Make a “Royal Wedding” Quilt with Jenny!

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the MSQC.
And I’ve got a really fun project for you today. So this quilt behind me, this is an
old antique block called English Wedding Ring. And since we had a wonderful event this year,
the Royal Wedding, we decided to make this quilt using the English Wedding Ring. And
I can hardly wait to show you how to do it. So to make this quilt what you’re going
to need is one packet of ten inch squares. And we have used Hollywoods by Three Sisters
for Moda. You’re also going to need this background, you’re going to need a half
a yard of this white for this right here, these little sashing pieces. And you’re
going to need a half a yard for this blue. But we are actually including that in the
border yardage because we put the border yardage out here, a nice big border. And so you’ll
need two yards all toll for that. On your background right here, see look at this backing,
isn’t it pretty? On that backing what you’re going to need is 4 ¼ yards of backing and
that just takes care of your whole quilt. It’s going to make a quilt that’s 69 by
69 so it’s a great size and super easy to make. So basically this block is a half square triangle
block. You’ll see we have four here and we’re going to make them the easy eight.
So let’s get to that. I’m going to take two squares right here. And it takes two sets
of two squares to make one block. That will make more sense in a minute. Right now what
we’re going to do is we’re going to take our background square right here and we’re
going to draw a line corner to corner on both sides, a diagonal line. Just like this. And
then we’re going to pair it right sides together with our darker colors. So you want
to match your lights and darks. You want to get those together in this packet. And we’re
going to sew a quarter of an inch on either side of this, of this block right here, either
side of the line and sew a quarter of an inch. So we’ll come over here and we’ll do that.
And we’re going to zip right down the side and just flip it around and come right back
the other side. Alright now what we’re going to do is we’re going to come right down
the other side of the diagonal line. And this is going to give us eight half square triangles
so it’s a lot of half square triangles all at once. Now what we’re going to do, once
you have your X sewn like that we’re going to cut our block. And we’re going to lay
our ruler right along the edge. We’re going to cut this directly in half. So just like
this. Then I’m going to turn my ruler this way and cut this in half as well. Because
this is a five inch ruler I can lay it right on the edge and just cut right through the
middle. And then we’re going to lay it on our diagonal lines and cut there as well,
just like this. And one more this way. And I moved mine. I got them kind of squirrely
so I’m just going to do them one at a time. So here’s this one and then this one. Now
if you don’t touch those and you know you keep your fabric all together you’re able
to just do this all at once. Alright so now what we need to do is trim
these up. These have to be squared to 4 ½ . So we’re going to take our squaring tool
here. I’m using this, the Clearly Perfect Slotted Trimmer. And we line with this trimming
tool, we line our stitch line up with their stitch line. And so we’re going for the
4 ½ right here. I’m lining my stitch line with their stitch line. And then we’re just
going to trim like this. On both sides. And just lay this over here and we’ll press
those open all at once. So I’ll show you how to do that again. Again you put your line,
their stitch line on your stitch line and come up. Sometimes we are close enough we
don’t even have to trim that other side. So I’m going to go ahead and trim all of
these up and I’ll meet you right back here. So now I”ve got these all cut, they’re
all trimmed up and we’re ready to put them together in a block. Now each one of these, when you sew two to
these together, each one is going to make a half a block. So it’s going to take four
ten inch squares to make our whole big wedding ring block. So we’re going to set these
together in two blocks, four in each block just like this. And they’re all going the
same way. Our half square triangles are all going the same way. And so we’re going to,
we are going to lay these right on top of each other like this. And this is one of those
things where when I start sewing them together, literally I sew the same thing over and over
again because if I’m going to make a mistake I’m going to make it 42 times. So we just
want to make sure we’re doing it right and it’s all going right. So a quarter of an
inch down the side. And see I’m looking to make sure that this fabric is still going
the same direction. And then we’ll put these other ones over here the same way. And this
one and then these two I’m just going to lay them right sides together. Make sure that
that fabric is still going up. Alright so now I have all these sewn in twos and I’m
going to sew them in fours. So they should be able to be just opened up and put right
together. I don’t even have to clip that thread. That’s chain sewing. And so I’m
going to take a few stitches and then I’m going to line up this middle seam with one
seam going one way and one seam going the other. And the same for this one. Alrighty.
Now alright so now we’re just going to go ahead and sew a quarter of an inch right down
the side. And we’re going to press these open. And this makes half our block. So we
want to do two contrasting fabrics for our block so I chose this light blue and a background
block. And for the other two I chose a more dark blue. So I’ll show you that one in
a second. And it’s ready to go. Alright so now we’re going to turn these
so that the color comes into the middle and I have two more over here, right here that
I’ve already done. Just like this it’s going to come like this. But you can see like
here on the quilt right here we have a sashing in here. Well when you go ahead and do this,
your half square triangles like this, they’re going to measure 4 ½ so we know your sashing
strip needs to be 4 ½ and 4 ½. So let me show you how I did that one. What I did was
I made a strip set. So I cut a 4 ½ inch strip of the background fabric right here and of
the border fabric. So see I have, I have those two 4 ½ inch strips and I sewed one seam
on one side. And I want them 2 ½ inches wide so now I’m just going to go along here.
And I’m going to cut some 2 ½ inches wide. Now of course you can do it the other way
where you cut 2 ½ inch strips but this way you’re going to get, you’re going to get
a lot more little pieces out of it. And we need four for each block. And one more just
like that. And then we need one more 2 ½ inch square of the background for, for your
center square. And so I’m going to come over here and cut me a little center square.
And I’m just going to cut it right out of this one right here. And I’m going to lay
my ruler on here, go to the half mark on both sides and just cut me a little 2 ½ inch center
square. Alright. And you’ll probably want to do that out of a strip. It makes more sense
to do it out of a strip. I just don’t have one here. Alright so now I”m going to press these
open. And I’m going to go ahead and put the dark side to the top and then just roll
them back. It’s always, always nice to have nice flat pieces to put your block together.
It just makes it go together so nice. And since this is a royal block you know it’s
got to be even better. Alright so let me show you how we put this together. So we’re going
to take our blocks like this and we’re going to put two different blocks. The color is
going to point toward the middle. One sash will go here like this. And see how nicely
that’s going to fit in there. And then we’re going to have these, oh opposites, we’re
going to do opposites like this. And one sash is going to go in here like this. And so let’s
go ahead and sew these sashings to these blocks. Again we’re just going to do a quarter of
an inch along the edge. And you can trim your dog ears if you like. Actually if you use
the little slots on the ruler those dog ears will be gone and you won’t even have them.
Alright so then this one is going to go over here. You always put the color on the top
to match the color. That’s how I remember in my brain where I’m going with this. And
now we’re going to do the bottom half of our block right here. Same thing, attach our
little sashing color to color. And then attach our other side over here. Alright. Let me
make this match up. The nice part about it being 4 ½ the same as the block is that I
love how it enables you just to go from, you know, from piece to piece because you know
it’s going to match up. Alright now I want to show you something here. So see right here
people get really crazy over the ironing thing. See right here how this goes this way and
that goes that way. That’s going to drive some people crazy. What I’m going to do
is just clip that seam and let it lay down. It’s not ever going to make any difference
and the quilters are going to quilt that down with lots of stitches and it’s not going
to go anywhere. So I pressed this one. Now I”m pressing this one. Alright so now we have to add this middle
sashing. So what we’re going to do for that is we’re going to take our two pieces right
here. And we’re going to lay them right here like this and attach that little square
right in the center right there. So let’s go do that. And then we’re going to sew
it to both sides of the blocks. And that finishes our blocks so it’s real, it’s much quicker
and easier than it looks. Alright so that side and this side. Alright now I”m going
to press this one. And I’m going to press this so that these colors go toward the dark
block. And that’s just because I want to hide that darker fabric. I don’t want it
showing through on my seam. Let me clip this little thread right here. Alright so now what
we’re going to do is we’re going to put this together a quarter of an inch and sew
these together like this right down the middle. And this block right here you just want to
make sure these lines match up. When you’re putting that together you want to make sure
these lines match up. So I”m going to do that as I go along. I”ll start right here.
And here’s my, my every 4 ½ inches you have another block that lines up so it makes
it really nice. And it keeps everything so nice and square. Alright now let’s add our
other side on here. And again I want to make sure that opposite colors, you know, before
you sew that last seam in there you want to make sure that you’ve got it all going right
because there’s nothing worse than getting it together and going Oh man I should have
looked at that. Alright so now this one, these go out and that goes in. And again and one
more piece up here. There we go. Alright so let’s press this open. This was
such a fun block to make. And it’s one of those great old ones that just comes together
so pretty. And the color really matters in this block. For instance if all your little
corner triangles here were the same color this would look like a whole big square right
there. And so there’s lots of things you can do with this color wise to make it really
fun. So this is our block. And this is the English Wedding Ring. So let me show you how
it fits in here. So it goes right here and right here, and right here. We’ve put a
2 ½ inch sashing right in between them. Super easy, just straight pieces of the, of the
same fabric that we used on our border, this same fabric. And so we cut 2 ½ inch strips
for this and then this big border. Let me see how big this one is. Oh this is a, this
is a six inch strip right out here. So a nice big border. And so it’s just super easy
to put together. It’s nine blocks total so you won’t use all your squares. Not all
of them had a lot of contrast so we didn’t use all of the squares. But it’s really
easy. It takes four squares to make one of these blocks. And it’s just a great, fun,
quick quilt. And we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the English Wedding Ring from
the MSQC.