Make a Summer Camp Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the MSQC.
And I’ve got a fun project for you today. Did I ever tell you that the first quilt I
ever made was a log cabin quilt? And so any take we can do on the log cabin quilt is just
really fun for me. So this is a fun quilt. So let’s take a look at this quilt behind
me. Here’s your block right here. The center of our block is a half square triangle with
a log cabin side. And it just makes a really fun quilt. There’s loads of ways you can
set this as well. So to make this quilt what you’re going to need is one roll of 2 ½
inch strips. And we have used Amy Butler’s Soul Mate line from Free Spirit. Really pretty
line. You’re going to need a yard of background fabric. And we’ve used this white. And out
of that yard you’ll get your half square triangles and the first border. You’re also
going to need ¾ of a yard of a contrasting fabric or a pop fabric. And then you’re
going to need this outer border out here. This is a 5 ½ inch strip and you’re going
to need a yard and a quarter. Oh the back. Look at this cute back fabric. You’re going
to need 3 ¾ yards of this backing fabric right here and this is so cute with these
tiny little arrows. Really fun. Alright let me show you how to make this because this
is fun. First thing we’re going to do is make our
half square triangles. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to take some and cut
some ten inch strips which we’re going to sub cut into ten inch squares. We’re going
to put those with a contrasting fabric. So we’re going to do the same thing, we’re
going to cut up our ten inch squares out of our pop fabric and ten inch squares of our
white. We’re going to line them up. We’re going to draw a line diagonally both directions.
Now I have one here that’s done and, and so right here you can see I have my line drawn
diagonally. And then I’m going to go to the sewing machine and I’m going to sew
a quarter of an inch on either side away from that line. Then we’re going to cut this.
This is the method for making the easy eight. And we’re going to cut this. And we’re
going to cut it four times and that’s going to give us eight half square triangles. And
so I’m going to come right in here. And I’m going to lay my ruler right along the
edge because this is a five inch ruler and we’re dealing with ten inch squares. So
we’re cutting halves this way and then we’re going to take our ruler and do halves this
way like this. And then we’re going to cut right on the lines diagonally this way. So
there’s one cut and then here’s our other cut right here. Line my ruler up on the line
and do this. Then what we need to do is we need to press these open and then square them
up. So let me look at my, my ironing board. Let’s go to the ironing board here. I’m
not looking at it I’m actually walking to it. And we’re going to just iron some of
these open like this. I’m going to lay the dark side on the top and set my seam and roll
it back. And set my seam and roll it back. Now we really do want these to be the same
size so we’re actually going to square them up and I have a little square up ruler right
here I’m using the Block Lock ruler. I love it
because it has that little groove and you always make sure that your words are on the
background. And you’re going to set it on here. And we’re looking for a 4 ½ inch
square. And I don’t know if you can see this but it’s, you’re just, this is the
size they come out when you do it with the easy eight. But we’re just dealing with
tiny little bits right here. And it just, you know, some of them you won’t even have
to square up. But you want to make sure that they’re the same size because you want your
blocks to come out the same size. And this is, whoops, this is going to be the foundation,
the beginning of your block. Alright so let me make sure, let me square one more time
here. Writing to the white. We’re going to lay this on here. And this is a 4 ½ inch
block lock ruler so we’re just going to go along this edge and along this edge. And
see it’s just tiny little bits that we’re going to, that we’re cutting off. Alright now we’re going to open up our strip
set and we’re going to pull some strips from here. Now the pattern is going to tell
you exactly how many pieces to cut and exactly what size to cut them. But when I sew like
this I’m a scrapper so when I sew what I’m going to do is I’m going to grab a strip.
And I’m going to sew it down the side and cut it off with my scissors and go down the
other side. So it’s all, it all works out the same but you, you know, it’s just different
ways of doing things. So I want to show you right here. You’re always going to piece
to the colored side, ok? So I’m going to lay this on here. I’m going to trim off
my selvedge edge right here. And I’m going to lay this on here and I’m going to sew
this down. Now I know because I know what size this block is that that piece right on
this side is going to be a 4 ½ inch piece. So you’re welcome to cut those if you want.
I’m going to go over here to the sewing machine and I’m just going to sew this down
here right along this edge. And remember we’re always adding to the color. And so then I’m
going to come right here and I’m just going to trim this off. And then I’m going to
fold it back. Now I’m going to add a piece to the other side and it’s going to be a
different color. Make sure I have no selvedge edge right there. And we’re going to add
it to this side. And you saw that I finger pressed that back, right? You can iron it
back or you can finger press it. When I do a block like this I have a little ironing
table that I put right by my sewing machine, right over here, so I don’t even have to
move. I can just iron and sew and iron and sew. Alrighty. Now I’m going to trim this
off. And I’m going to go over and iron this for real because I’m ready to put my next
edges on. So you see what we’ve got going on here?
Now we’re going to add another one on this side. And let’s go for this one, a little
bit lighter. And then we’re going to add another one over here and we’ll go . She
has the most fun, just these fun, vibrant fun colors. And so we’re going to go over
and I’m going to add this piece on. Again you add short piece, long piece, short piece,
long piece. That’s how they go. That’s how you build a log cabin. And that’s how
you build this block. I don’t actually know, I’ve never built a log cabin. I have to
say I would like to live in one. I’ve stayed in one a couple of times. And they’re beautiful.
But, ya no, I haven’t built a log cabin. But I’ve built lots of quilts with the blocks.
Alright, again I’ve just finger pressed this back and I’m going to add this piece
to the side. And you can see I didn’t, I didn’t clip this exactly right so what I’m
going to do is I’m going to make sure that I line it up with my long piece and keep my
piece going straight so that I just sew a quarter of an inch and don’t pull that out
to the edge because I left a little bit there. And I probably shouldn’t have but basically
this is how I sew. And you guys know that. Alright I’m going to trim this off right
here. Alright now we’re going to iron it back and see what our little block looks like.
And this is our block right here. We are done with our first block. And so it goes together really quickly and
fast. And so I want to show you some ways to lay this out. Now the way we’ve got ours
laid out here, what I had to do it lay it out because I’m a little angley challenged,
I have to start in the middle and build out. Because you’re looking for those fun designs
that appear. And so you know you can always do this and start it where you color goes
in the center right here like this. Now if you look at my quilt right here behind you.
My quilt is done with these to the inside like this. So you’re going to put this on
your design wall and you’re going to start with this center section right here. So let’s
look at this right here. . See what, see what’s happening right there. And then you fill in
with your other blocks. So as you put them in this is going to come this way now. See
how this goes. And you’re going to get these corners right here. And it’s going to come
out and going to come out. There will be a diagram for you to follow. But it just makes
it really, really fun to look at because it starts framing up the block. Can you see that?
I mean it’s just really, really cool. Let me move this up here a little bit. And see
if you can see this. And one more over here. And I can’t show you the whole thing on
my, on my table because it’s not big enough. But you can see here, see how you got this
whole center piece right here. And just add them in and this one the blocks come together. You know you’re just going to have to look
at the diagram and follow it or make one up of your own. It’s really a fun quilt to
play with and a fun quilt to make. And let me see what size this is so I can tell you.
It’s 62 by 78. So it just goes together quickly and fun. It’s a log cabin around
a half square triangle so it’s a great little block. We’re calling it Summer Camp because
it’s not an actual log cabin but almost. So we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the
Summer Camp quilt from the MSQC.