Make a “Half and Half” Quilt with Jenny!

Hi everybody, it’s Jenny from the MSQC.
And I’ve got a fun project for you today. Let’s take a look at this quilt behind me.
Isn’t this great? I love this color combination. It’s a really cute fabric. It even has lily
of the valley on the fabric which was my grandma’s favorite flower. So you know I’m going to
love that. So to make this quilt what you’re going to need is one packet of ten inch squares.
And we have used Greenery for Maywood Studios. And when I’m saying one package I mean 42
squares. You’re also going to need one package of a background solid and we’ve used this
nice white right here. So 42 of each of those. You’re going to need ¾ of a yard for this
first border. And a yard for this little outer border. We just did a little three inch border
on this outer border. And it’s just a, you’re just going to need a yard of fabric for that.
For the backing you’re going to need about five yards of fabric. And we’ve used this
gingham on the back. Gingham is so popular right now and I just love it. It’s just
so cute and you’re going to need about five yards for that. And it makes a quilt that’s
75 by 75 so it’s a pretty good size quilt. Alright let me show you how to do this because
this is really fun. First we’re going to start by making half
square triangles. And we’re going to put our two fabrics right sides together and sew
around this block like this. Just like we do for our normal half square triangles. And
I’ve got this one sewn already and then we’re going to cut it diagonally both directions.
So here we go. We’re going to cut it this way. Make sure I got that edge. And then we’re
going to cut it this way. So diagonally corner to corner. Now sometimes when you sew these
squares together you’ll get a little pucker or something right here. Don’t worry about
that because we’re going to cut right through that. Alright so then you have four of these
half square triangles . We’re going to take them over to the ironing board and iron them
open. Alright now I’ve laid them apart like this so I can set all my seams at once. That’s
kind of a handy little tip. And then we’re just going to roll them back like this. And
then I’ll just keep doing that. You’re going to do that to all four of these. Alrighty.
Now we’ve got four of these. And you’re going to square yours up to 6 ½ . These are
just a little bit bigger than 6 ½ and you’re going to square them up to 6 ½ because we
want blocks that are all the same. And I have some over here that are already squared up.
So I’ve got this one. I’m going to bring it in. And again square this up to 6 ½. You
can see right here it comes right on the 6 ½ line. Alright now this is where the magic
comes in. This is really fun. So we’re going to take this half square
triangle and we’re going to cut it in half both directions. Now the block measures 6
½ so we’re going to divide that in half and we’re going to come in 3 ¼ from the
edge because that’s half of 6 ½ . And we’re going to cut it this way and then we’re
going to turn our ruler and cut it 3 ¼ from the other edge as well. There we go. So now
what we’re going to do is we’re going to take these two blocks right here and we’re
just going to swap them. And look at that cute block. Isn’t that darling? We’re
going to sew this together as a four patch. But let me do the next one as well so I can
show you how we put the whole block together. So again we just make our four patch. We measure
it. We trim it down to 6 ½ . We divide that in half, that’s 3 ¼. We’re going to come
in and cut on both sides, like this, oops, and like this. 3 ¼. So basically the reason
I’m telling you the math like that is because any size half square triangle, this will work
with any size half square triangle. You just have to measure it and divide that measurement
in half. Again we’re just going to take our big squares out like this and swap them.
Isn’t that so cool? Alright so now we’re going to sew these
together. And I”m going to lay these over like this. And I’m going to take them over
to my sewing machine and just sew a quarter of an inch right down the side. You want to
make sure that your block is oriented to the right direction. So I’m just going to chain
piece these together, line them up, sew a quarter of an inch right down the side. Then
I’m going to add my next two in here and just keep sewing down. You’re going to need
four of these to make a block. You’re going to want to do this to all four of your half
square triangles. Hang on I’ve got these two that are sliding apart here. There we
go. Alright now I’m going to cut right in between here but I’m going to leave these
two connected because I know they belong together. I’m going to open them up to make sure that
they’re going all in the right direction and they are. And so then I’m just going
to sew this right down here. Hang on. you’ve got to get these lined up just right. So take
a few stitches and I”m going to find my middles and line those up, put my finger on
there and sew to the center and right on down. And I’m going to do the same thing to this
one. Alright. Line them up, a few stitches, find my center and make sure I’m nested
in there really nice with one seam going one direction and one going the other. Alright
now let’s go to the ironing board and iron these open. Alright. This is so, this is so
fun. I love it when we try something like this and. You know I was just like, what happens
if I cut a half square triangle right in half. And I love what happened. Alright so here’s
our two blocks. And I have two blocks already done. Alright so let me show you how to put these
together because again they’re just going to go together like a big four patch. So one
block we’re going to put together so that all the white squares meet in the middle like
this, a big four patch where we put that together. And let’s look up here in the quilt. So
you can see every other block has the white together and the color together, and the white
together and the color together. So half of your blocks are going to be made this way.
And then the other half of them are going to be made this way like this. And that makes
one block on our quilt. So I’ve got some blocks here already done
and we’re going to do a colored block. And you’re just going to stagger them. You’re
going to put a block that has white in the center next to a block that has color in the
center. And you’re going to do that for your whole row. And when you get ready to
add your next row down here, you’re going to stagger it so you’re going to show a
block where the color comes together and then the next block where the white comes together.
So let’s look at the quilt one more time. So here we’ve got, we’ve got color together,
white together, color together, white and then we stagger the next row and it makes
that secondary design that’s in there. . So we’ve got six across by six down. There’s
only 36 blocks we used on this. And the reason we did that was because there’s several
in the pack that were just too light. Now if that ever happens to you when you’re
using your pack and you have a piece that doesn’t show good contrast, well you can
pull a few squares in from your own stash or you can just make a smaller quilt like
we did. So I hope you have fun making this. It’s fun to see what happens when we try
something new. And we just cut a half square triangle right in half. And we hope you enjoyed
this tutorial from the MSQC.