LATTICE CABLE Knit Stitch Pattern

The Lattice Stitch. Hi, Guys! I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio Knit. Nothing says cozy like cable stitches. This week’s new Lattice Cable pattern, it
reveals a diagonal interlocked design with a simple 8 row repeat. It’s a fun project for experienced knitters,
as well as great practice for those new to cabling. And I want to show you what the wrong side
of the work looks like. It really looks really pretty, too, showing
off this vertical wiggle pattern. I have the full, written pattern on my website,
where I also have a PDF printable pattern where if you join my mailing list, you can
go ahead and download that right now. It also is great to save this to Pinterest,
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stitch would be a fun one, please go ahead and hit LIKE, it really helps me out. For our materials, I am using worsted weighted
yarn, you can use any yarn or needle size, mine here is size 7. You also will need a cable needle. You can use the more traditional cable needle. I personally like using this double pointed
needle and I painted it pink on either side. As well as scissors and a tapestry needle. So let’s get right into it. We begin by creating our beloved slip knot. And we are going to be casting on in mulitples
of 6. I’m using the long tail cast on method here
and we cast on 6 stitches and then we continue casting on in multiples of 6 until you have
the desired number of stitches on your needle for the width of your project. It’s totally up to you. We’re going to begin with these two starter
rows. So, it’s just really simple series of knits
and purls. So the first starter row here, it is knitting
4 and then after you knit those 4 stitches, go ahead and purl 2 stitches. The second row, again it’s just knits and
purls and it is going to be 2 stitches in the knit stitch, which is K2 and then we bring
our yarn around to the front because we have 4 purl stitches. Now, again, these are starter rows, so we
are not going to be repeating these rows, we just get these rows going to get our cable
started and then we are going to launch into our actual cable pattern that you repeat. Now here are how our starter rows look and
it is time to do the cable pattern. I have this little cable needle here that
I like to use, it’s a double pointed needle I painted it pink so you can differentiate
it from my regular main knitting needles and we’re going to slip 2 to the back. So, that’s what SL2 is slipping 2 stitches
and B means back, so we’re holding it to the back. We’re going to be doing this throughout the
video, so you’ll definitely get the hang of it if this is new to you. Having that cable needle in the back, we are
knitting 2 stitches off our main knitting needle. And now it’s time to pay that cable needle
a little bit of attention. And we are going to then knit 2 stitches off
of our cable needle. So, we just go right on in there and it can
be a little cumbersome holding three knitting needles if it’s something you’re not used
to do, especially if you’re doing it on camera. Okay, and then this repeat it’s between the
asterisks so it is 6 stitches total, so you’ll see that we’re finishing up the repeat with
purling 2. And then you just continue this pattern of
slipping it back all the way down the row until you finish it up and here on row 2,
all of our even rows are going to be really simple knits and purls. And so on here row 2 this is the wrong side
and it is going to be those 2 knit stitches and then finising up our series of 6 with
purling 4 stitches. Okay, let’s see how everything looks when
we are done with row 2. And already our cables are starting to take
shape, so cute they look like little ocean waves there on the bottom. And we’re going to continue. So, here on row 3 we’re going to begin with
purling 2. Now, you’ll see the asterisks starts after
the purl 2, so that just means that we do these P2, and then the repeat begins between
the asterisks. So now we’re going to knit the 2 stitches
between the asterisks, begin the repeat pattern of those 6 stitches that we repeat all the
way down. So, after knit 2, you slip and you hold to
the back and we’re going to knit 2 stitches off of our main needle and the cable needle
on the back we take that and we bring our yarn to the front because now we are going
to actually purl off of that cable needle. So, that’s a little bit different than what
we did on row 1, here we are purling off of the cable needle. And we continue between the asterisks those
6 stitches until we get to the very end. And then we finish it up with 4 knit stitches. Now row 4, again, all the even rows are just
really simple knits and purls and so we have the purl 4 and we just sort of start with
purl 4 and get that out of the way and then we begin with our repeat of 6 stitches and
between the asterisks there, that is knitting 2, so 1 and 2. And then we bring our yarn around to the front
because we have purling to do. We have purling 4 stitches, so that’s 1, 2,
3, and 4 and we continue those 6 stitches all the way down the row until we get to the
final 2 stitches here on our knitting needle and we just finish it up right here with 2
knit stitches. And we’re half way done, guys! So, let’s see how that’s looking. You can see that the cable, the little crisscross
of the lattice is starting to show. So, let’s go right into row 5. We begin with an asterisks so we have the
repeat starting immediately and that is purling 2 stitches. Now this time it’s slipping 2 to the front,
that’s SL2F is slipping two onto our needle and holding it in the front. So with our main needle, holding that cable
one in the front, we are going to be knitting off of our main needle. And sort of balancing everything as we go. And after we complete those 2 stitches on
the main needle, we are going to bring our cable needle over and we are going to knit
two stitches off of this cable needle here, which I have in pink, so we know it’s our
cable needle. And we complete these 6 stitches repeating
them all the way down the row, getting some more cabling going on and once we hit row
6, again it’s that even row, it is simply knitting and purling and so it’s a repeat
with purling 4 and then knitting 2 and doing that all the way down the row. Okay, let’s see how it’s shaping up! Our cables, our lattice, are definitely taking
shape, so let’s go right into Row 7 and we start out with knitting 4 and again that’s
just getting that out of the way, knitting 4 and then we go into the 6 stitch repeat
between the asterisks, so it’s SL2F, that means we’re slipping two to the front. Now, we’re going to be purling off of our
main needle, so just take your time if anything starts to get a little bit confusing or holding
the three needles simultaneously is new to you, just take your time with it and then
bring your yarn around to the back because off of our cable needle it is knitting two
stitches off the cable needle. And we finish up our 6 stitch repeat by simply
knitting 2 stitches and we repeat this pattern between the asterisks until we get to the
very end of our row. And then it’s just finishing it up with purling
2 stitches. And now on our final row, row 8 we knit two
and the repeat is going to be between the asterisks, it is simply purling 4 knitting
2 and doing that all the way down the row until we hit our final 4 stitches and we’re
going to purl four at the very end. And we just continue repeating these 8 rows
until your work is the length you desire. And I hope you are inspired to knit up this
Lattice Cable knit stitch pattern it definitely is a fun one it’s a great one to sort of understand
how all the cables work together bringing that cable needle to the front and back. So please SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you haven’t. I have all the links down below in the description,
I have more cable knit stitches, as well, to check out. So, I’ll see you next time, guys. Bye!