Make a Love Notes Star Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the MSQC.
And I’ve got a really fun project for you today. Take a look at this quilt behind me.
Isn’t this great? This is our Love Notes Star. We used our Love Note block to create
a star. You can see it right here. You follow, here’s the legs in and out. And it makes
this darling little star right here. I mean it’s just so cute. You add the four corners
to it and it makes this little secondary block up here. Just a really great quilt. So let
me show you how to make this. So to make this quilt what you’re going
to need are four packets of five inch square. And we’ve used Meadowbloom by April Rosenthal
of Prairie Grass Patterns for Moda. And I mean, just you can see it’s just a darling
line. Really cute, really happy. You’re going to need four packs of those. And you’re
going to need four packs of white as well. You’re also going to need some sashing.
We’ve got some sashing in here and some cornerstone blocks. For those cornerstone
blocks you’re going to need a half a yard. And for your sashing you’re going to need
two yards. So and that brings us up to the border. The border is a, it’s a five inch
border. And you’re going to need a yard and a half. So it’s just a darling, darling
little quilt. So let me show you how to make this. Today
we’re going to make this out of half square triangles. And this is the way I like to do
them. So you’re going to take one of your squares and a white square and you’re going
to put them right sides together. Make sure they’re all lined up. And we are going to
sew a quarter of an inch all the way around the outside edge. So let’s go do that. So
line up your presser foot with the edge. Make sure your needle is set at a quarter. And
we’re just going to sew around. People ask me all the time, Can I sew off or can I, do
I stop and pivot? You just do what you want to do. Whatever works best for you. If I’m,
if I’m going fast enough I sew right off the edge. Alright this is such an easy way
to make half square triangles I just love it. Alright and just that quick we’re done.
Now we’re going to take this and we’re going to cut it diagonally both directions.
So you want to lay your, lay your block and put your ruler on corner to corner. And I’m
actually going to turn this so, so I can do it both directions here. So here’s your
corner to corner. One of the things people ask me about is the little peaks on the edges
of the pre cuts. Just treat those like a straight edge. They’re measured from the outside
of the peak to the outside of the peak. So you just want to treat those as a straight
edge. And you can see we’ve cut diagonally both directions. Now we have four little triangles
which when we open up are our half square triangles. So let’s press those open. I
like to lay them so the dark color is up and then I can just touch them with the iron.
It sets that seam and then we’re almost there. There we go. Alright so now we’re going to assemble these
in our You’ve Got Mail block. And we’re going to put three together like this. So
three goes together and then one goes out. Just like that. We’re going to put this
together like a four patch. So I’m going to sew these two together right here and these
two together right here and then put my two blocks together. So let’s go do that. Now
a lot of times people will ask me to on this about squaring your blocks. Here’s my problem
with squaring. If you square one you have to square them all. So you just, you’ve
just you know I try not to square. If your, if your quarter inch seam is, is right on
and your cutting is accurate your blocks should be the same size. So if you’re having blocks
that come out different sizes check your seam allowance and check your cutting. So now I
have these two blocks right here. And I have these two blocks right here and we’re just
going to sew those together like that. We’re going to, we’re going to get started on
here. I like to sew a few stitches. Anchor it down, then match up my middle seams. And
I just hold them so I can feel that there’s no space in between. And quick as that we’ve
got our little You’ve Got Mail block. So let me press this open so you can see it.
Give it a shot of steam. And there we have it. Now to make our star block what we’re going
to do is we’re going to take four of these and I have a couple of them that are already
done over here. And we are going to sew them together so that our, our star legs will,
you know, have a white square in the middle and the star legs point out. We’ve got these
two already sewn. So I’m going to sew these two blocks together right here. And then we’ll
add them to this other block to a whole block. So here we go. And again you want to, oop,
oop. Hang on I’ve got something happening here. There we go. Let me see if I can get
that going again. There we go. Alright so now we’re just going to go ahead and sew
down this side. Make sure our little seams are lined up. There we go and we’ll press
this seam open. Just like that. And I’m going to go ahead and press this other block
as well. And then we get to add them together. So here’s our, there’s our block right
there. We’re going to put them right sides together and stitch them together. Now this
is a good thing to know when you’re sewing these together is that every, you want to
match every little seam. That’s going to keep your block really straight. So just make
sure they’re lined up as they go along. You can put a pin where they intersect if
you want to hold them. I can actually feel with my fingers whether they’re lined up
or not. So I call that nesting, they’ve nested right into each other. And we’ve
got our whole block. So you’re going to make 42 of these blocks. And it’s going
to give you a quilt that’s 82 by 94, a nice big quilt. One of the things that helps add
to it is our little sashing blocks. And so let me show you how we lay those out. Whenever you put a sashing in with a cornerstone,
your sashing strip should be the same size as your block. So if your block is, my block
is, let’s see, my block is 11 ½ it looks like. Yep. So 11 ½, 11 ¼ something like
that. That will depend on your seam allowance. Then what we’re going to do is whatever
your block measures you’re going to cut your strip that size. So it’s going to go
in between like this. So you’re going to lay out your rows. You’re going to attach
a strip to each block and put them together. So I just wanted to show you how I sew these
sashings on here. What I do is I bring my stack of sashings that are cut to length over
to my sewing machine. And I lay them on top of the block. And I just sew them down. And
you know I, again it’s the assembly line sewing. I’m just going to sew those along
here. And I’m going to, I’m going to chain piece them through here. So there’s one
and I’m just going to keep adding them always to the right hand side of the block like this.
So this is just a really quick way to get all your sashing on. You’re going to go
ahead and do that to, to your blocks. And as you start putting your rows together. Let
me just show you. Let me iron one of these open. Well we’ll just go ahead and press
them all. There we go. So once you get all your sashings on you’re ready to layout.
And it just makes it really easy because you can put them together and you know, then you
just sew your block, your raw side of your block to your sashing. You’re going to put
your rows across like this. On our quilt back here you can see, we have six across the top
and seven down. And so it just goes together really quick. When you’re ready for your
next row of sashing, it’s this same sashing bar like this with a little cornerstone. And
so you’re just going to sew those pieces together. The number of blocks you have which
is six. And you’re going to sew your little sashing pieces in here like that. And just
take your quarter inch seam. Lay the little blocks right sides together and do that. And
you’re going to add row after row after row. So let me show you how this is going
to match up down here because that will be fun for you to see. So I’m going to take
this one over here, just like that. And you see how this makes a sashing row then. So
you’re going to go ahead and add this row in. You’ll sew your blocks together as a
row. And you’ll sew a sashing row together, then your blocks together as a row. And you’ll
just do that for the whole thing. And it goes together really quick and easy. So we really
hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the Love Notes Star from the MSQC. Outtakes:
No, I like chest hair. I everybody it’s Jenny from the MSQC. Ya that can’t go on
the tape.