Lilo & Stitch – The Fight scene (Eu Portuguese)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! AAAAAAH! Blah Ew! Lilo! Rooah! Rooah! Rooah! Rrrh! Rooah! Why didn’t you wait at school?
You should have waited there! Lilo! Do you not understand? Do you want them to take you away from here? Answer me! – No!
– No, you don’t understand? – No!
– No, what? Noooooo! You’re so annoying! Oh, then sell me and buy a rabbit for my place At least rabbits behave better than you do You bet! They’re much better
because they’re way smarter than me! And they don’t scream! You’d like them because they stink like you! Go to your roooooooom! I’m already in my room! – Aaaaah!
– Aaaaah! Hey… I brought you pizza
You must be hungry We’re a broken family, aren’t we? No! A little… maybe… Or a lot… I shouldn’t have yelled at you We’re sisters
That’s the way sisters are – Yes but from now on…
– I like you better as a sister than as a mother Yes…? You like me better as a sister than a rabbit, don’t you? Oh, oh, oh! Yes Yes, of course Today I hit my friend Mertle You what? Before I bit her You bit her?! – You shouldn’t…
– People think I’m weird… They don’t know what they’re saying You know what? If you promise not to hit anyone I promise not to yell at you again
Only on special occasions On Tuesdays and official holidays would be good – It would, wouldn’t it?
– Ahahahah! Oh! The film is already full They’re beautiful A falling star! I saw it! I saw it! Get out, get out!
I have to make a wish! Can’t you leave faster? Oh no! Gravity hit me! – No, it didn’t!
– Yes, it did. The same thing happened yestterday What a stupid sister!
You’re crushing me. Get out! – Why are you so weird?!
– Ooh! Hi, it’s me again I need someone to be my friend Someone who won’t run away from me You could send me an angel! The best angel you have