Make a Half Square Triangles Around the World Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star!

Hi everybody. It’s Jenny from the MSQC.
Today I want to talk to you about this Triangles Around the World quilt. This is a simple half
square triangle quilt. And it’s one that I show in my trunk show and I realized that
I didn’t have a tutorial on it. When people started saying, Where’s that tutorial? Where’s
that tutorial? And so we wanted to do a tutorial and show you how to do the Half Square Triangles
Around the World. So let’s take a look at this quilt behind me. So, I mean it’s beautiful
for one. I love it. It’s a simple design and goes together easily. Great fabric line.
We’ve got, we’ve got eight blocks across, ten blocks down. We’ve got a 4 ½ inch finished
border. To make this quilt you’re just going to need one packet of ten inch squares. You’re
going to want to make sure that there are a lot of lights and darks in the pack because
you want to put those evenly together. You also are going to need about a yard for your
outer border. Since it’s only a 4 ½ inch border you don’t need that much. This is
going to give you a quilt that is about 57 by 69, somewhere right in there. The fabric
that we used today is a Shimmer pack. And it’s by Jennifer Sampou for Robert Kaufman.
And I mean it’s just a beautiful line as you can see from the fabrics behind me.They’re
just gorgeous. So again this is a basic half square triangle quilt. So what we’re going to do is we’re going
to take two squares. A light from the pack and a dark from the pack. We’re going to
put them right sides together. And we’re going to sew all the way around the outside
edge of this. So let’s head to the sewing machine and do that. You’re going to go
a quarter of an inch and just sew all the way around the outside edge. Now people ask
me all the time, Do you sew off the edge or do you pivot? It just depends how fast I’m
going. If I’m going so fast I can’t stop then I sew right off the edge. But if I’m
going a little slower, then I pivot. More often than not I’m sewing off the edge.
Alright here we are at the end. And we’ve got our little pieces right here. And what
we’re going to do now is we’re going to take this and we are going to cut it diagonally
corner to corner. And this is going to give us four half square triangles. So there’s
one cut and here’s the next cut. It’s always easier to not move your fabric. And
then we’re going to press these open. So keep your dark fabric on top. Go ahead and
set the seams, roll them back. And I just like to press them so the seam is on the dark
side of the fabric especially when you’re using lights and darks because that will hide
that seam allowance in there. So once you get all these ironed you’re
going to make sure that they’re all the same size. And we went for 6 ½ because that
is the closest to the size we want to use as much of the block as we can. And this is
pretty close but it might need a little squaring. If you find that your block needs a little
bit of squaring, what you’re going to want to do is you are going to want to find the
diagonal line on your ruler. You’re going to line that line up along the seam right
here. And you are going to make sure that the outside edge of your block is on the 6
½ which is what we’re going for in this block, a 6 ½ inch block. And you can see
we have just a little bit of squaring to do here. And that, it really will help if they’re
all the same size. So if your seam allowance was perfect and your cutting was perfect,
you won’t even need to trim these babies. But mine was, mine had a little bit of, must
needed a little bit of work because I’ve got a tiny bit of trimming to do. Alright. So then what you’re going to do to make
this quilt behind me, what’s really fun about this is this is all in the layout. It’s
exactly how it’s laid out. So I’m going to clear some room here. I have some other
blocks already made here. And what we’re going to do is we are going to look at this
center block right here. We’re going to put our lights together. Four lights together.
You can do it lights or darks. On our quilt we did lights. So we’re going to put those
lights together like this. So here’s our lights. And then we want to add rows around
them. Now it’s great if you have a design wall. I use the design floor, you know I have,
that’s where I have my biggest room is on the floor. And so I will start laying these
out. And it’s just how you turn them that gives you the pattern. So these are our darks
right here. And we’re going to put, we’re going to put our darks in just like this.
Now see how this, see how it’s starting to frame around it, just like this. And you
keep putting your darks and darks together and your lights and lights together because
this row, what we’re making now is this first row. And obviously mine on the quilt
are a little bit more mixed up than this. Although this looks pretty cool. So here is
this row right here. And then this next row, you can see it’s kind of zig zaggy. And
as you start putting those blocks in you will fill in that to make with your lights to bring
this out and make the next light row. Just like this. And they keep peaking just like
that. Here’s one over here that’s kind of a, it’s still a light. You can see we
have some in here where, you know, they’re, it’s a little questionable but they’re
still lights and then we have this row here. So once you’ve got it all laid out just
how you like it. Then you need to sew it together. So what we’re going to do is we’re going
to sew it together by row. So just for the sake of showing you I’m going to go ahead
and put this up here and make a full row like this. And then what I’m going to do is I’m
actually going to pick up this row. And I do that by sewing these two seams together.
And these two seams together. And I know this is the top one and this is the next one. So
I’m going to take them to my sewing machine just like this. And I’m going to sew those
two seams together just like I picked them up. There’s all kinds of methods for picking
up your quilt. Honestly I get so confused that I rarely pick up more than a couple at
a time. And then I’m going to go back and make sure they’re still in the right place
because it’s way easier to check than to pick. Oop, there we go. Yep, we’re still
in the right place. So then you’re going to sew that together and you’re going to
have the whole row done. One of the things I like to do when I sew rows together is when
I press them I like to go ahead and press from the top like this so that I make sure
that there’s no folds. And then I’m going to flip my row over. And I’m going to make
sure that all my seams are going one direction. So I’m going to press them all this way.
All these big center seams I’m going to press them so they’re all going one direction.
On the next row I’ll press them the other way and that will enable them to nest. So
now you have a row done, you can pick up the next row. You’re just going to attach all
your rows together and pretty soon you’re going to have a really awesome quilt. Now the fun thing about this quilt is I use
the lights and darks in one pack. You can see what happens if you use a solid for one
of your squares because these rows become very pronounced. And the borders just pop
right off of there. So it can have a very, very modern feel. Also if you take this square
here and say you started up here in the corner and then you lay your blocks out like this
it’s going to be a whole different look. Or what if you start your block on the side
and come out this way. I mean, the whole thing there’s just so many things you could do.
So many layouts. It’s just how you lay them out together. But either way half square triangles
make an awesome quilt. And this one makes half square triangles Around the World. So
we hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the MSQC