Layer Cakes – Brand New to Quilting Series – Quilting Tutorial

Hi I’m Sarah from Missouri Star Quilting
Company! Welcome to our series, Brand New to Quilting. 
Today we are going to talk about layer cakes and this is a layer cake we’re not actually
going to be talking about cooking or chocolate or food, this is a ten inch square and it
is one piece of fabric from the entire line. These are really cool because you can do so
many things with it; this was one of my favorite things when I first started falling in love
with fabric.  You can cut them diagonally you can cut them into strips you can cut them
into squares there are so many cool things to do. They even have little ideas you can do on
the back it’s really cool, go ahead and check them out, look at our site, we have
a ton of them, and they’re awesome. I actually want to show you guys a project
that we did with two of these and we made a huge quilt, so if you buy two of these,
you can get them for 30 to 35 dollars, so you’re looking at 60 to 70 dollars for a
top. That is a totally a great way to go because
you get a variety, you’re not just stuck with one thing, I mean it’s perfect. So
come look and see at the project we did because it’s really cool. This is the quilt I wanted to show you, we
used two layer cakes, we put it together, it went together really fast, we cut one of
the layer cakes into fours and put it all diagonal it’s kind of just made it scrappy
and fun. I love this line this is 1974 by Urban Chicks,
it’s so cute, it’s just bright and fun, it’s a huge quilt it goes together really
fast so click on over to the shop check out what layer cakes we have, and hey maybe watch
the deal of the day because you never know, you might get one.