Make a Jelly Roll Race with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star (Instructional Video)

Hi I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company and today we’re going to conquer the jelly roll race. This is going to be so
much fun! A while ago I was up in a little shop in Iowa. It was called “Quilt With
Me” it’s in Luca and I walked into the shop and I saw this quilt that was all just
strips sewn together with the slashes. Didn’t know what was going on, and the lady showed
me how to do it, and I asked “Can I tutorial this?” Well now it’s been a lot on the web, there’s
a lot of jelly roll racing going on, on the web, but I wanted to show you first-hand how
to do this, because this is so much fun! If you ever want a quilt top that you can
do from start to finish in about 45 minutes, this is the one for you! Take a look at this
one behind me. This one is so much fun because this is “Meadow Friends” by Moda and Meadow
Friends has a boy line and a girl line. So you can just pick up a Jelly Roll and know
that it’s all going to coordinate boy or it’s all going to coordinate girl. Here’s one over here that’s made with
“Swiss Chocolate by Robert Kaufmann” and one of the things I love about the Jelly Roll
race is that it does a great job of showing the line. Look at all the different fabrics
in this line, and yet it’s just beautiful. I mean it’s just really pretty! Now I have another one over here I want to
show you one more really quick and this one is the Moda Line “Amelia” by Me and My
Sister and if I could have some help holding this up over here that’d be great! This
is my husband Ron. He’s my best helper. It’s good to have a tall husband when you
need these kinds of things. Isn’t this so much fun? Take a look at that it just shows
all the different strips it’s just quick and easy. You’re just going to love this! OK, for this project what you’re going to
need is a Jelly Roll lots of us have Jelly Rolls and we’re not exactly sure what to
do with them sometimes, and this is a fun one, “The Pezzy Print” by American Jane,
and you’re also going to need your scissors. That’s really all you’re going to need
to complete this project. OK, so what we’re going to do is we’re
going to open this Jelly Roll and we’re going to leave it intact the way it comes
on the roll. So, we’re going to find the end of it here. There we go, and we’re just
going to open it up like this and lay it down, and we’re going to start sewing these together.
So, what I’m going to do is I’m going to bring my sewing machine over here. You’re going to want to make sure you have
several bobbins wound because really all you do is sew. I mean you’re just going to sew,
sew, sew, sew, sew, sew. We’re going to attach all these together. You’re going
to bring your Jelly Roll over here by your sewing machine and these strips are going
to go together just as they came off the Jelly Roll. We’re going to put them together just
as they came off and we’re going to put them together like this and we’re going
to sew corner to corner on the forty-five. (The opposite forty-five degree angle from
what Jenny is pointing out. Simply sew your strips together like you would for binding.)
So, you just want to make sure that you sew corner to corner on the forty-five. We’re
going to sew all these strips together. So, you’re going to have 1600 inches of strips
that go way out there! I mean it’s just going to be this one long Jelly Roll strip.
So, let’s go back and let me show you how we do this. How we attach these, so you can
see them real easy. OK, so, get comfy behind your sewing machine.
Again we’re going to sew our strips together one after the other, after the other, and
we’re just going to sew at the forty-five from corner to corner. This isn’t rocket
science. It doesn’t have to be perfect. So, we don’t have to draw the line and all
that. We’re just going over to our sewing machine and we’re going to attach these
and just “eyeball it” just straight across and sew from corner to corner. So, here’s what we do. So now the next,
you’re going to take this end piece right here and you’re going to put it over here,
and you’re just going to keep attaching these strips. So here comes the next one,
and then the next one, and we just keep attaching these like this. So, as you get to the end
of your strip you’re going to reach down and you’re going to grab ahold of the tail
end of that and you’re going to lay it up here and we’re sewing these right sides
together. This is really the hardest part right here.
So, you grab your tail, lay it up with your color, your bright side up. Then you put your
bright side down toward it, right sides together. Turn it and put it under here and sew it,
and we’re just going to keep doing this. OK! So, we’re through with the first part.
So, now what we have to do is cut all these apart. We’ve got this great string of them
going here. We just chain pieced them right through. So let’s grab our scissors. Now
here’s what we do. We’re going to trim this off like this and clip it, okay? So,
we’ve got to do this to the whole roll. So we’re trimming and clipping, and they’re
all right there together. Trimming about a quarter of an inch, so, let’s get doing
that! All right! This is the last one! Whew! That
was some work right there. OK, so the next thing you’re going to do is you’re going
to cut off about 18” of this strip and I say about because it just really doesn’t
matter so we’re right there. The reason you do this, and this just goes away! The
reason you do this is you want your staggers to be in the center, not right on the ends. OK, so, now what you do is you take this piece
and you’re going to find the end of your strip which is going to take some time…
OK, whew! There we go! Here we are at the end, then you’re going to put these right
sides together and you’re going to sew those two strips together. You know when guilds
do this, this is where the racing begins. You know you get all that first start done
where you’re sewing them at the forty-five, and then everybody has their two strips and
then this is where the racing begins. So here we go! OK! Here we are at the end! Finally, finally!
These first two pieces take the longest, because you’re sewing 1600 inches now we’ve got
the ends here. We’re going to open those up like this and then we’re going to find
the other end. We have to go through all this. Now we’re down to 800 inches only! Of Jelly
Roll strips! Now we’re going to sew these two together. Here we go. OK, so, now we’re
going to put these two right sides together with these two just like this and sew again,
and we’re just going to keep doing this. When we get to the end you cut that fold and
bring that piece up and attach it to the front and sew all the way down. So let’s go ahead
and do this a few more times. I know you can’t believe it but we are down
to our last row! Didn’t this go fast?! Isn’t it amazing?! All right hang on just a sec
here. We’re in for the home stretch! This is the closest you’re ever going to see
me to a marathon! Actually someday I’d really like to run a marathon. All right, here we
go! All righty! So let me check this out, and now I’m going to cut this last one in
half right here. All right, you ready for the big reveal? OK, here is our “Pezzy“
top! Look at that, how cute is that?! No planning, straight off the roll! We got some colors
together, some not. It just goes like this and this is that awesome, oh, “Pezzy Print”
that awesome “Pezzy Print” Jelly Roll, and in that amount of time we made this little
top. It’d be fun to border it in a solid. I think I’ll do it in a solid. Maybe orange,
or green, or even red. Your top is done! Just like that. It’s so much fun! So a few things to watch for. Watch for your
top thread not to run out. Watch for your bobbin not to run out. We have to stop and
do a bobbin check every so often. Watch to make sure you’re actually sewing your rows
when you think you’re sewing your rows, and other than that this is a piece of cake!
We hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company!
After the credits – Jake: That was a good one.
Jenny: That was a good one. Ron: Is that the joke?
Jenny: Aaah! I have no thread! All: *laughter & distress*