Make a Four Patch Frenzy Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star! (Video Tutorial)

Hi, I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company and it is never too early to start thinking about those holidays and we’ve
got this awesome quilt for you today that we’ve made in a Halloween fabric. It’s
coming up, it’s getting closer, and it’s always fun to have those things in place.
So, this a great little quilt. Super easy and quick to make. So, to make this quilt what you’re going
to need is, one packet of ten inch precut squares and we have used “Halloween Magic”
by Bella Blvd. for Riley Blake. It’s an adorable line. And then you’re also going
to need three quarters of a yard of white and three quarters of a yard of black and
we’re going to be cutting that in, in two and a half inch strips to make these four
patch units. So, let’s get started. Ok, to start with, we’re going to make the
four patch units. So, what we’re going to do is, we have a two and half inch strip.
We’ve taken our background fabric and we’ve cut it into two, two and half inch strips,
and we, and we have nine two and half inch strips of white and nine two and half inch
strips of black, and we are going to put those right sides together and sew a quarter of
an inch right down the side. So, let’s go ahead and do this. Head over here to this
sewing machine. Alright, so we’re just going to go ahead
and sew right down the side of these, a quarter of an inch, all the way down. Remember that
if you can get the colors you want in precuts, that the two and half inch strips also come
in precut strips, so that makes it easy too. I just chose yardage. Haha. So, now we’ve sewn these together and we
are going to go ahead and cut them into two and half inch units. I like to do this before
we iron. I just think it makes them, it keeps everything lined up a little better. So we’re
going to go ahead and move our ruler over two and a half and cut another one and we’ll
do this to the whole strip. You’re just going to sail along here and do this to the
whole strip. I’m just going to cut a few of these and
then you’ll head to the ironing board with your squares and you will put them the dark
side up ‘cause we want to fold, we just want to set those seams. We can set them a
whole bunch of them at once, and then we’re just going to open them up and roll them back.
We want our dark, practically if you are using a white fabric like I did, you want your dark
to the background, to the dark fabric. The dark to the dark. Go to the dark side. Alright,
here we go. Alright, now you have these little units,
like this, and they’re going to be super easy to put together because we’re putting
them together opposites, like this, and we ironed to the dark side. Our seams are going
to nest perfectly. So, we’re going to lay them over, just like this, and see those little
nesting seams, right there? Just like that they’re going to line right up. You can
feel it with your finger, and you’re going to sew those together. So, you’re going to make seventy-five of
these, and I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s only nine strips worth, so it’s,
it’s, it’s really doable. Alright. So now we’ll just press this open and you can
see we have a perfect little four patch, right there, and now, what we want to do is, we
want to measure this because it should come out four and half and it does, and, and now
what we need to do is take our ten inch squares and we need to cut those four and a half so
that they line right up. So I’ve got two of them here, kind of piled
on top of each other, and we’ll make sure they’re exactly lined up, and we are going
to cut four and half inch strips. So, we’re just going to slide our ruler over until it
lines up, and we’re going to cut a four and half inch strip, and then we’re going
to come over here and cut another four and half inch strip, just like that, and you’ll
have this little bit of waste, but that’s not too bad. So now we have these little blocks that are
like this and I have a little pile of them here and we are going to sew one of these
blocks to a four patch. Now, one of the things that you want to make sure that you do is,
you want to make sure that your four patches are going in the same direction. So, right
here, you can see we always have our black square, you know, to the left hand side, and
they’re all the same and you, you want to make sure that happens. So we’re going to
sew them right here on the bottom, just like this, a quarter of an inch right down, and
this is our unit. This is our block unit. Alright, let’s clip our threads. Let’s
press this back. Alright, so, guess what? This is the whole quilt right there. It’s
just as easy as that. So, you make a four patch. To do that…I got a stack of them
here. So, when you are ready to put yours together and you have your big stack,
what we’re going to do is, we are going to alternate them. So, we’re going to put
one four patch down, one four patch up, four patch down, four patch up just like this,
and you’re going to make a row of those and you can actually, oop there we go, make
that right. See how cute this is going to look? And turn it, and turn it, oops, wait.
It’s easy to get confused, and we got one more I’ll set, I’ll put over here. So this how your row’s going to look. So,
let’s look at the quilt behind me. So, we have, you can see we’ve put our rows together.
We have the four patch down, up, down, up, down and we’ve put, sew fifteen of these
across here, and then we’ve made five rows. So, fifteen across, five rows, and it’s
going to make a quilt that is sixty-eight by seventy-six, so it makes a good size quilt. We add about a four inch border all the way
around and you’re going to need about a yard and a half for that, and so it’s just
a really quick and easy quilt. I want you to think about this in different fabrics,
too. It would be beautiful in a Christmas line or even a Civil War line. Even be cute
little as a baby quilt. I mean, this four patch, I love the way it zigzags up and down.
I kind of call it “Four Patch Frenzy”. So, we hope you enjoyed this tutorial on the
“Four Patch Frenzy” from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.