knit stitch patterns using knit and purl and welcome to studio knit I want to
take a moment to talk a little bit about patterns there are lots of knitting
patterns out there and what I’m talking about today are knit stitch patterns and
what this is is with a series of knits and purls there are actually different
textures shapes all kinds of really cool things that now you are equipped to do
with your knitting and purling making them into knit stitch patterns so I just
wanted to take a moment to let you know now what is available to you with all of
the information that you have all of the experience that you have now knitting
and purling is paying off because you’re gonna be able to make all these cool
things so let me show you a few of the knit stitch patterns with knits and
purls that you are going to be able to knit right now let’s first take a look
at the two knit stitch patterns you’ve already been creating when you are
knitting every row in your knitting swatch you are creating the most basic
knit stitch pattern the Garter stitch when you are knitting one row and then
purling the next you are creating the stockinette knit stitch pattern I’m
going to share some of my favorite beginning knit stitch patterns that
require just these two techniques knitting and purling I’ll have links to
the video tutorials and written pattern instructions in the description below
here is the one by one rib stitch pattern and the thicker 2×2 rib stitch
pattern the reverse rib stitch pattern has a stretchy rib pattern and it’s
horizontally rather than vertically if you’re enjoying learning about knit
stitch patterns to be a favor like up this video it really helps me out and
here are two really popular knit and purl stitch patterns the seed stitch it
creates a really pretty and sturdy piece of
knitting the Irish moss stitch also called the American moss stitch it’s
similar to the seed stitch but it has a thicker texture the basket weave is
really impressive it looks like your pattern is actually woven like a basket
but it’s really just a combination of knit and purl stitches row after row the
waffle stitch it also has a really fun texture and syrup is optional a couple
more fun ones are the caterpillar stitch because the raised purl stitches make it
look like a little caterpillar shape here and the chevron stitch is really
cool you can see the zigzag pattern from those raised purl stitches make sure to
click the links down below and check out your favorite knit stitch patterns I’ll
be adding in more fun knit and purl stitch patterns in the playlist soon as
well action item of the day keep knitting keep purling mix it up a little
bit have fun with it this is just a little knitted swatch there’s no right
or wrong you are practicing right now and next week we are going to finish up
the series learning how to bind off weave in your ends and finish your first
knitted piece we’ll also take a look at knitting projects and now it’s time to
check off day 12 already in your knitting series planner so used to fir
excited some people totally geek out on knit stitch patterns and I have lots of
really fun ones some more advanced ones as well on my channel and really the
it’s limitless like the ways of creating patterns are just it’s totally limitless
and then you can include different colors and it’s just crazy so anyway I
hope this has been helpful for you to kind of understand a little bit about
knit stitch patterns and some of the possibilities that are open to you now
that you know how to do all these cool things thanks so much you guys if you
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and I’ll see you next time guys bye