Make a “Half-Square Triangle Hooks” Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star (Video Tutorial)

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the Missouri
Star Quilt Company. Take a look at this quilt behind me. Isn’t this gorgeous? I love this
fabric. I love the blue and white; you know that. And the addition of the pinks and the
peaches are just gorgeous to me. So this fabric line is called Midnight Rose and it’s Gabrielle
Neal Design Studio for Riley Blake. And it’s just, I really do like this fabric line. So
to make this quilt what you’re going to need is one packet of ten inch squares of
print and one packet of ten inch squares of a background. You’re going to need ¾ of
a yard of background for this first inner border out here. And for your outer border,
this is a nice big six inch border. And you’re going to need 1 ¾ yards. For the backing,
this is a pretty big quilt, so you’re going to need 5 ¾ yards. So this backing is darling.
It’s a really cute light blue. You’re going to need 5 ¾ yards for that or if you
want to use one big piece of 108 you’re going to need three yards. It’s going to
make a quilt that’s 79 by 95 so this is a pretty good size quilt. Ok, this is a half square triangle quilt.
And because they’re little hooks, see these little hooks right here, I’m calling it
Hooked on Half Square Triangles because you guys know I love half square triangles. So
to make this one we’re using the easy eight method. And basically what we’re going to
do is we’re going to stack two pieces together. We’ve got our, we’ve got our printed piece
and our solid piece. And I’m going to draw the line going both directions. You can see
that I’ve done this. Then what I’m going to do is I’m going to sew a quarter of an
inch from the line on both sides, both lines. So take a look at this one. I’ve already
done this one right here. So you can see that I’ve stitched a quarter of an inch from
the line on both sides. Then we’re going to cut this. Now we’re going to cut this
four times. And first we’re going to cut it, just lay our five inch ruler on the side.
It should go right through the center of that X. And we’re going to cut it straight that
way. Keep your fabric together. And we’re going to cut it straight this way. And then
we’re going to cut it on the lines. So I’m going to go this way and lay it right on my
line. And then I’m going to lay my ruler this way. Oop move my little pen out of the
way. And this is going to give us eight squares. And eight squares is enough for two blocks. So now we’ve got these squares all pretty
like this and what we’re going to do is we are going to square them all up to size.
So I’m going to lay these right here. I’m going to lay my, put my stitch line on their
stitch line and trim around it. And look at that. I mean these are just like nearly perfect.
We really don’t need hardly to trim this at all. Look at that, look at that waste right
there. That’s pretty good right there. So you’re going to do this to all eight of
yours. Make sure that they’re all the same size. And you can use any method of squaring
you like. I’m using the clearly perfect slotted trimmer because I like that one. It
makes sense in my brain. But do whatever makes sense in your brain. Alright so you’re going
to go ahead and do this to all of yours. Now I have some here that are already done. These
right here. And basically I want to show you how to put these together because one goes
one way and one goes the other. Now we’re making a hook that goes like this. And then
we’re going to make the hook where we turned those and the white becomes the hook and the
color becomes the background. And that’s what makes this quilt so much fun. So basically to form the hook what we’re
going to do is we’re going to put four of these together. And they’re going to come
right together like this to form a hook. And then this last piece out here, let me make
sure I get this exactly right. This last piece is going to go like this. Now this is one
of those blocks, you know, it’s like if you know me at all like with pinwheels or
anything, I have to actually finish my block, sit it right there and make them all just
like that because I just get lost making them. Alright so this is our first block. Now our
second block is going to be just the opposite of it. It’s going to be like this. Well
actually let me show you the one that’s the same color so you can see the difference.
So here’s the one with the white, the white hook and the blue hook. So this is all from
the same easy eight block. And we’re going to make those as well so we’re going to
go white in on the three sides like this. White, white, white. And yes I have to say
that every time and white like this. So now we have the orange hook and we have the white
hook. Then we’re just going to sew these together
like a four patch. So I’m going to lay these two on top of each other like this and these
two like this. And we’re going to sew them together. So we’re going to sew a quarter
of an inch right down the side of these. And once you get going on these, this is an easy
block to chain piece. And I’m just going to lay these right here and then I’m going
to slide this one in. Ok so let’s see how we got these now. Now we have to remember,
because I’m going to be looking at this one but it’s going to be opposite. It’s
going the white is going to make the hook on this one. And so I’m going to iron these
open and then I’m going to put this one here and turn this one like this. And there’s
my white hook. And now I can go ahead and sew this together. So you’ll get one of
each of these from, from your easy eight. Each of these little blocks takes four blocks.
And you just want to make sure, the only place, the only thing you have to worry about on
these blocks is this little center seam right here. And even that doesn’t matter too much
because when you open it up it’s not anything that’s really lining all up. Alright so
here’s our little white hook. So let’s take a look at this quilt behind
me because we have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight hooks all the way
across here. But look at every other one. One is the color, one is the white, One is
the color, one is white. We staggered them because we just thought it looked fun. And
it has an awesome look to it. There are also ten rows down. So this is a pretty big quilt.
Now I told you I loved this fabric but I want you to think, this would be an awesome quilt
for a fisherman. It would be an awesome quilt. I mean just think about all the possibilities
that you could do with these hooks. And I am totally hooked on half square triangles
and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.