Knitting Help – Weaving in Ends in Garter Stitch

I’m going to demonstrate how to weave in
ends in garter stitch. Garter stitch being knit every row, so you
have a bumpy, textured fabric. Let’s go ahead and take a look. Here is a garter stitch sample. And the end that I’ve already woven in is
right here, and you cannot tell. It is invisible, which is what we want! We
want it secure, and invisible. So, I have this end to weave in yet, but for
the sake of demonstration, I’m going to use a different color of yarn. I’ll just weave it in right in the middle
of the work. Why not. Um, in my regular Weaving in Ends video, I
show you how to weave in ends on reverse stockinette. Meaning that the knit side is the right side,
and we weave in the end on the wrong side of the work. Garter stitch doesn’t look all that different
from reverse stockinette. But it does have the purl bumps, and the knit
stitches between the purl bumps. But we’re going to ignore the knit stitches
between the purl bumps. That actually makes this pretty easy. So the technique is the same. And I’ll give
you a link here to my weaving in ends video – weaving in ends in reverse stockinette video. We still work with what I call umbrellas and
smiles, umbrellas and smiles. Okay? And I’m going to start here in the corner,
and go up through a smile, and up through an umbrella. Which is just a little bit over to the right
from the smile. Okay, now we’re ready to go. Right next to where I came out is an umbrella.
I’m going to follow that umbrella around, and go down into the smile right next to it. I’m going to angle my needle to the left,
and go down into the umbrella just to the left and below the smile I went through. Okay. Now I came out the bottom here, and just to
the right of where I came out, there is a smile. Take the tip of my needle, and just for guidance,
follow that smile around, and go up into the umbrella next to it. Then I angle my needle to the left, and go
up into the smile, up and to the left of that. You’ll start to see a pattern here, I swear!
[laughs] I’m going to follow the umbrella around,
go down into the smile, angle my needle to the left, go down into the umbrella. Follow the smile around, go up into the umbrella,
angle my needle to the left, go up into the smile. Follow it around, down, down. Follow it around, up, up. And you see what we’re getting here. Kind
of this figure 8, Christmas candy shape to it, and it is obvious to see out of this other
color of yarn, but again, it is nearly invisible when you’re weaving in the end of the same
color. And that’s it! Weaving in ends in garter
stitch. [music]