the linen knit stitch pattern in two
colors Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen today we are knitting up this two color linen knit
stitch pattern using two colors of yarn this unique and intricate knit stitch
pattern really pops it creates a beautiful flat thin piece of knitting
similar to linens looking at the right side of our two color linen knit stitch
pattern the two different yarn colors really helps the details of this pattern
really pop and you’ll see when we flip to the wrong side that this is not a
reversible pattern because there is a distinct difference in what the front
and the back or the wrong side of our work looks like for the written pattern
I have everything over on my website that is linked down below and if you’re
interested in a PDF that is printable this stitch is included in my knit
stitch pattern book which is available for purchase over on Etsy and my knit
stitch pattern book does have the three color linen stitch included the written
instructions for that as well oh and if you’re interested in just simply doing
the linen stitch with one color I have a great video for you on that and if you’d
like you can also pin this to your Pinterest board I have a link to that as
well so let’s get started we begin with our beloved Slip Knot and we’re casting
on an odd number of stitches so odd numbers that’s one three five seven and
onward and I am going to be casting on in my example here 25 stitches but you
can cast on any odd number you’d like now our pink yarn is going to be COLOR A
in this example so with color A and Row ONE begin right between those asterisks there that K1 knit one and then you bring your yarn to the front you’ll see over
in the instructions you’re slipping one purlwise so you put your needle in as if
to purl but just slip that stitch and then you are going to take your working
yarn and bring it to the back in between the asterisks means you repeat the
pattern to the end so next it’s this knitting one now we bring the yarn to
the front and we’re going to slip 1 purlwise and bring our yarn to the back
we are repeating this really simple pattern all the way down to the very
last stitch here where our yarn is in the back and you’ll see k1 after the
asterisk that means that is your last little stitch on row 1
alright really simple so continuing with color A pink Row 2 is slipping 1
purlwise and it looks like I’m a little out of
focus here let’s try and bring it back the yarn is in the front and we’re
purling 1 ok doing better here the yarn is now in the back now again we repeat
in the asterisks so we’re slipping 1 purlwise bringing our working yarn here
to the front and then we’re going to purl right here and we finish this
little repeat up with bringing our yarn to the back we continue on and you’ll
see at the very end after bringing our yarn to the back
we simply slip one stitch that is row 2 this is how our first two rows are
looking with color a the pattern isn’t really showing itself yet but using the
two colors really helps so now we’re changing yarn colors we’re taking color
B – white and we are simply beginning with a knit one and then you take your
working yarn and the yarn comes to the front and you’ll see in row three here
we’re slipping purl wise we bring our yarn here to the back and we repeat this pattern now let’s get on a little secret
here rows 1 & 2 are identical to rows 3 & 4 the only difference is our yarn
color so everything I’m showing you here on Row 3 & 4 we just completed with pink
it’s totally identical and so here on row 3 after we finish this up then our
pattern is starting to emerge a little bit you’ll see that we have every other
yarn color on our working needle when we’re done so here is how it’s looking
we have the white color be starting it out finishing it up and now on row 4 we
begin by slipping 1 purlwise we are still working with color B right now and
then we bring our yarn to the front we’re going to purl 1 and then we bring
our yarn to the back and we continue this pattern all the way to the end of
our knitting needle and I want to show you that when you’re done with row 4
it’s all going to be color B so it’s all white at the end of row 4 and at the end
all we have to do is slip 1 and you’ll just repeat rows 1 2 3 & 4 by carrying your yarn color up the side is a really simple so you don’t need to be weaving
in any yarn colors from changing your yarn and here is how our pretty linen
stitch with the two colors is beginning to emerge this is what the wrong side
the back side looks like it looks like a bunch of little colorful pearls and
again right here on the right side of our work of the linen stitch just keep
repeating until your piece is the length that you desire I hope you are inspired
to knit up the two color linen stitch thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you next time, Guys. BYE!