Katie’s Quilt – Make an Easy Quilt with Precut Fabric

Hi I’m Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt
Company. Sometimes as a Grandmother you get special
requests and my little granddaughter Katie wanted a new quilt, for her new bed, in her
new house. So this was the quilt I came up with. This is a great little quilt. Looks
much harder than it is! Wait till you see how easy this goes together. This right is
one 4-patch, this is four 4-patches, and this sashing block is all we used to bring them
together. And wherever they meet hey form a star. So, it’s just a great little sashing
block, great little idea for a great quilt. Let me show
you how to do this. I used this line from Riley Blake to make these blocks. It’s obviously
not finished yet, but it shows you how those star points just pop. Depending on the fabric
you use it will give you a different look with your quilts. So let’s take a closer look at this quilt
and how to do it. We’re going to take our 4-patches. Now on these 4-patches I have a
great tutorial called scrappy 4-patch, and the link for that will be in the description,
and you guys will be able to put this together. You never have to cut a little piece. It’s
just all done very easily, so, check out that tutorial on how to make a scrappy 4-patch
quick and easy. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to have the 4-patches and
then we’re going to have our 16-patch, which is just four 4-patches sewn together. Then what we’re going to do is we’re going
to make these sashing blocks. Now the sashing block is just whatever color sashing it is
and then we’ll snowball the corners. So when you snowball the corners you’re going
to take a 2 ½” square, and you’re going to put them on each corner. Every single corner
has a snowball square. So, I’ll show you how to do that. I’m
going to take my little 2 ½” square, and I’m going to come over here and press it
in half. That’s going to give me a line to sew on. And I’m going to go ahead and
take this over to the sewing machine and sew this down. So here we go. Now with these corners, because the corners
are going to overlap to make star points you just want to. Let me just get this out of
the way for right now. You’re only going to be able to do two at a time. So, we’re
going to put another one on here. Right like that, line it up, and then sew on that corner. When you make these snowball blocks, you’re
going to want to trim these corners before you put the next two on. So, I lay my ruler,
and I put my ¼” on my ruler, on the stitch line, and I’m just going to cut off that
corner, and cut off this corner. Whoops got that backwards. There we go ¼” on the stitch
line, cut off the corner. Then we’re going to press those open. Now this one I just ran it over I didn’t
even set that seam. So I need to go back and set that seam because it just went right under
the wrong way. We don’t want that to happen. OK, so now we’re going to go ahead and finish
the other two corners. And you’ll notice when you put them on that it’s going to
overlap a little bit right here. And you want that because you want a start point like this.
So this is the whole quilt! These 4-patches and this block right here. So when you go to put these together you’re
going to put a 4-patch and the block, a 4-patch and the block. You’re going to make long
rows of this like this, a 4-patch and the block. Just a long row, then your next row
is going to be your 8-patch together like this, I mean your 16-patch together, and you’re
going to have these on either side. Like this and you’re just going to make rows of those.
So you have another 16-patch over here and another block. So, you’ll have these two rows going. So,
see here, this is the sashing block, the 4-patch, the sashing block, the 4-patch. And your next
row is your 16-patch, your sashing block, your 16-patch, your sashing block. And when
you put them all together what you get is a row that looks like this. These are the
two rows together. You can see where they start to come together here we’ve got the
bottom half of the star. So, as you add these quilts to these rows,
every place they meet up like this, you’re going to see this star popping out of there.
So, it just makes a really fun and easy quilt, and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, on this
star sashing, from the Missouri Star Quilt Company