Make the Square in a Square Quilt Tutorial

Hi, I’m Jenny from the MSQC. Take a look
at this darling quilt behind me. Isn’t this sweet? This is just so pretty. I love the,
the square block. This is the block that we’re concentrating on today. I love this fabric.
This fabric is called LaDiDa and it’s by Heather Bailey for Free Spirit. It’s just
a gorgeous line. To make this quilt, what you’re going to need is one charm pack that
is your five inch squares. One jelly roll, that’s your two and a half inch strips.
And one honey bun. That’s your one and a half inch strips. The honey buns are now being
cut by Kona for Robert Kauffman and so we get the solids in honey buns as well. For
those of you who don’t know, the pre-cuts, all the sizes, come in solids as well. But
now they’re even cutting honey buns and when they do that it really, dramatically
changes the look of your block which I love. You know just by a little smaller piece or
larger piece, it changes the whole block. So let me show you how to make this block.
We’re going to start with a charm pack. So here’s our charm pack and that charm
pack is going to be surrounded in a white frame. Now all the charm packs are going to
be surrounded in a white frame so we’re going to chain piece them. We’re going to
take our one honey bun strip like this, and we’re going to place our charm pack right
sides together on the, I mean our charm, our charm square, down onto the strip of fabric
and we’re going to sew that. And we’re going to place another one right next to it
and just sew them. And we’ll do all, you know the one side of the charm all at once.
And then we’ll cut them, flip them and sew the other side. So let’s go over to the
sewing machine and I’ll show you how we put a few of these together. Alright now I’m going to set these up here.
And just line up my, make sure my, I’ve got my quarter of an inch lined up, and I
make sure that my charm pack is right along the edge of the honey bun. And when it gets
close I just line up that next one. I leave about, about an eighth of an inch in between.
You can, you can do whatever you like. So I’m, I’m going to just do two of these
to show you. And then, but you’re going to want to fill your whole strip with charms.
I mean you can put them all the way down the whole thing. So then I’m going to bring
these over here and I’m just going to cut them apart. So we’re just going to cut right
here. If you have a little extra like that right there, see that little sliver. I just
cut that apart and take that off. And we’re going to go ahead and do the other side of
these. So we’ll take our honey bun strip and we’re going to do the same thing to
the other side. So we’re going to lay this honey bun strip down here. And do the opposite
side. Now I’ll add the second one. Right sides together, quarter of an inch just like
we always do. And now we’ll trim these two. Just like that and then I’m going to trim
off this little excess. You can use your rotary cutter if you’d like. I just find it easier
just to scissor cut them. So now we’re going to press these two back.
So we’re going to set our seams and roll it back. Just like this. And we’re going
to set our seams and roll them back. Now we need to sew the white strip on the other sides.
And we do it exactly the same way. There we go. So now we finished sewing the white on
both sides we’re going to clip them, clip them apart. And then we’re going to press
them open. Make sure those are nice and straight lines, we want to keep our edges straight.
So we’re going to set our seams and roll them back. Just like this. Set our seams and
roll them back. So now we’re to the bordering, the next
bordering stage which is done with a jelly roll strip. This is a two and a half inch
wide strip cut by the width of the fabric. And we’re only going to do one block at
a time when we do this. And the reason we only do one block at a time is because we
want the same strip to go all the way around it. So the method is exactly the same. We
take our block over and a, and sew it down quarter of an inch . We’re going to sew
both sides first and then we’ll sew the top and bottom. Now we get to trim and iron
and our block will be finished. Hooray! Alright, so now let’s iron it back. And roll it back.
And there is your finished block. Just that quick. Now what you’re going to want to do on these
blocks is you’re going to want to, if you have a charm pack, there’s 42 charms in
there. And there’s going to be 42 strips as well. That’s going to give you 42 finished
blocks which means your quilt is going to be six across by seven down. So that makes
for a pretty good sized quilt. But you’ll see the quilt here, it has a sashing in between.
So right here in between the squares there’s a sashing. That’s done exactly the same
way. We’re going to use our inch a half strip. And we are going to sew the pieces,
sew one honey bun strip onto the top of our block like this. Clip is off and then sew
the next block to it. So let me show you how that’s done real quickly. So we’re just going to do, this is a sashing
strip. And because it’s a honey bun size, it changes the whole look of our quilt. Where
in normally our quilt, you know, I tend to use, I tend to use a lot of jelly rolls. But
now I think that I have pre-cut honey buns what I use is a lot of pre-cuts so now that
I think that I have pre-cut honey buns I’m going to have a lot of honey bun strips in
there. Alright so this one gets clipped off. And then we’re going to press that open.
So set it and roll it. And to make our rows, what we’re going to do is we’re going
to attach blocks together using the sashing strip. So the strip is there. Here’s the
next block we want to put on. And we’re going to lay it right sides together. So I’ll
move it right here. Here’s the block. And then we’re going to lay it right sides together,
match up our edges so that we, we have a good straight line. Take that to the sewing machine
and sew it down a quarter of an inch . So now I’ve sewn a couple more of these
together because I really want to show you how to put this sashing in the middle here.
Quilters sometimes struggle with this and, because you have to match up these seams and
that always seems to be a big headache. So I’m going to show you how I do it. First
we’re going to sew the sashing on to the top row of blocks. Now one of the things to
remember when you put sashing on is you want your sashing piece to be on top. And the reason
is because your feed dogs take in more fabric and if you have your sashing strip on the
bottom, it might take in more fabric and you might end up with a ruffily sash or border.
Anytime you put a border or sashing strip on you always want that piece to be on the
top. So now let’s iron this open. And then I’ll show you all my tricks. Here we go. So now we want to add these rows together.
And one of the things that tends to be really hard for, for all of us is we’ll, we’ll
put this something on here, we’ll measure it all up, we’ll sew it up and when we open
it it’s off just a little bit. And these sashings don’t line up from row to row.
So we want to help you line those up and I want to show you how I do it. I don’t know
if this is how the whole world does it but this is how I do it. What I do is I make sure
that my, my edges of my sashing are lined up with the sashing long before I bring it
up to the top. So I bring it up like that. And I just slide it up to make sure that it
is exactly right. Then I hold it down and I open it up and I look to make sure that
my sashing, that that’s going to match up even with a row in between. So I hope that
makes sense to you. So then I put a pin in there to make sure. Because I’d much rather
pin than rip. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to put a pin in here. And then
I’m going to look at it again. Because I want to make sure that it’s right. Oop,
look see. It’s just a little off. So you just have to really check that. So I’m going
to do this method again. I’m going to come down here and I’m going to slide it right
up here. Make sure that it’s all lined up. Now if I could pick up that pin. Here we go.
So now let’s look. Oh yeah, that’s much better. See how nice and straight that is.
So now let’s head over to the sewing machine and sew that together. So as you’re putting your rows together,
you will want to make sure that your every block, wherever there’s a sashing that you’ve
pinned that and made sure that is fitting together just perfectly. Ok so we’re almost
down to the end of our row. There we go. And we’ve sewn that sashing on. So now we’ll
iron it open and see if we, if we matched up good and all lined up. Looks pretty good
to me. There you go. So as you put your quilt together you’re obviously going to have
more blocks. You just need to make sure that you go ahead and pin every time there’s
a sashing, you want to make sure that you pin it and line it up really carefully so
that your lines are nice and straight. And pretty soon you’re going to have an awesome
quilt like this too. So we hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the MSQC.