Make a Spring Dresdens Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Hi I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company and I’ve got a really fun project for you today. Take a look at this quilt behind
me. Isn’t this darling? All the little pots with the Dresden Blades, just such a fun little
look. So to make this quilt, what you’re going to need is one packet of 10 inch squares
and this is your background fabric. You’re going to need 42 of those. Where you’re
going to need one packet of 5 inch squares and this is for your pot and we’ve used
the Cotton Supreme Nile Green by RJR. Then you’re going to need a jelly roll. We used
Fresh Air by American Jane from Moda. Love these thirty prints. You’re also going to
need a couple of templates. We used the Tumbler Template and the Dresden plate template and
then you’re going to need 5 yards of Heat n’ Bond because this is an applique project.
But it’s all done on the sewing machine so it’s super super easy. So to make this block what you’re going
to do, you’re going to take your pot fabric. First we’re going to concentrate on the
pots and you’re going to adhere it, iron it to the Heat n’ Bond. So we’re going
to bring that over here. We’re going to take our green square, line it up here and
iron it on to the Heat n’ Bond and you’ll do this will all your pots. It’s easy to
do it all at one time. Then what we’re going to do is take our Tumbler Template right here.
We’re going to lay it on our square and we’re going to cut, going to cut out our
pot. So just cut right along the edges of the Tumbler Template. Let me trim up this
bottom right here. And that gives us our pot shape and it just really clean and easy and
quick. So you’re going to do that with all your pots and then we need to make the Dresden
blades. Now if you’ve never made a Dresden blade,
this is going to rock your world because I love all things Dresden, because they’re
so easy. I didn’t realize how easy they were. So what we’re going to do is we’re
going to take a jelly roll strip. Now if you, when you use a whole strip you’re going
to want to cut your selvedge ends off. And then you can just lay your ruler on it. Just
like this. And we are going to put this at the 5 inch mark. So I’m going to turn this
right here so this can go now. There are marks on the Dresden Blade all the way up and down
for how big you want your Dresden. We want them to be 5 inches. So we’re going to put
this on the 5” mark. Right at the 5” mark it’s going to come edge to edge on that
jelly roll strip. So then what we’re going to do is we’re going to cut this up here,
across here, and down here. And that’s going to give us our blade. Now you will want to
go ahead and do this all the way along on your on your Dresdens you will want to go
ahead and cut all them out. And this is the blade right here that you’ll get and let
me show you how to do this, because this is so much fun. So to make a Dresden Blade what
we’re going to do is we’re going to fold it right sides on itself just like this. And
we’re going to sew straight across the top. So let’s go to the sewing machine and do
that. All right. And when you do these you’ll
want to chain piece them. You’ll just do them one after another after another. So here
we have you can see that’s, that’s straight across the top and then we’re going to turn
them and I just like to lay that seam to one side, push my point out and lay it down and
you’ve got the blade done. The pointy part is already done. We haven’t had to do any
facings, we haven’t had to measure the sides, we haven’t had to use a template, we haven’t
you know I mean we just, this is just perfect. So then what we’re going to do is we’re
going to sew them together in twos twos twos, fours fours fours, because there are six flowers
in each pot. This is the, this is the block we’re working on and there are six little
blades in each pot. So I have some sewn together here and I have three and I’m going to put
this red one over here and put this one right here in the center and that’s going to be
my bouquet of dresdens. So let me go to the sewing machine and sew
these together. Now one of the things you need to remember with Dresden’s is that
it’s this part at the top that matters we don’t care what’s happening down here
in the bottom. It’s going to be covered by the pot. So we’re just going to make
sure these match up and sew a quarter on an inch down the side. And we’re going to do
that with all of our blades. Sew them together. Make little Dresden bouquets. And then I’m
going to add the other pieces right on to it. So I have a total of six. And I want to
stay and measure from my top, make sure my tops are together. And then sew right down
the side. Alright. So now we have this little Dresden fan, little
bit of a fan right there, I’m going to iron it down. I like to iron from the top first,
because I like to make sure that all my seams are pressed open. And then you can go on to
the back and press your seams down if you’d like. Alright so let’s get our background
scrap, I mean our background square and put our block together. So we have to peel the
paper off of our pot and I do that, you can score the back or you can just roll the edge.
I’m just going to roll the edge off here and peel that off and we’re going to lay
our blades on here. You want to make sure that they’re not too close to the top. Oh
one more thing we have to do, on the edge of these blades there’s still a raw edge
and we don’t want that. So we’re going to take this edge and we’re going to fold
it under a half an inch and press that down. So let’s do that. We don’t want any raw
edges on this. Sometimes you like a raw edge but on the Dresden’s I like them to be turned
under. Alright so now their pressed down. You can see how I did that right here. And
press those down, so lay them back again on your square and lay your pot over it. Make
sure that it’s not too close to the bottom, because you don’t want to catch it in that
seam. And these are not too close to the top and your pot should come pretty close to the
edges of your flowers. Then you want to take this over to the iron
and we’re going to press this down. And because this pot has the heat n’ bond on
it, it’s going to help hold our Dresden’s in place. So very carefully. Come over here
to the iron. Now if you want to put a little bit of heat n’ bond on the back of one of
your Dresden’s just to hold it in place you can do that. If not you can put a little
pin in there. And then what’s left is just the machine applique. And I love this part,
because it’s so quick and easy. So I, you can use a zigzag, I like a blanket stitch
and you want to find the blanket stitch on your machine. I’m going to go ahead and
pin these, pin these down I have a little bent pin here. And so it just holds down while
I’m stitching it. And then what I’m going to do is I’m going
to use a little tiny blanket stitch that’s just going to come along this edge, and catch
the edge so it just gives it that finished look. You can see it right here, on here.
But you’ll want to look on your machine and see what stich you have. This is a great
place for those decorative stitches or your zigzag. I happen to just like the, the blanket
stitch. Once you get your machine all set up with the stitch you want, what you’re
going to do is you’re going to sew all the way around the pot first. So I’m going to
go ahead and do that. And I just make sure that it stays right along the edge of my fabric
and just stitches over and catches that. Now I’m going across the top of my pot and
we should just to finish this up real quick. There we go, we’re at the end. And now we
need to blanket stitch down these points. So what I’m going to do you know the first
side is relatively easy cause it’s right along the side. So we’re going to sew right
up to the edge where this curves in and slow down. You want to make sure your needle is
in a down position and you’re just going to rotate it and you’re going to do that
point. When you get to the point, you’ll rotate it and come down the other side and
you’re just going to do this with all your points. And you it’s amazing really how,
how nice and clean it looks. Alright here is our last point. Coming down
the side. One, one more long side and we are home free. Perfect. Alright, so this is our block, right
here this little potted Dresden. And go ahead and trim off these threads. And there we go,
there’s our finished block. Now I want you to take a look at how this looks right here
on the top, you can see how the little stitch comes in and it just makes a beautiful little
finish. You haven’t had to do any hand work. And really quickly what we’re going to do
is, there are forty two of these in the packet. So that means we have six pots across by seven
pots down. So this finishes out 68×78” quilt. We’ve used about, about a yard for this
first border and a yard in a half for this second border. And it just comes together
quick and easy. Now when you go to put your rows together, we are just sewing pots to
pots, blocks to blocks, right together. So we’re just going to sew this seam, sew a
whole row, attach the other row. There is no sashing or anything involved in this. Now
if you decided to add sashing it would add a whole other look. But we hope you enjoyed
this tutorial on the Dresden flower pot from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.