two of
them. Let me see if I can get these apart here, there we go. And one set of your corners
is going to go one direction like this. And the other set is going to go the other way.
So they’ll go this way. So you’ll have two blocks that are opposite. And I have one
made here already. I don’t know which side this one is. This one is this side so I need
this side here. There we go. So this is the block you’re, you’re working to achieve.
Now when I put these together what I did was I pressed my, my line down the middle. And
then I sewed on it and then I came in about a half an inch and sewed again because this
is a big piece you’re cutting off. And so you’ll have that other little piece, it
will already be a half square triangle and you can save that for some other project. So then what you need to do is you need to
take these two pieces, and you’ll see, notice on the quilt behind me that we’ve made this
block right here. So you’re going to put this piece here in the center like this. And
you’ll add this block around it. And another one around it this way. Oops I mean this way.
I’ve got this completely upside down. There you go. Alright there we are. And see how
it makes those peaks appear as it comes out directly there. It’s my little puzzle I’m
putting together. See how that’s happening now. And it’s making that, that awesome
block here where this stands out and it borders itself. It’s a great quilt. Two easy blocks.
And we hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial from the MSQC.