Little miss CAN be wrong – Not Quite Enough Yarn, July 2019

do-do-do-do-do-do hello my lovely people
and welcome to the 2019 July episode of the not quite enough yarn podcast my
name is Lesley and this is a knitting, crochet, general yarn podcast from the
south coast of England. Thank you so much for watching. I know I’ve got a number of
new subscribers, so thank you very much for joining and of course a huge thank
you to everyone who keeps on coming back; bless you. Because there are a number of
new subscribers, just a little bit about myself – I’m in my 50s, I’ve been knitting
and crocheting since I was four or five years old I’ve done a bit of designing
in the past; had a few patterns and published in magazines but mostly I just
crochet and knit either my own patterns or other people’s designs, usually with a
fair bit of modification. I also apparently have noisy motorbikes
outside and messages on my phone so a bit of extraneous noise but there we go. In my day job I’m a funeral celebrant,so that’s why you’ll sometimes hear me
talking about ceremonies, visits, I’ll be sitting in the car outside crematoria
because I record the podcast throughout the month and then put it all together
and upload it on the last weekend of the month, so you’ll see me in different
places, different clothes, sometimes with make up sometimes without, all sorts of
things. It’s called the not quite enough yarn podcast, despite the fact that I
clearly have some behind me, some more over there, and some off screen, because I
rarely have enough of the same yarn to make an entire garment so I’ll put in a
stripe, or a trim, or something to complete it with a different yarn, so
that’s the reason for the name. As I say, I know we’ve got quite a few new
subscribers so thank you please do feel free to comment in the below (whatever
that means). I love seeing your comments; this is very
much a one-way street whilst I’m putting it out there but once it’s out there
it’s very much two way, so please do comment, let me know what you’re up to,
any observations – delighted to hear them. I know that I’ve lost a few subscribers
and that’s I think largely due to my comments on the Ravelry policy which I
spoke about last month. That’s fine the reason why I put comments out there like
that, and this is by no means a political podcast, I I very much keep this to the
knitting and crochet but when there is something important I feel the need to
kind of put my views out there, so that you know where I stand and you can
decide whether you wish to continue watching me. If you have completely
different views, I am more than happy for you to still be here – I am delighted if
you still want to be here – I’ve no desire to live in an echo chamber. So please
don’t feel that if you disagree with me I’m asking you to leave, that’s
absolutely not the case. I’m just putting my views out there so
that if you do feel that I’m no longer someone you want to watch, you’re aware
and you can go and find people that you’d rather watch, and that’s… I wish you
happy crafting and we’re all good, I hope. So that’s that’s kind of why I did what
I did last month and I know some people have chosen to go – I wish them
well and thank you to those who stayed. I think that’s the bit about me. Oh on
social media generally I’m “knitting or death” it takes us back to the celebrant/
funerals thing. I’m not very active on Twitter I do have an account but I can’t
remember the last time I even had a look, let alone posted anything. I’m quite
often on Instagram – recently it seems upsetting people on Instagram, but that
happens that’s an Instagram thing. Generally, I try to spread the love, but
sometimes it doesn’t work, so that’s that’s just life, and that’s how we learn
and we grow. Mostly knitting crochet, I took some time off at the
beginning of July (this is going to sound weird because I’m actually recording
this intro halfway through the month) so I took some time off and did some
sewing projects during that time, so I have included a little bit of footage of
those, just hopefully it’s something of interest. It’s not very long, so if you go
into this and the first bit appears to be all about sewing you’re gonna be
thinking “not really yarn craft, is it Les?” and you’d be right, but…you know…we try to expand the things that we do. There is a “not quite enough yarn” podcast
group on Ravelry and the main thing on there is the knit along which I am
hosting with the wonderful Barbara from the “flame and fiber” podcast. I hope
you’re all watching her as well because she’s lovely – she has two gorgeous dogs;
Purl the rascal dog, the German Shepherd and Maze, the Newfoundland poodle cross
puppy they are both adorable I am also… I love cats too… but I’m also a
dog person I have a small diva called Heidi who you’ll sometimes see, but yeah,
Barbara and I are hosting the craft from your stash along the stashkal2019 all
of this year. It was all her idea – she deserves all credit for it, I’m just
helping to host it as well, and the rules are very simple
basically the stash had to be in your collection at the end of 2018
the project had to be started on or after 1st of January 2019 it’s running
all year. If you need to buy a little extra yarn to finish something off,
absolutely fine just make sure it’s no longer than… no more than 50 percent of
the total yarn in the project. We both have two threads on our groups so like I
say she’s on the flame and fiber podcast and there’s one on the not quite enough
yarn podcast and there is a finished object thread
you can post your fos and also a chatter thread but you can also post your fos
but you can also talk about inspiration you can talk about each other’s pieces
you can kind of say what lovely yarns folks have used what lovely colors,ask
where they got details from, all of that stuff and we both draw from both threads. And you’re warmly invited to double dip, so become a member of both groups and
double dip away, and increase your chances (sometimes I have trouble speaking) you could increase your chances of winning I think that’s
probably it, I know Barbara’s been talking about that in her podcast as
well, and she’s also been doing some cross stitch recently so if that’s
something you’re interested in, yet another reason – not that you need one – to
head on over there and look at the lovely project she’s been making. I think
that’s all the admin stuff, so a little bit of making and a little bit of
acquisition. Now I have been on a yarn diet since November 2017, with the
exception of Unravel – I went to the Unravel yarn show; I allowed myself that
bit of purchasing. But people are very kind and they give me stuff so I’ve got
a little bit of stash acquisition to show you in a minute
but firstly a very small make. People who’ve been watching previously will
know that I was making these makeup remover pads I haven’t actually used
them yet because I had a load of the disposable cotton ones, so I’m using
those first, but with scraps of leftover cotton I crocheted these pads
so I’ve got quite a few of these and you can see they’re just circles made out of
crochet cotton… made out of cotton. Done in crochet, super simple. they could
be squares and knitted, it really wouldn’t matter. The idea is just to
have something cotton to stick some micellar water on and scrape the… the
the face paint when I go drumming…. there’s another thing I’m in a drumming
group – look at the last podcast if you want to understand that – there’s some drumming right in the beginning um yeah just sort of
removers and the thought occurred to me when I come to wash them are they going
to get lost in the washing machine. I’m in the UK, I have a front-loading washing
machine (that’s the norm in the UK) and had visions of these kind of stuck to
the drum and getting caught in the mechanism and all that sort of thing,and
we never finding them again. So I made a little bag – a very simple little
crochet mesh bag again out of cotton to put them in and the idea is once I’ve
used them I’ll just stick them in here. When I wash the bath towels, stick this in
the washing machine as well, so they all stay together. A very simple little
mesh bag, chain drawstring, and hopefully that will keep them all together. So
that’s a very small little project. I do quite a few of these little householdie
things. Whenever I see a need, my first thought is, can I make something to fill
that need? So that’s what I did here. Now I mentioned a bit of acquisition because
the lovely Kellyanne who is the presenter of the “yarn tales by the sea”
podcast and also one of our drum leaders turned up at drum practice last week and
said “can you use this yarn?” Well, I didn’t have to look at it before I said yes,
because yes of course and it’s a lovely yarn – it’s Silvan by Sirdar and these are
actually the same colorway they’re just from different parts of the ball. It’s a
thick and thin chunky yarn – says on the label “for inspiring winter knits” – would
make a great chunky hat, I have to say. it’s 90 percent acrylic, ten percent wool
83 meters per 50 grams so we’ve got some bits and pieces here so thank you
Kellyanne I will find a good use for these, thank you very much.
excuse me. How lovely – Barbara in her last podcast
was laughing about how I’ve been on a yarn diet for a long time but always end
up with more yarn than I started. Yes it’s true, do you see me complaining? no I
didn’t think so. those are the makes so far and I hope you enjoy this podcast –
again please do comment, if there’s anything that catches your eye, anything
that I’ve forgotten to link that you’d like more information on, it’s very much
a conversation – I love the interaction that comes with people who very kindly
take the time to watch and then add their thoughts, so thank you for that.
On with the show – I hope you enjoy. Hello my lovely people now you don’t
often see me standing up – I’m not often standing up, but this is day one of my
“Make-cation” and day one is clearly turning into a sewing day. I’m gonna put
a picture here of a jacket as it was about four hours ago and I wanted to
turn it into a tailcoat. I’m gonna put a link in the notes to a website which
shows pictures of how to do it – this is obviously for drumming, why else would it
be? Excuse me getting dressed in front of you but it’s to demonstrate the
work that I’ve done and so my jacket is no longer suitable for work, and is now a
tailcoat. Come the autumn, when we drum for our bonfires
we tend to wear more this type of gear with red underneath I mean I wouldn’t
wear it on over a blue check shirt ordinarily, but I’m really happy with how
it’s turned out it took about three hours probably. As with all of my sewing
don’t look too closely, some of the edging is not great, but it will do the
job really well and it because it’s a jacket that I already had I know it fits
so so that’s all good. I was looking for some buttons in my buttons stash – I have a button stash – like my yarn stash – but nothing the right size, so I’ll keep an eye out
for that. This will over time get enhanced, it’ll have lights attached to it and
braids and goodness knows what else, but as a basic shape I’m very happy. So all I
did cut the shape off from the front’s of the jacket- I’ll take it off to
demonstrate cut the front piece sewed onto the back
and then I just edged it all with ribbon. I cut everything with pinking shears the
the wonky edge, so that it prevents fraying and this fabric doesn’t fray
anyway it’s an acrylic – it’s a polyester …where’s the label… yep 100%
polyester so it’s not a fabric that frays, so that’s my first bit of sewing.
I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time and it’s now done so all good I
just need to give it a wash to get the tailor’s chalk off it and we’re done, onto
the next project. Day one project two is some visible
mending I’ve got a couple of pairs of jeans that are getting bit worn… I’m
sorry – please be assured this is the only circumstance under which you’ll see this
bit of my jeans, but I’ve got a couple of pairs here that are fairly worn I’ve got
an old pair which is worn, stained, used to use it for gardening, so armed with my
trusty pinking shears I shall cut out a piece of this use it to patch the jeans,
in a technique I’m going to say it’s inspired by Japanese Sushiko mending
because I’m not using the correct thread. I have a largely inherited sewing kit
and it includes was actually called button thread… see if we can get that to
focus… extra strong goodness only knows where this came from it may have been
from my mother’s sewing box, it may have been from my grandmother’s, it may have
been from himself’s mother’s. I’ve inherited a few bits and pieces over the
years and it is quite a thick thread. It’s still cotton I think yep still
cotton according to the other side but it is a little bit thicker, a little bit
stronger, so I’m going to use that and I’ll show you some progress as I go
along. All right, so there’s my patch pinned on
this is on the wrong side of the jeans. I know some people put the patches on the
the right side but I’m happy for the stitching to be visible I don’t
necessarily want the patch to show out because as you can see it’s quite a
different color …and what I’m gonna do, I’m just going to sew around the edge on
this side just because it’s easier to see and I’m less likely to prick myself
with pins, and then I’ll move over to the the right side and carry on stitching
from there. You can see that I’ve done the stitches around the outside and then
I’ve flipped back the other way. I’ve drawn some lines on just using a regular
HB pencil because although this is a little bit wonky, I want to have straight
lines going through the middle, so I’m going to carry on with that
whilst I watch Kellyanne talk all about her fabulous shawl which just looks
stunning. And here it is finished – not sure what else to say apart for him I’ve
got another piece to do and another pair of jeans as well
so I will keep on. The yarn has worked pretty well I think it is fairly sturdy
so I’m hoping it will last. Obviously it’s not going to make these jeans last forever, but it will make them last longer so that can
only be to the good. I will put links to videos on proper Soshiko
embroidery and sewing – the mending. So here we go my repaired jeans
it’s something I’ve enjoyed doing – normally you spend half your life trying
to hide your stitches so to have them showing is quite refreshing. As I say
this is very much inspired by a Soshiko, but I’m not claiming anything of that
particular art because it is an art – it has cultural and I believe spiritual
significance and practicers of it do it for years and all of those things that
make people experts – but this is just something using the visible stitching
technique inspired by that. hello lovely people, now I teased you in
the last episode by saying I’m getting a new piece of equipment, or had got a new
piece of equipment, I’m about to show it to you… yes, well it’s the wrong way
around on the table first of all but I have acquired a knitting machine
I blame Skeindeer because seeing how she’s been using hers has been giving me
ideas. I am not intending to do this instead of hand knitting it will be a
supplement, and I know that some people feel that it’s not sort of proper
knitting and it’s not the same as hand knitting and that’s no mystery
there but then again nor is crocheting, nor is weaving and I enjoy all of those
crafts, so I’m just gonna have a go. I’m not going to record me learning how to
use this thing and setting it up because I can out-swear Dundertknit, no contest
and you don’t need to hear that from me so I will set this up and give you a bit
of progress update when there’s something to show. Right it’s about two
and a half hours after I am first started I’m on about my fourth piece of
knitted fabric which is this okay, I’m happy with that. I am very grateful to
YouTube, as ever. I think I realize where I went wrong. This
vicious-looking implement is the cast on comb and I had it hooked rather than
over the stitches I had it hooked on this bar, so as the Knitting was coming
down it was sort of folding up in on itself so I’ve stopped that, obviously,
because that was the wrong thing to do, and I’m just going to tryattempt number
five. I don’t know how many attempts I’m going to have today
there is a danger of overdoing it I think I need to give myself a little
break from it and I’ve got plenty of other knitting to crochet and all sorts
of stuff to do but this is where we’re at so far. I’ll show you the fifth
attempt, if it’s any good it’s all good fun. Oh there we go –
actually there was a false attempt after the one I’ve just shown you – I’m now
beginning to get a bit of backache so it’s time for it to stop for today and
go back to it tomorrow oh what fun. Well my lovelies I’ve had another go
this morning and in the course of about an hour I’ve done the Knitting part or
the machine knitting part of this cat blanket. I was working at what to do with
these pieces that I’m trying out so I thought I’d make something big enough to
be useful to the cat’s home. I had a few problems as you can see particularly on
one side oh sorry about the angle grinding outside – my neighbour’s having a
new driveway. So I will hand finish this with crochet and sort of tuck all
these edges in, cut off any threads that I need, and tuck them all in, but yeah
about an hour 110 stitches 215 rows wouldn’t have knitted that in that time,
but that’s the point I guess. hello lovely people now I’m a bit behind
I’m very behind on watching other people’s podcast I know granny Dee’s
retelling a story at the moment I think it may be a Mark Twain so in that vein
I’m going to share with you the beginning of a Dickens classic slightly
adapted The Tale of Two beanies. It was the best of hats it was the worst of
hats it was the age of the correct gauge it was the age of looseness it was the
epoch of belief that it would fit it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the
season of light gray it was the season of dark red and green, it was the spring
of hope that it would be finished on time, it was the winter of despair that
it was no good once finished, we had all the stash before us we had nothing the
right color before us, we were all going direct to the yarn shop, we were all
going direct the other way, in short the period was so far like the
present period that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being
received for good or evil in the superlative degree of comparison only. yes that is the voice I use for funerals,
slightly worrying isn’t it, so let me talk to you of the tale of two beanies and
let’s just start by going back… excuse me moving all over…I’ve dropped me ‘eads
on the floor and for those who um haven’t been watching for very long…
welcome… last year I inherited a couple of boxes of yarn from a friend who sadly
died and I wanted to make something out of that yarn for some particular people
there are three mutual friends who… we’re all in the funeral business, that’s
that’s how we know each other and these three women
conducted the friend’s funeral amazingly wonderfully well I have been putting
together little things for their birthdays so back in I think it was in
March I made a scarf, a month or so later I made a blanket…
I finished off my friend’s blanket… she’d started to make one and I finished it
off, and the third friend has a dog, so I thought a hat for dog walking would be a
good thing, so I started to make a lovely pattern and I chose the yarn and the
yarn is sorry everything’s over to this side Whistlebeare Yeavering Bell – these
are all strange words I’m going to have to retype these on the closed captions
subtitles I think but yes so Yeavering Bell bell by Whistlebeare – it’s a 4 ply/
fingering weight yarn very soft and fluffy it’s 80% mohair 20% Wensleydale
which I always thought was cheese but there we go now. the main color for the
Hat which I’ll show you in a moment is this color here which is called water
nymph and I know this for sure because there was a label tucked into this the
other yarn I’m pretty sure is the same yarn and I think the color is the Hearth of Gethrin colorway but I could be completely wrong on that I’ve been going
on to the various websites and looking at pictures and the colors can be out of
sync so I think it’s half the different but I’m not sure but as you can see
there are bits of red in this water nymph colorway so I thought I would make
the what’s it called color dipped hat by purl Soho this is a fisherman’s rib hat
which means you knit into the stitch below so it’s a free pattern on Ravelry
and every other row you knit one below and purl and on the alternate rows you
purl on below an it so it means you end up with this
two sided color – similar to brioche in a lot of ways also in the way that you end
up doing every row twice, so yes you can see kind of how that works. Now as I was
making it, I thought “this is coming out a bit big”
I don’t swatch for hats and today is proving that I possibly should so that’s
coming out a bit big so I started to decrease a little around the turn out of
the brim I thought that would be okay I then carried on still think it’s a bit
big but thinking well maybe all shrink in a bit when I block it cuz that always
happens doesn’t it? anyway I finished this hat and as you can see it’s very
big now I could wear it I have a slightly larger than average head the
person that’s going to she’s one of these wiry athletic healthy people and she’s possibly watching this oh you are yes so she strikes me as
someone who doesn’t have a particularly large head I could be wrong I could be
completely wrong but I just thought this is going to be far too big I need to get
this in the post tomorrow because it’s her birthday and I’ve done these makes
for these friends as birthday presents for them and so it occurred to me that I
had a problem. This was very late Friday evening so I went into a slight panic mode well
I can’t send her that hat it’s ridiculous it’s just far too big and floppy and no
so I look back in the inherited stash and found some debbie bliss mia which is
a lovely double knitting weight yarn it’s 50% wool 50% cotton
I don’t know this colorway name but I’m going to call it light grey and I
thought I need to find a crochet pattern which I did, and I’ve got a very nice
crochet pattern and I’m going put a picture here and this is the
diamond ridges pattern by Kristie Ashmore – it’s based on Jared Flood’s
Koolhaus, the knitted hat which you can see by the diamond pattern
I decided… I’m gonna go with I decided to just slightly adapt things and by
slightly adapt things I mean make the pattern slightly different in as much as
the way that the… it has front post stitches in it and the way that they
cross over… again it’s a free pattern on Ravelry you can look it up at the link
in the bar below… the way that you cross the front post stitches creates an
overlap if you do it as per the pattern I have chosen to have well I’m liking to
call ( liking to call is that a sentence?) a happy alteration because I didn’t do
that and it was only when I got to about the
last row I thought this isn’t looking like other people’s now I really like
this I really like the way it works I like this kind of honeycomb effect so
although it’s not as intended I do like it
I hope Belinda does too but I finished this yesterday and it’s a lovely warm
cozy dog-walking hat got a slight slouch to it as you can see on Ethel here but
it would be possible to fold over the brim if it’s a little too long if she
prefers to wear it without the slouch so either way it will work so again this is
the diamond ridges pattern by Kristie Ashmore worked slightly differently and I
like it I like it the yarn is really nice it’s a lovely squishy texture to it
so I’m gonna get this off in the post and I really hope that she likes it and
happy birthday Belinda and I’m sorry I’m such a numpty but you knew that already.
So there we go the tale of two beanies I now have a hat I wasn’t expecting to
have and it’s very nice because I am genuinely pleased with this I love the
way the shape ias at the top I did alter it slightly again I still didn’t do a
swatch because …you know… I was running out of time by this one so I did alter
it slightly there are meant to be 20 pattern repeats and I made it 19 because
it was getting a little bit baggy possibly because of the way I was
working this pattern it would have time pulled in a little tighter had I stuck
with the original design but it fits Ethel nicely this is Ethel and that is
average woman sized head. Bert who you saw wearing the other hat earlier is a
woman’s large or man’s average so hopefully this will fit her well and
that she likes it and that it keeps her warm when she’s walking her lovely dog
oh it’s been a fun few days just to give you a bit of information on those hats
the put the other one on it’s a bit warm but so this one here, like I say, Yeavering Bell by Whistlebeare, I used just under 180 grams of… 180 meters of
the main color the water nymph and about 35 meters so 10 grams of the contrast
the red . for this hat I used 230 metres and that was on a 4 mil crochet
hook I’ve no idea what the gauges on either because I’m a bad knitter and
crocheter. I like to live dangerously. this is going in the post, this is
going in the box for winter I’m done with hats for a little while. goodness me it is warm in the middle of
a mini heatwave it’s a bit warm to wear black but that goes with the job
Hello there lovely people – I’m outside a crematorium I hope you’re not getting
too much glare thanks to this Sun and what I’m working
on it’s a combination of machine knitting and crochet and I have two
pieces with me I finished one the other day I think I showed you a yellow
blanket I was making, well I’ve… I’m gonna mess the light up with this… so I made a
yellow square and I’ve now edged it just a bit of crochet I’m gonna give it a
light press just to smooth it all out and to stop it flipping over quite so
much, so that was the first piece, then I decided to get ambitious because why
make things simple, sorry I know I am at a bit of an angle, let’s try and straighten
that up, not sure that’s any better but we’ll see, um so I thought I would try
and make a garment because I was practicing all this stuff and I felt
like I was just making things for the sake of it, and people had said to me a
knitting machine… that’ll burn through some yarn, well yes it has done, because
the amount of bits that I’ve thrown out because they’ve gone horribly wrong is
kind of proof of that. so what I thought I would do was make a sweater but I
wasn’t going to get involved in neck shaping and anything complicated, so I’ve
done two strips for the front two strips to the back and then a shorter strip for
the front and between the lengths sized strip for the back and …mmm excuse me… I
have done some of the world’s worst grafting which I’m not going to show you
on the shoulders ,why I didn’t um just keep knitting and make the front and
back strip all in one, I can only assume it’s because I was thinking like a hand
knitter not a machine knitter and was thinking, Oh, a single stripand sew
it together, that’s what I did so at the moment we have a sleeveless top with a
very wide neck and I’m doing a crochet border, so it’s a square neck, I’m doing a
crochet border and it’s only going to be a very loose casual sweater, I mean it’s
the same yarn… excuse me… that I used for the curtain which I think I showed
you last month, so basically I’m gonna have a sweater that matches my
downstairs toilet,so that’s how glamorous this is, that’s where we’re at
now. I was trying to add some sleeves on, and in theory you kind of hook the
pieces onto the needles and …it looks like I’m ironing… this is the
international code for machine knitting, and make the sleeves that way I have hit
a few problems with the machine… it’s a second hand machine and it was kind of
sold as seen and I was told it hadn’t been used for some time and there are
some bits and pieces that I’ve had to replace so I’m waiting for some parts at
the moment so I’m gonna try again once those parts are received because I think
they’ll just make it a smoother mechanism, so I’m hoping this will work
better,if I really can’t get it to work because I’d quite like to finish this
and move on to the next thing, I will make some crochet sleeves, as I say this
is just a casual, sling over top, an experiment rather than a specific
garment, so I’m trying to make something wearable out of it but it will just be
for kind of slobbing around at home or walking the dog …because white is very
practical for dog walking…I might dye it… it’s cotton so I could give it a try and do
some dyeing so that might be an option as well but that’s where we’re at at the
moment so that’s what I’m working on in this heatwave it is very warm but the
trouble is with warmth in the UK and we all moan about it because you know…oh
breeze oh oh that’s nice… umm it’s the humidity it’s not the fact that it gets
hot we know when we go to the Mediterranean on our holidays it’s
super hot, I mean firstly we’re not trying any
kind of work and wear tights and things but the humidity
is what makes it feel so uncomfortably hot here, so Mediterranean Beach bit of
breeze coming through, much drier heat much more comfortable. Te chapel that
I’m going into. although it’s in a very old building it has air conditioning and
for that we are truly grateful because tomorrow at the new crematorium which
doesn’t have air conditioning and it is very warm in there. It’s got… I think they
tried to go down the environmental route and rather than have sort of high
powered air conditioning they’ve got windows that open up like you get on
greenhouses and things and that yeah they don’t open up enough and if there’s
no breeze coming through it’s just warm air moving around, so a tad warm in
there… as I said when I came out of a ceremony the other week, it’s hard to be
dignified when you’re dripping. But I mean today aircon I was in there
yesterday very nice comfortable temperature so hopes spring that it will
be comfortable,then I’m home and back in… when I say beachwear, I don’t mean I’m
swanning around in a bathing suit, but kind of shorts vest top – clothes I don’t
normally leave the house in but I’m much got more comfortable – certainly if
someone knocks at the door it’s better than me working in my underwear and no…
so there’s an image you don’t need as well… so yeah that’s what I’m working on
in the car at the moment so I’m gonna do a few more rows of this crochet neck to
bring it in, it hasn’t come through as long as I was expecting
so once I’ve decided what I’m doing with the sleeves I will also do a long
crochet hem effectively still in the same stitch, so these are just treble
crochet English terms double crochet u.s. terms and yeah I’ll just do that
until I get to the length I require or the cone of yarn runs out. I do have
quite a bit of this stuff these are these cones that
bought when a yarn shop closed last… two years ago now
no, the yarn shop didn’t close the yarn company did. and they bought
bankrupt stock, so that’s kind of where we’re at and I’m going to have to sit
outside of my car because I’m looking rather undignified I feel. Hello lovely people in the last bit of footage
I showed you when I was in the car I was working on this which is the knitted
pieces that I’ve seamed together and then I’m doing a bit of work on the neck
you can see this wasn’t really planned or designed it was just kind of guessed
at, so I’m gonna do another few rounds here just to pull this all in a bit and
then see where we go from there so that’s that.
I didn’t buy any yarn this month but I did buy some fiber which you probably
spotted at the beginning. I went with my mate Mandy to a makers’ fair… now this is
all kinds of crafts…there were some yarns there but also jewelry makers,
woodworkers, potters, people who work in glass and the main exhibitor is an
ironmonger so lots of garden statuary and that sort of thing
so lots of lovely stuff including some fiber by the wonderful Jo of… hopefully
that will focus please focus… lime green jelly …that’s better
now Jo used to live near where I live and she started the knitting group that
I go to but she now lives elsewhere in the country – she is an amazing spinner
dyer, weaver, she’s doing patchwork at the moment she is an incredibly creative
person and although she lives in different part of the country she comes
back for this particular event, and last year I bought some of… no two years ago, I
bought some of her yarn and last year… this year I bought some fiber now the
whole… my mate Mandy… the room that Jo was exhibiting in was incredibly hot and
the venue is a nursery and by that I mean a plant nursery rather than a
children’s nursery so Mandy went to look at the plants
while I was chatting with Jo, we then stopped for a cooling glass of lemonade
and it was very busy so we asked these other two ladies if we could share a
table. Mandy said what you bought, so I showed her these she did the Princess
Leia thing and um the lady who was sharing a table said,,, Star Wars looks more
like Phantom Menace and I’d like to apologize to Mandy for laughing quite as
heartily as I did but it was funny I’m sorry. She did ask me afterwards – is that
what my life has come to being insulted by strangers? and I couldn’t help but
think – yeah but only because she was quicker than I was. S we have some very
pretty fiber I’ve got three braids this first
one is merino it’s 101 grams and you can see lots of
lovely yellows colors are showing up pretty well lovely deep magenta a
pinky mauve color thier orange – so lovely and bright so I’ll be looking
forward to spinning that at some point, I picked up a braid of a lovely Reds… my
color… and I picked up a braid of red red red red red and I said to Jo – come on
I’m a newbie spinner, what would be the best thing to choose or the best
things to avoid – she said don’t choose that one and that was one I picked up, so
I put that back and got this lovely one instead
so Reds again into kind of purples bit of black in there and this fiber is
BFL there’s 99 grams of BFL here and finally this beautiful thing is and
it’s not something I’d heard of before humbug BFL- now I’ve done a bit of research and humbug is different and shades of BFL
together and you can see hopefully, that it’s putting those lovely dark streaks
in so you get a real kind of contrast in
amongst all these fabulous colors now Jo has an Etsy shop and I’ll put the
details in the.. in the instructions? in the the notes below
but yes she is the dyer behind lime green jelly and these bits of
gorgeousness will be spun at some point I feel that I haven’t broken my shopping
embargo because they’re not fiber… they’re not yarn …yet they will be one
day so that’s them um the thing that I’ve been working on fairly monogamously
this month is the test knit that I’m doing for Nidhi Kansal who is Knidhiknits
and it’s her Aadya, and again I hope I’m pronouncing that right, sweater it’s a
thing of gorgeousness now I have her permission to talk about it on the
podcast I know sometimes with test knits the designers want to keep them under
wraps until everything is is being released so I double-checked with her
she said I was fine to talk about it on the podcast. I’ll put a picture here
first of all of the finished item her original picture and this so far is my
version now it’s a fingering weight sweater and I’m making the 62 inch
actual size chest size so there’s a lot of knitting involved, normally when I
make sweaters they tend to be double knitting weight at least but this is
just gorgeous, so run through it very briefly it’s a top down Raglan
as you can see, short rows on the back neck give it a bit of a right sort of
shape at the back and you can also see there’s a couple of sort of tram lines
going down and these echo the tram lines which are
either side of the pattern at the front and… let me just see if I can put
something in there to show up because it’s a lace and cable pattern, none of
this has been blocked yet but you can see
that there’s a lovely pattern in there on the sleeve and I’ve done one of the
sleeves so far. I tend to do sleeves first after I’ve done the yoke
traditionally, this was always because I didn’t know how much yarn I would have
and so I would do the sleeves and then make a decision on the body to add a
block of another color perhaps adjust the length of the garment depending on
how much yarn. I have never had to make a garment this short, thankfully, but but
yeah by doing the sleeves first I knew what I had left was for the entire body,
so I’ve done one of the sleeves… having said that, I think I’m gonna have enough…
I have got some black 4 ply fingering weight yarn if I need to for the hem, but
I think I’m gonna have enough, so we’ve got a bit of a band of that same lace
and cable pattern or the sleeve and then it goes down to an icord bind off and a
button loop so that’ll be done up by button so it’s quite a close-fitting
sleeve which is exactly as I like them because I don’t like flappy bits, yeah so
that’s where we are, like I say none of it’s blocked at the moment so it’s not
showing its full glory. I have made mistake after mistake on this to be
honest and had to rip it back and it’s nothing to do with the pattern it is
entirely to do with me, I think my basic problem was I got stitch gauge but not
row gauge so row gauge was I think 10 rows per inch something like that I had
fewer rows per inch so I had to do some reworking for the yoke, and I think
that’s possibly why it’s looking a little bit puckered in places because I
had to do more regular increases, but I’m fairly confident that that will all
block nicely, at no point did I think to myself “sleeve length, Les, how’s that
gonna work out ?” So I had done about 90 possibly even 100 rows of
sleeve and I suddenly thought that’s not gonna work is it that’s gonna be far too
long so I had to work it out and rip it back and it is entirely my own
fault, I only have myself to blame… on the plus side because of the way the gauge
was working I had fewer rows to work second time around so… had I ….had my gauge
been the other way around I could have just extended those
decreases I had left and made the sleeves longer but I was going at it
completely the wrong way I would have had sleeves kind of here ,so I would have
had flappy bits and then a button at the end, that would not be good, so I had to
rip it back, basically to the pattern and then just work it down again, like I say,
nothing wrong with the pattern and the way it’s writtem, entirely me, just not
thinking… story of my life, so yes it’s been a bit of a month of things going
wrong really, what with the tale of the two hats and me having to rip this back,
and I’d like to think I’ve learned from these experiences and won’t make the
same mistakes again, but you and I both know that that’s probably not the case Had I just been knitting this for myself
not as a test knit, I probably would have fudged it more and perhaps only ripped
back half of the sleeve and then adjusted so it would have had a slightly
kind of leg-of-mutton shape to it but you can block out anything can’t you… but
because it is a test knit I wanted to do it properly so ripped it back – didn’t
take that long to make the sleeve it’s all fine, so second sleeve to go then the
body. I’ve got until the end of August or very close to the end of August, so it
shouldn’t be too much of a problem, it’s fairly quiet… this is going to be famous
last words… it’s relatively quiet workwise at the
moment, this is good this means not many people are dying, and it also means I
have more time at home, to knit. It means I’m not earning any
money if I’m not working but yeah we have contingencies when you’re
self-employed you have to don’t you,so that’s kind of where we’re at, so I’m
hopeful that I’ll get the second sleeve done fairly quickly, and then just work
down for the body I’m really enjoying it. The yarn is stranded dye works MCN in
the house red colorway, now there’s possibly a bit more variegation in here
than his normal. Amy very kindly gave me some ends of batches and things like
that and she said you’ll have to alternate skeins because they weren’t
as consistent as a batch of her yarn would be and that’s fine – I mean it’s all
absolutely perfect stuff it’s just when you work in one against another… if you
were getting a sweater quantity from her from one update it would be more
consistent and she has very high standards so these are balls and skeins
that didn’t go in the shop because she felt they weren’t quite where they
should be on the color range. I love them I absolutely love them and the feel of
it is just beautiful the initial pattern required a woolly a yarn so a lot of
people are using Holst and more sort of rustic yarns I just love this so this is
what I’ve chosen, so that’s that, so with a bit of luck next month well you’ll
certainly see the second sleeve you’ll see quite a bit of the body you may even
see it finished that would be a good thing, you’ll certainly see as much done
as I need for the tests to meet Nidhi’s criteria so that that is not a problem,
but just really happy with how it’s coming out so I’ve been working fairly monogamously
on this along with a bit of machine knitting as you’ve seen… hello… that’s
probably going to continue because I’d like to get as much done as I can before
the deadline. I could say ideally I’d finish it well, one thing I forgot to
show you, I called bind off on the sleeves, so yeah yes I’d like to get this
finished or as close to it as I can by the end of August so in terms of
knitting, chances are this is all you’re gonna see next month, unless I get a real
crack on and start working on other things as well but this is where we’re
at. So that’s it the end of July, apologies for any kind of extraneous
noise, we we’re in the middle of very warm weather had our hottest ever day
yesterday, and I think it was possibly nationally the hottest ever day, and I
spent most of the afternoon in the garden … in the shade
today is 10 degrees cooler but still quite warm and so we’ve got windows open so
hence noise hopefully it’s not too distracting for you. I think that’s it
for July so again as always thank you so much for watching thank you for spending
your time with me I love having you here please do comment tell me what you’re up
to I love the interaction so in all the comments below please do, just if you’d
like to no obligation, but if you’d like to say hi
any thoughts you’ve made, if you’ve made some of the similar patterns just …you
know be great to hear from you, and have a great month August what does that have
in store? A visit from family – got my niece and her partner and his little girls
coming to stay for a weekend so that should be good fun quite a bit of
drumming a few carnivals and that sort of thing, yeah so just more of the same I
hope that things are going well with you …what have I done to my hair …what have I
done to my…I hope that things are going well with you and that you have time to
knit that you take joy in the things that you do and that you have a good
month and I hope to see you at the end of August thanks again take care bye bye