Knitting Help – Adding Fringe

We’re going to talk a little bit about adding
fringe to scarves, or anything else. And when I say “fringe” I mean these little
yarn ends here on the bottom of this scarf. I’m only about half way finished, so I’m
going to demonstrate how to work this now. Let’s take a look. In case you’re interested, this scarf is
called the One Row Scarf Pattern by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, she’s also known as The Yarn
Harlot. This is a free pattern that’s a really nice
way to show off a pretty yarn. Because it’s simple, so that the beauty
of the yarn really shows through. And the yarn that I’m using is Malabrigo
Worsted, 100% wool, colorway Déjà vu. Okay. So first up, I need to cut these fringes,
and I have a six strand fringe going here, which means I’m going to cut three and double
it over. And it’s nice to have a piece of cardboard
the length you want it, or my little ruler here that has a needle gauge in it. I make almost all of my fringe this long and
trim it, because this thing is just so handy. I’m going to wrap once, twice, whoops. Three
times. And then break the yarn and cut this end. So now I have three strands that are ready
to go. I’m going to fold them over and that’s
going to give me the six strands. Let’s get back to the scarf here. You don’t have to know how to crochet to
do this, but it’s helpful to have a crochet hook for this. And we’re just going to use this as a tool,
without really crocheting with it. And I’m going to come in – I think the
fringe looks good here at the end of the knit through the back loop stitches. So I’m going to come from the back to the
front here, right at that spot. And you don’t – you can go from front
to back, as long as you’re consistent across the row. I’ve been going from back to front. So I fold these over, get them as even as
possible, get that on the hook, and pull it through. Okay, now I can take the hook away. I’ll open up that loop big enough for my
fingers, grab those other ends, and try to keep it kind of straight and pull that through. Tighten it up, and be careful here because
this is decorative. I think when I was a kid, I learned that this
knot is called a “lark’s head” in macramé. [laughs] I could be mis-remembering. Well, now I have my fringe like this, and
to make it match up, take a bigger pair of scissors and get that to match up. And I’ll probably go across and like trim
the bangs all the way across to make sure they’re all neat once I have the whole thing
done. And this is how it looks from the front, it’s
almost the same. You see, this scarf is entirely reversible,
it’s awesome. It’s almost the same from the back, but
you can tell the back from the front. That’s why I say be consistent across the
row. That’s it. How to add fringe! [music]