Make a Sweet Petunias Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the MSQC.
And I’ve got a fun project for you today. It’s in one of my favorite colorways and
I can’t wait to show it to you. So this quilt is called Sweet Petunias because they’re
just like little flowers lifting their face to the sun. It’s just so cute. Comes together
so quick and easy. To make this quilt what you’re going to need is one roll of 2 ½
inch strips. And we have used Victoria Garden for Robert Kaufman. And it’s just beautiful.
You’re going to need some background fabric. You’re going to need 3 ½ yards. That’s
going to include this inner border right here. And then you’re going to have 1 ½ yards
for this outer, a 5 ½ inch border and it just frames the whole thing really nicely.
The backing, you can see I’ve grabbed for this a couple of times. I just want to show
you the backing. Look at this beautiful backing. The backing is 5 ¼ yards and oh my gosh.
That’s so fun. It’s so pretty with all those roses. It just makes a really pretty
quilt. Alright, so let me show you how to do this because this is pretty easy. So out of each strip you’re going to cut
four four inch pieces, four six inch pieces. So let’s cut our selvedge off, just like
this. And we’re going to cut four four inch pieces and with each cut, because my strip
is in half I’m getting two, four. So there’s four right there. Now we’ve got six, one,
two, three, four, five, six, and six. Now this is actually going to make four flowers.
So you get a lot of bang for your buck out of this. Alright so you’re going to take
one four inch strip and one six inch strip. And then we’ve got to cut some background
fabric. And we’re going to cut two 2 ½ inch squares to doggear the corners. And then
one four inch square of background fabric. And that’s what you need to make each little
flower. So let’s go ahead and we’re going to put our, our little doggears, our snowball,
whatever we want to call this corner. We’re going to put that on the top corner. And I’m
going to lay this on here like this. I’ve finger pressed a line across here for me to
sew on. And the only thing you have to make sure of on these is that they’re going opposite
ways. So this one is going to go this way, see you can see. See my line right here how
they’re going opposite ways. That’s what you want to make sure. So let’s go sew these
down and trim them off for our little flower. I have actually made this in several other
fabrics and they’re just so pretty. All the little flowers look so cute together.
So we’re going to take this one. Oop, there we go. Hang on, hang on. Stay right on that
line. Alright now what we’re going to do is we’re going to trim this off and press
it back. We’re going to trim a quarter of an inch from our seam line about-ish. It doesn’t
really matter because we’re not, we don’t have to be perfect on that cut. So we just
go here. I try to catch my threads at the same time. And then we’re going to press
these back. Alrighty. Now we’re going to take this four inch guy right here and we
are going to sew him to a four inch background square. You want your color to be to the side
of the square. So we’re going to go back here and sew this one on. And we’re going
to press him open, just like this. Oop, I kind of wrangled up my other half of the block
here. Let me just straighten that out. Ironing can do so much to straighten out. And then
you’re going to turn this one so the color goes along side the block. There is it. There’s
our little flower. So let’s go ahead and stitch this down.
And then we’ll press it open. Alrighty. Now we’re just going to press this back.
I’m going to keep my fabric, my seam to the dark side. And there’s your little flower.
How cute is that? Wasn’t that quick and easy? So let’s look at how we laid these
together. We actually just put them going all the same direction like this so that all
their little faces are looking up to the sun. And you’re going to make a row of them.
And because you get four out of each strip there’s a lot of little flowers in here.
As you get your rows sewn together you’re going to sew your next row together and then
you’re just going to match these up like this. Every one just the same, just like that.
Such a great, quick tutorial. Such a stunning look to it. We love it. Here it is again.
It’s really pretty. It’s called Sweet Petunia. And we hope you enjoyed this tutorial
from the MSQC.