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you oh wait hey do you got me now guys all
right I think sorry I accidentally on muted the blue Yeti mic
hey guys all right here we go sorry about that
anyways welcome to another live edition of the Sewing Report I was basically just
saying yeah sorry about that I was basically just saying that the cat we
have a returning guest the cat and yeah this is fun yeah she has decided she
wants to do part of the show today so I decided to let her because she’s cute I
know I know so we’re a were fast if you ever rocket
in the new year 2018 so welcome to another live edition I’m Jennifer Moore
helping you discover your love of sewing and cats right and cats yeah okay she’s
like she’s like screw you okay but uh we’re here hanging out all right yeah
sorry about that guys I am on this whole OBS software I did not have the the
microphone source checked so easy fix but I’m wearing my sparkly tank top and
I got this tank top like probably ten years ten years ago from that store
Express do they even still have express stores I don’t know but I picked this up
they’re a really long time ago I think I’ve worn it two or three times
um in fact one of those like three times was like for another show so we’re just
gonna be hanging out here hopefully hopefully you guys are having a good New
Year’s Eve and okay I’m glad you guys don’t mind the cat okay yeah she’s uh I
will show her again she’s she’s quite she’s quite a I don’t know I don’t know
if she’d call her fun she’s ready to party though tonight right Oh put her
tail she really likes putting her tail in your face okay thanks kit and
knocking stuff down that’s her thing alright I think she’s I don’t know what
I don’t know what’s happening now but she’s she’s doing whatever she wants
okay I can’t yeah but I did get her a new tag that I’m gonna be doing a video
on my other channel Jen talks forever we’re gonna be on packaging her new tag
oh thanks cat she likes to rub her head into stuff and then I also
posted another video like last week on the other channel of her just licking
plastic for three minutes so you know she’s got a lot of varied interests I
should put a lower third up here for the cat too
also saying you know Jennifer and Cal took it I don’t know
anyways got oh all right are you gonna hang out here all right so she’s gonna
hang here I guess for a while until she gets bored or pissed off I don’t know
but hopefully you guys are having a good day wherever you’re watching if you’re
watching it live if you’re watching it on the replay welcome this show is not
necessarily about cats I just happened to have a cat and she’s in the way a lot
so that’s why she’s she’s included here hello everybody we got marathon for
truth I like that name Liz there we go Terri Ellen Victoria or Vic
Kirsten hello Ethel lots of folks watching today all right ampersand a
well got an order from mood fabrics I will pop up the chat window here a
little quick so thank you guys for watching were so and I just in this show
I just really wanted to share some some fabric it’s like perks making fabric I
got from the so sweetness shop that’s actually one of my favorite places to
order stuff from Sara Lawson who owns sew sweetness is super nice super cool
very talented bag pattern designer if you haven’t checked out her website I’ve
linked at them description box and about like maybe a year ago she started
selling really cool purse making material like she started selling
hardware she started selling like interfacing she sells kits for her bags
she also makes video tutorials and she started selling on like glitter vinyl
faux leather and then cork fabrics so she’s becoming well known for that and
I’m a fan so I’m going to show you some of these fabrics that I ordered because
I really as we were moving into my my self-imposed fabric ban for 2018 I
really wanted to at least have some versatile purse fabrics so that I could
make some bags I haven’t like I made a bag for the holidays as a gift
and it’s something I really enjoy and something I wanted to get back into so
if you want to take today’s poll question click the I in your upper right
hand corner and I just want to know what your favorite fabric is for making bags
with is it like quilting cotton do like using home deck fabric do you like you
know like faux leather or vinyl glitter glitter vinyl or you know something else
let me know I’m just curious to see like if you make bags what kind of fabric do
you normally tend to gravitate towards so all of these fabrics are can be found
on the so sweetness shop which is where I ordered I was ordering my glitter
vinyl which is like the sparkly one so from like left to right it’s a there’s
faux leather in rose gold which is a really really pretty shade
I got a sheet of the pink cork fabric with gold metallics I got rose gold
glitter vinyl that’s the third one and that’s just gorgeous I cannot wait to
use that and then on the right I got like I think it’s faux leather or vinyl
in like like a hot like kind of a hot pink / lilac color or fuchsia and I’m
really excited to use these I think they’re beautiful they they’re very very
beautiful and the fabrics are easy to work with they’re not super thick but
they’re they’re durable basically I like to think of it as fabric where you don’t
need to use interfacing so it saves you the step of using interfacing although I
was thinking for the pink when I’m for the hot pink when I might try to quilt
it and I will have to see I really like it though I’m a fan so all of these can
be found on the so sweetness website and before previously I’d been purchasing my
I’ve been purchasing my glitter vinyl from a shop called me curry world
supplies but their roles are 12 inches wide and Sara Lawson from so sweetness
has 18 inch rolls so I thought I would try hers out because the rolls are wider
so you could make bigger items out of it so I thought that I don’t know what to I
would what should I make with these fabrics that’s what I wanted you know
let me know what would like what would you make with these fabrics if you had
them because I’m I know I think they’re just super pretty so I’ll go through
each one of them and we’ll chat and the cat has all right the cat’s decided to
leave me so my lap is warm because she was just sitting there for a while and
I don’t know she’s she’s she’s decided to she’s she’s piecing out so she’s
going to take a nap although she left cat hair all over my shirt which is one
of her signature trademarks that’s why I have like 18 lint rollers is pretty much
for the cat I’m also trying to brush her employ regularly and now that I’m home a
lot so I’m trying to brush her so that her shedding doesn’t get out of control
she’s a short-haired domestic tortoiseshell cat but her hair still
gets everywhere so that’s that’s kind of crazy so happy New Year to everybody
okay we got some comments okay Jackie don’t like cats full of yours show
that’s totally okay cats are not in fact my cat barely likes me so she’s she’s
kind of been I think cats are sort of the kind of animals where where you’re
there for them it’s not the other way around you’re you’re supposed to cater
to all of their needs it can get old sometimes I’m not gonna lie she’s she’s
kind of uh she’s kind of picky I don’t know and also yesterday she
threw up on the rug so I don’t know she there cats are kind of hit or miss in my
opinion and I’ve met a lot of cats that I don’t like she’s okay like she doesn’t
she doesn’t really bite and she doesn’t really scratch and she uses her litter
box which is like if I had like honestly I don’t think I could live with a cat
that could not use the litter box she at least we’ve trained her my husband’s
actually worked with her to train her and she at least can use the litter box
and she doesn’t have accidents otherwise we would not be we would not be happy
campers here here at the Moore household so Jackie it’s totally okay you don’t
you do not have to like cats that’s what that is okay I
she barely likes me so I don’t think my cat likes me I don’t know all right we
got a few comments okay all right my mom made a custom costume hat using buckram
and you know I’ve heard a buckram that sounds like a really cool material okay
all right we got a s Douglas says they you like to use heavy denim or
upholstery fabric and Howard you’ve only made bags to match evening wear you made
very cool very cool all right and as MooMoo does a quilted clutch that
looks very chic you know I how are died have gone to
Pinterest although I don’t know I’m kind of I I sort of have a love/hate
relationship with Pinterest particularly when you click on stuff and it goes to
nowhere so sometimes Pinterest site sometimes I
like it sometimes I don’t like it but uh but I’m trying to figure out what to
what’s you okay Charlotte says I’m using cork for the new so sweetness Baker
Street bag yes the free pattern gay that sounds really pretty so have you thought
of sewing a bag to match shoes or sandals that you already own you know um
I do have some gold I have some like gold glitter vinyl
I would like to real I would actually really like to get gold shoes and one
other thing I would like to do so I have these um this I have like this crystal
pick up tool from the crystal Ninja and it’s like this out mate I I’ve done a
video on it in the past but it allows you to really put gem put
rhinestones on the stuff I would love I bought a pair of like loafers while like
Doc shoes or something from Cole Haan and I started putting crystals on the
shoes and then I like never finished them so I should probably finish them I
also did a lamp where I was I started putting gold rhinestones on the lamp and
I got this is the theme of me and these crystal projects it is a little tedious
I ended up getting like halfway through and then not finishing but it would be
cool to get a pair of shoes or like a pair of heels or something and then just
rhinestone the whole thing and I’ll show you the website and the other thing is
that the other thing I would like to do is make a purse and I’ve embellished
some bags in the past with crystals but I would like to get more bags that
embellish them with crystals I think I think the look is very pretty
I’ll show you the website to or they’re available on Amazon hold on a second but
the crystal Ninja is she’s like one of several people in North America or
something that’s like certif that’s like certified for it’s like certified for
like Swarovski crystals or something and her work is amazing let me let me bring
this up okay so is the kit it’s the crystal ninja bling
starter kit and let me find her website cuz her website is really cool so you
could do shoes or you could do all kinds of stuff with uh let me see if I can
find actually wait she’s on Instagram I’m gonna hold on a second she’s on
Instagram so I will just go there crystal or apparently her shop is closed
right now Instagram there we go oh here we go so
and I love following her her stuff is really a mate
her work is incredible so this is the kind of stuff that she will bling out
using using her a crystal pick up tool let’s see err she’s done summer she did
like an entire car like she’s really talented okay that’s really cool so she
will take swarovski crystals and she does a lot of like corporate
work and like custom jobs oh that’s really neat
oh it’s like a whole hey i think that that almost looks like my microphone
that’s pretty cool and she did a pair of like oh wow
apparently looks like a starbucks tumbler so oh these are one of my
favorites she did a pair of ugg boots and i don’t care if you love them or
hate them I have like four pairs of ugg boots and
I love every single one of them they’re so comfortable and they last forever so
this is the kind of stuff she does I’m a fan I’m a big fan so I’ve been following
her for a while and I really want to do like a pair of shoes like that like me
like I started doing them on those boat shoes or whatever but I want to do a
pair of heels I think that’d be pretty sweet so maybe I could even take I was
even thinking of taking a I was even thinking of taking a pair of shoes they
already have like a pair of heels that might might be scuffed up or something
and just covering them with with crystals I think that’d be really cool
so yeah amber she’s got this woman has a lot like I honestly that’s why I can
never I did like a sweater with some of the crystals on it but I was doing that
lamp and I was doing those shoes and I just couldn’t finish it was so it was
very tedious she ever acquires a lot of like just patience
like tons of patience but her work is really cool and you can get her supplies
she also has some how-to videos I believe on YouTube or on her website so
I’ve seen a few of her videos she’s and she seems very nice she shared one of my
videos when I was practicing with it and she seems she just seems like a really
cool chick I would loved it and I think she even has some workshops or so
occasionally she does workshops where she teaches you to do I know those Oggs
I was just like jeweled croc so that’d be cool okay so yeah it’s the kind of
stuff she does oh and I wanted to share with you the poll results from last week
so last week I asked you guys what is your 2018 sewing goal and 36% of you
said just so more 24% bust through my fabric stash 21% learn new techniques
15% get through my sewing patterns and 3% finish on incomplete projects so
thank you to all who participated and if you haven’t you can participate in this
week’s poll and this week’s poll is what kind of fabric do you like for purse and
bag making so all you have to do is click on the upper right hand corner
with with the eye and it’ll bring like a menu out with some videos that I
recommend and also the poll question you can take the poll question there if you
would like so anyways I thought that was an I just like these questions because
it gives you a good indication of where people are like because sometimes you
just kind of wonder like what what do other people like to do like it it might
be only one that likes to do something a certain way or are there others so you
know I and I would agree I think sewing more is is is definitely everybody
definitely one of my goals so I think that’s a good goal busting my fabrics –
of course you already know I’m there learning new stuff and I’m even so in
case you haven’t heard craft C unlimited is out so I’ve linked that below in the
description box I think I’m gonna do it I need to talk to my husband about it
cuz 120 bucks it’s still a lot of money to us so I’m gonna talk to him but I
think I think I’m gonna go for it it’s I do have a few like so I got a free
three-month trial to Skillshare and I want
get through some Photoshop and premier and like Adobe After Effects class is
back for that I think I I think then I’ll have time to watch some craft C
classes and I think I’m gonna go for it for $10 a month for a year that doesn’t
seem too bad and it looks like you also get free shipping on any orders although
I’m not gonna be ordering any fabric but if you want to go for it this is these
are some really good prices and as you’ve seen with Netflix they raise the
price so the price next year may not be $120 a year so we’ll have to see I don’t
know but there’s a link below if you want to get craftsy unlimited I am an
affiliate so any anybody who subscribes or it gets us gets the subscription from
my link I would get a little bit of credit so thank you in advance but they
I really appreciate you guys spending New Year’s Eve and sorry for the
problems oh sorry for the problems off the top of
the show I did not realize that I did not have audio although this is I don’t
know if maybe this is better or worse than the time that I accidentally went
live twice without knowing I don’t know I don’t know so we’ll have to see so all
right so let me okay in AM personal I went bonkers on patterns at Joann last
week hey that’s that’s okay but let me show you these fabrics I got
so I already showed you a photo of them so let I’ll go through them one by one
so this oh this is I’m super excited this is the this is the glitter vinyl
and this is in rose gold the color in person is just incredible but the color
is incredible and I’m I saw this and I was like I I love rose gold I was like I
have to have this and the back it has like a canvas backing on and this is so
you can kind of get it get a sense on how thick this is too so it’s definitely
thicker than like quilting cotton but you don’t need I would say you really
don’t need interfacing for this although now of course it has cat hair on it
thanks thanks to my cat so there’s that so this is I and I can’t wait I think
this would make make a good clutch like maybe some clutch purses and I think it
would also be good for some little um zipper pouches so I think like a
zipper pouch I definitely see that happening or some sort of like little
cosmetic bag so that’s what I’m thinking for this one all right let me bust out
another one okay this one is the like faux leather like vinyl or whatever and
this isn’t like the fuchsia color it is it’s kind of matte like it’s sort of
like a satin actually it’s not really Matt it’s more like a satin finish it’s
not shiny but it’s not like I guess super matte but it’s definitely more
matte than shiny but I love the color I think it’s a lot of fun I can definitely
see so I have this last year I got some tulip Inca some of her like cat tabby
tabby Road fabric and I think this would go really well with that so I think I
don’t know I don’t know exactly what I’m gonna do with this but this stuff is
really cool and these are 18 inch rolls so they are pretty wide so I’m pretty
excited about that and I think this would make a really
like these this could make some really cute bags or even some really cute like
I’m not even or you know what else would be good um you know how people are
always making those like baby moccasins like the the fresh like kind of
knockoffs of the freshly picked stuff this would actually be really good for
like a maybe like a baby moccasin I don’t know that’d be kind of cool so we
got that alright and then alright this one I’m also very excited about this is
rose gold rose gold faux leather and this again has like a canvas back on it
and some crap I think from the cat I don’t know thanks Scott oh this is what
this is again why I have so many lint rollers so I know it’s kind of hard to
see but the color is in person it’s gorgeous and it really is like a great
rose gold and Sarah actually use this to make like a hobo bag and there’s a free
pattern and video for that on her website which is linked in the
description box and I just think this is so this is so pretty I also have a piece
of gold leather and you might have seen my my sewing fail video from when I try
to make like a noodle head pouch and penile pouch and
didn’t go too well but at least with this stuff I can practice as if it was
leather and it costs less I think each roles of these roles are between like 8
and I think 11 dollars but there’s a flat rate shipping so if you order like
one of them it costs the same shipping as if you get like ten of them so that’s
kind of nice thick and she puts them in one of those three sided like two poster
tubes so shipping they came fine and I’m a faint I don’t know what to make with
this yet I have to figure it out but I think these would make a really yeah
like these would all make really good like evening bags clutches or even as
accents on other purses I have glitter vinyl in somewhat like more funky colors
but I really didn’t have and I have some gold but I didn’t have wrote rose gold
is definitely one of my new fave and this last one I’m actually this is sort
of outside my comfort zone but I like it this is pink cork fabric and it’s sort
of like a duck I would say it’s like a pearlized it’s got kind of a pearlized
finish it’s like a dusty pink and it’s got gold metallic accents on it the back
is like a fuzzy canvas so the back this is probably the thickest out of all the
fabrics but it still is pretty pliable so you can see it’s not it’s not
difficult to sew with I don’t even really use like special needles I think
I just use like a titanium superior titanium coated tops is you needles off
of mass drop a while ago and I just use those like I think it’s like a night
like a 90s eyes 90 and I just use whatever thread I have but I um I don’t
know what I’m gonna do with this but it is really cool fabric so and it looks
like you can clean it pretty easily but this stuff is very neat like it’s very
like pliable it’s got just a very interesting texture and I’m pretty
excited about it so alright um you know that’s Douglass I don’t really have any
shrim um you know I’m not really much of a like a bow or flower person if I did
make a bow it’d probably be out of the same fabric I do have some lace I have
some lace trim and I’ve got some like rickrack and then I’ve also got some
I’ve got a lot of hardware so I have a lot of gold hardware although I’ve
noticed if you’re into rose gold hardware there’s a website it’s like
Emmeline bags and she started to sell rose gold hardware so if you’re looking
for anything rose gold like so she’s got some really cool stuff on her site that
I’ve seen that I’m pretty excited about and ever so well I see your comment
about the 50s style swing coat on mrs. Mazal I I do not have any suggestions
for that if anyone else does let her know so but yeah so when I saw with
these I don’t even I really don’t even use like a special needle you you can I
just have noticed I’ve experimented I just kind of use whatever I have pretty
much I have leather needles maybe I’ll try to see what it’s like with the
leather needle but when I’ve sewn with the glitter vinyl before I usually just
use just like a top stitching needle and it usually works out okay so I don’t
know if I’m I probably am supposed to use like some sort of special needle but
I haven’t and it’s turned out okay but I’m really excited about this stuff I
think it’ll be really cool let me put up the photo again because I
know the coloring on my webcam is kind of funky but that’s what they look like
that’s like the true color of what they look like I don’t know which of which do
you guys like the best I I don’t know if I have a favor if I did have to pick a
favor it would probably be the glitter vinyl rose the glitter vinyl and rose
gold I just like the sparkle enos and it has like a very Kate I don’t know if you
guys have seen but Kate Spade has a lot of sparkly accessories and I’ve noticed
she’s she’s done a lot with glitter fabrics so it kind of reminds me of that
let me see if I can find okay here we go and in you can get colors that are very
similar to these Kate Spade fab works alright I think I found one let me
see here okay all right I don’t want I don’t know why when you go to these
websites are there like a gazillion pop-ups I don’t I’m not into that all
right let me find what I’m trying to find like a good photo of her of the
bags oh here we go okay so this okay this is a pretty good
example of the bags okay so this is the Kate Spade wedding bells in sharla okay
but you can see the glitter fabric and this definitely reminds me of that so I
like I really like that you can get that Kate Spade sort of looking vibe for not
like and look at the price of that 198 that’s $198 now this fabric only cost me
like $10 so I feel like it’s a pretty good trade-off and if you can make
purses you can definitely make whatever style you want I mean now granted this
Kate Spade these I love Kate Spade don’t get me wrong I think she makes great
products and I’m personally a fan but again you know if you can kind of
emulate the look for less why why not that’s the inside I do really like the
finishes of Kate Spade’s bat Kate Spade bags like how they’ve got the like the
leather facing on the inside that’s very cool
so I’m a fan I’m a fan of Kate Spade don’t get me wrong I like Kate Spade but
I like making my own stuff too and this is a good way you could I just really
when I saw the glitter vinyl it really reminded me of the Kate Spade glitter
stuff so that’s why I decided to go for to go for that okay we got Jackie I
purchased several colors of the cork fabric but have not made anything yet
maybe a small purse yes I saw I’m a fan okay oh and all right we’ve got a
suggestion for the 1950 swing coat Eva dress patterns has a jacket and evening
coat so yeah so I’m really into making bags I did do if you want to check it I
did it I did a previous show like around Easter time
actually it was on Easter Sunday and I shared some of my favorite sources for
bag patterns fabric and then hardware so if you want to check that out too it’s
linked below in the description box it is a little lower tech than this is
before I started using like a real microphone and stuff so forgive me it
was one of the earlier shows but there was still a lot of effort in there so uh
so there’s that and I do want to share something so alright so I don’t know if
you guys watch a lot of uh a lot of Amazon Prime or watch a lot of shows but
when I’m sewing or when I’m doing anything I like to watch something while
I’m doing it so I wanted to share what I’m watching
right now and that would be the TV show the old TV show that was on you at the
USA Network called a monk if I don’t know if there’s any other fellow monk
fans but the show and I will say I’m a really big fan of Tony Shalhoub I loved
him on wings he was in men and black he played like that the guy was like the
tiny head or whatever but I really really liked him on monk and monk is
about this guy if you’re not familiar it’s about this guy that was a former
police detective but his wife died in the story line and after that he kind of
fell apart and he has OCD but he has a lot of like weird phobias and he has a
lot of quirks so the show kind of centers around that like he’s totally
brilliant he’s got like a mind like nobody else but at the same time he just
has these personal challenges that really cause a dilemma in his everyday
life so I’ve been making my way through that and I’ve noticed something so I we
have both Netflix and we have Amazon Prime video and we’ve kind of noticed
that a lot of shows that leave Amazon like the licensing must run out and
that’s why Netflix is making their own shows it’s pretty much so they they can
cut their costs from licensing content from other places but we I was very sad
monk went off of Netflix like I know like two years ago or something and I
really liked the show so I was very that it was that it was no longer
available so I’ve been stalking the price of the monk DVDs on Amazon for a
while and it’s kind of gone up and down like it can be up to like 80 or 90
dollars so a couple weeks ago I noticed that the DVDs were $44 so I talked to my
husband and I was like you know I really want to get this DVD set the price is
the lowest I’ve ever seen and it’s still not available on Netflix or Amazon and
he’s like you know he’s like right after you buy the DVDs monk is probably gonna
be on Amazon Prime and I checked and I was like you know it’s not there yet so
I’ll just go ahead and buy it so I get the DVDs right
the DVDs come in the mail and literally like the next day monk is back on the
monk is back on Amazon Prime and I was like you’ve got to be kidding me and
he’s like I told you so he was right yet again and another show that I really
like psych which is also psych and monk are probably some of my favorite our
favorite shows to watch so if you are if you are a psycho is what they call the
fans or if you are into monk both of those shows are now back on Amazon Prime
video and I’ve noticed the DVD price has now gone to $37 so if you really want to
pick up the monk DVDs I have link to them below it’s an excellent show you
don’t have to buy it though if you have if you have Amazon Prime if you have
Amazon Prime then you can watch a monk for free but if you don’t and you want
to get the DVDs the DVDs are $37 which is a really great price for eight
seasons of a one-hour series so I’m not really big so I’m really happy that monk
is back and yeah I’ve noticed yeah like amber Netflix is I think what
it is is Netflix Netflix is trying to create as much original content as they
can so they don’t have to buy other shows but my husband and I don’t really
like that we like a few and we like a few Netflix shows and stuff but I don’t
know we just really like some of the shows that they used to have but don’t
have anymore so for everyone who’s a monk fan or a
psych fan don’t worry because these shows are now on Amazon Prime video all
eight seasons and also I think I mentioned this and I show a couple weeks
ago there was a site movie that is now available on the USA
for free so I’m very happy that I can watch these shows again because I’ve
been really missing them for quite a while suddenly this that was a bit of a
side a side bar but uh yeah I’m a big fan and he Tony Shalhoub is brilliant
he’s also on the show missus nasal he plays mrs. nasals father and his
character is Fanta his character on every show he’s ever been on and his
fantastic he was also in the movie I think he was in the movie pain and gain
with like the rock and I think Mark Wahlberg he’s been on a lot of stuff but
if you are a monk fan or a Tony Shalhoub fan definitely get this one because it’s
a really it’s a really good show so oh and there is one all right there is
something else I wanted to do so I wanted to go through some more wanted to
share more of your photos from Instagram all right so all right here is if you
and if you want to have your photos shown all you have to do is make sure
that you are hashtagging sewing reports squad just make sure to hashtag sewing
report squad in your in your Instagram posts and I will be able to see them and
I will I would like to show some some of your photos during the shows this is
Bronte 44 and she was at a looks like she was at a fabric store in Austin very
cool so thank you for sharing this and she’s got some Tilly buttons patterns
there oh those are some really nice fabrics all right so we’ve got alright
this is snow frost this is her craft room very cool that’s a lot that is a
lot of fabric there alright and she is working on turning her scrap fabrics
into some usable pieces but uh you know hey you know what it’s it definitely
looks like I loved and worked in sewing room so that’s very cool here’s some
other photo she’s got going on oh is that a kitty uh oh look at all right and
I know Jackie’s like oh no not another cat but hey you know what there
cats are everywhere right oh how cute all right there’s a sewing machine she’s
got she’s got like a laptop there for some for some good TV watching oh very
cool looks like she’s got a new sewing machine so thank you for sharing that
and yeah if you want to share your own photos another photo from Bronte
forty-four let’s see here she’s got some sewing pattern goals
okay oh and here’s some oh these are cute
these are some patterns she’s got very pretty a lot of patterns there yes I’m
so how seven in there the Willow Green Lange studios all right let’s see here
this is Andrew makes a swipe for before and after pics getting organized for the
new year Wow look at that look at that or those organizational skills my fabric
does not look nearly that nice he’s very cool alright oh and this is a bag made
from am loving life she sewed this travel case for her guy using material
on hand that’s a really neat way to repurpose not that kind of looks like
what like a nylon webbing or something that was real that looks really cool
looks like I like the airline vibe it’s got their like I don’t know I like it
alright this is oh this is a pair of pj pants that snow frost made for her mom
very cool and she got her fabric from the now-defunct Hancock’s all right oh
and this is from Doherty some doll dresses for her granddaughters design a
friend doll oh how cute so thank you for the photos and if you would like to be
featured make sure to hashtag sewing report squad you can also have also
hashtags hashtag Sochi and hashtag fabric
challenge 2018 those are the hashtags I will be using this year and in following
along so thank you guys so let’s uh yeah let’s chat a little bit and so what are
your what are your New Year’s Eve plans this evening what’s everybody doing I’m
gonna be staying home and maybe going to bed because I’m feeling a little sick so
I’m probably gonna spend my New Year’s Eve in bed is that lame yes do I care
No so what are you guys doing let me know um
eggless uh oh vogue patter our heads up vogue patterns are $5.99 and quick soap
patterns or $2.99 alright so you got one day left alright and okay amber I love
seeing people sewing spaces I’m thinking about doing a sewing room tour and
asking for organization advice hey that sounds cool amber and amber I would love
to see her sewing room – I’m amber if you don’t know she has a business called
milk and sugar baby but she’s got a lot of really fun fabrics and amber I’m kind
of curious about your your workflow and kind of how you make things things
efficient that’d be very cool and okay alright Charlotte’s having friends over
to play board games and let the kids run around that’s something you know maybe
the kids by running around maybe the kids will like tire themselves out and
then they’ll they’ll go to sleep that sounds like a good plan alright so
Kirsten’s so not lame to stay at home yeah I don’t I don’t like going so
here’s my thing this is gonna sound a little mr. monkish but that’s okay I
don’t like being in any situation where I cannot easily access a restroom or
parking space like if I’m if I’m at a location and I have trouble finding a
parking space or if there’s like no bathroom or the bathroom situation is
sketchy I don’t want to be there I don’t think maybe it’s just because I’m maybe
I’m too old I don’t know but it’s just not it’s just not something I really
want to deal with you know I’ve done that before
I do not enjoy that I do not want to do that so you know I’m at my own house
I’ve got two bathrooms so I’ve got even like I’ve got more than enough bathrooms
and the good thing about this apartment is that we have a garage and we have a
parking space in front of it the one like one of my biggest fears about
living in an apartment was having to like drive around and look for a parking
space because I’ve done that before different complexes but having the
garage and having the parking space means we never have to do that so that
was actually a very big selling point for this unit so that is cool oh and
personal well in Vegas staying in too many people for
me nice nice you know what might that’s what so do you live in Vegas or is that
uh are you just there on a trip I have a friend who just moved to Las Vegas and
he seems to like it a lot all right Daugherty if you fella follow
Tilly in the buttons blog she’s people show their sewing room loved what I have
seen her series about the sewing room is it is cool too
although some of the sewing rooms I’ve seen feature and I’m like I feel like
they’re a little too polished you know what I mean like I’m like yeah I don’t I
don’t know about that so some of them seem a little a little too perfect to me
I don’t know I like see I like seeing the real so it like I like seeing
inspirational stuff like if they got a cool idea or if they’ve got a neat
shelving storage system or something but I don’t know sometimes if I see the
sewing rooms and they’re like two just added a to like magazine ish I just
don’t feel like they’re real I don’t know all right liz is going to a
friend’s house for a party I’m feeling very introverted today and
don’t Liz you know what why are you why don’t you just tell them you’re sick and
stay home and so I don’t know no shame in that maybe maybe maybe have some some
champagne new the sewing machine I don’t know Terry go to bed going to bed early
so I can get up early to work out and get something before everyone gets up
yeah I don’t know I just don’t I edited a video before this show and I was
trying to eat and do some stuff and I just was not feeling it so I might just
lay in bed and watch some classes I’ve got some Skillshare classes to watch so
I might do that at least I’m being somewhat productive even though I feel
like a slug Ellen I do not like looking for bathrooms I usually yes that’s I
exactly why I don’t like going out Cydia it’s just not not for me I might just be
that just might be my age showing I’m not really sure but I do not want to I
do not want to be in situations like that I do not I do not like those
situations it’s not my husband is not he’s not a real social butterfly either
he just doesn’t like being around a lot of people generally so we just kind of
we just prefer to stay home all right Empress Noel I live here 35 years now
I’m ready to move somewhere quiet is there anywhere quiet you could move like
I guess when I think about it maybe like Alaska would still be sort of peaceful
maybe Montana I don’t know Iowa who knows all right
amber I’m spending the evening sewing and working on my vision board for 2018
well that sounds cool all right okay Ellen it’s cold here in Michigan whoo
yeah bet I bet it’s cold there Wow all right Kirsten my sewing room office is
really clean and organized but I have OCD so clutter is a real issue for me
you know what and that’s the thing like some people are very some people are
very neat um but some of the photos I see of these sewing rooms like they’re
so styled to the max and like I don’t know I’m just like you are you kidding
me like adding to some of it I just like to see real real people in real
situations in real rooms rather than something that someone kind of conjures
up to make themselves look good I don’t know all right
dish okay Charmian has a bathroom locator app you have got to be kidding
so is that’s actually kind of a genius move on their part though that’s funny
so doesn’t locate like public restrooms that’s interesting okay amber our kids
are a great excuse for not party yet yeah you can be like the kids need a
good bed and I don’t really have that excuse but I’m just like I don’t know I
just don’t like going out very much maybe all right it’s freezing in
southern Ontario the downtown concert was Oh No so it was so cold that they
canceled a concert that stinks I’m sorry to hear that
all right um here’s to not styled so much is everything put away in cupboards
and I think that’s cool you know like and honestly if you do have a problem
with clutter and you don’t like my mom is like that too
she’s she’s very neat so hey if that’s the way you roll that is the way you
roll but uh but yeah happy sewing everybody I’m
I might I don’t know I’m probably I’d like to say I’m gonna get some sewing
done today but in all honesty I’m probably gonna take a nap and try to
watch some of these Skillshare classes so I’m watching some Skillshare classes
on Adobe Premiere to learn some more advanced editing and I’m gonna try they
have like a five-hour class on Adobe After Effects and I would really like to
be able to get through that so far I’ve been like watching the class in chunks
like if I need a specific part I’ve been looking that up but I haven’t been I
need to watch the whole thing I got through about half of the premiere the
premiere class was 9 hours that’s a pretty long class I’m also looking to to
do the Photoshop one so we’ll have to see but I really now that I have these
programs I really want to make the most of them so I can get get my money’s
worth and I’m also kind of dragging my feet a little bit on the craftsy and
limited only because I know I have other stuff to watch first but when I thought
about it a lot of the craftsy classes also have free patterns like the class
will have free downloads so by getting access to all those classes I was like
they have a lot of bag making classes in like quilting classes with free patterns
so by getting access to that you would get access to all those free patterns
too so the more I think about it the more of the more it is really good value
so when I get it I’ll let you guys know but I’m probably gonna pull the trigger
hopefully hopefully soon hopefully soon all right I stay close I dream of having
a sewing room my stash and notions are in the laundry basket and in covers I
said well I hope you get a sewing room in 2018 that is my wish for you
and okay I need to look up this Sharman bathroom app locator app that would be
actually be kind of kind of funny anyways guys I’m probably gonna sign off
soon and go back uh yeah I’m gonna be honest I’m going back to bed I started
kind of feeling funny aside took some cold medicine and and before this show I
took an hour nap and I still felt pretty groggy so I’m probably gonna go back to
bed but I hope everyone has a real good New Year’s Eve this evening be safe
okay and amber I miss seeing the quilt hanging on your walls in the background
are you going to hang some quilts in the new place I’m thinking about the decor
in here and what I’m gonna do the only thing is that I need to like I tape non
sewing videos in here as well so I kind of want the decor to be sort of neutrals
so it doesn’t scream sewing if I’m shooting like a like a video of me
making cookies or something so maybe I’ll do some I don’t know I’m not really
sure I might do this sewing I don’t know I need to figure this out the other
thing is we’re probably not gonna be here for a super long amount of time
either and I’m really bad at I’m really bad at decorating you know so I don’t
know but I hope you guys all have a great in safe New Year’s Eve you know
just make sure have a designated driver be sure you’re safe and enjoy your
evening whatever you’re doing I’m probably gonna be sleeping
yeah sleeping and hanging out with my cat I know don’t be jealous
super exciting but I’ll see you guys all next week and also let me know what you
what kind of show topics would you like to see in 2018 because I’m cure you know
I wanted I want to do topics that actually injures people versus just
stuff that comes into my head so let me know if you have a topic that you would
like to be featured and I may be able to make that happen depending on what it is
so I will see you guys all later and have a wonderful I will see you next
year next next Sunday all right thanks guys