July Makes and August Plans- Contemporary, Historical, and Home Sewing

Hi everybody, and welcome to my July makes
and August plans. I moved in June, so I didn’t get as much sewing
done as I wanted to in June and July. I spent a lot of time unpacking, and doing
things around the house, making minor repairs, things like that. But, the sewing that I did get done in July
I did in only two weekends, so I feel like I got a lot done in the time that I did spend
sewing. As far as contemporary makes go, I only made
one thing, but I can say with full confidence it is my new favorite contemporary piece I
have ever made. And those are these French terry jean shorts
that I’m wearing right now. And I’ll put some more footage of them in
there. But these are so comfy because they’re stretchy,
they have pockets on the front and on the back. I got the French terry from a store called
Surge Fabric Shop, and French terry is really coming into popularity right now. Uniqlo just released something they’re calling
the EZY Jean, which from what I can see online is a pair of full length jeans made from French
terry. So I’m excited to be on trend with these,
as well as they’re SO comfortable, way more comfortable than all my other jean shorts,
and I plan on wearing them pretty much exclusively for the rest of the summer whenever I’m wearing
shorts. I bought jean topstitching thread and put
it in my double needle and I feel like that just made the perfect touch with this French
terry to make them really look like a true pair of denim jeans. It’s no surprise that they’re my new favorite
because my old favorite contemporary make was using the same pattern. The pattern was once upon a time, started
out as Simplicity 1444, but I changed almost everything to it. Um, so, my previous favorite contemporary
make were these floral shorts that I made back in April, out of a liverpool fabric I
got from fabric.com. And I used the same pattern to make these
denim shorts and just added the back pockets as well, so, I’m really happy with that pattern. It goes to show when you spend the time and
the effort altering a pattern to fit your body, and you make a lot of “muslins”, and
really do things right, you’re going to love whatever you make, no matter what! My historical makes usually take me a couple
months to do, so, I never really have a whole, one, complete project for a single month,
but I did make significant progress on my English gown that I’m making using a Tudor
Tailor pattern. And that was to tackle the paned and puffed
sleeves. So you can see it right behind me. Um, these sleeves have been hanging over my
head for a long time, because they were very intimidating, they have 9 pattern pieces,
there are only over 20 individual pieces of fabric in a single sleeve! Plus all the trimming that I sewed on, there’s
a lot of hand sewing. I did not find the directions that came with
the pattern clear at all, so it took me a lot of work and a lot of mock-ups to be able
to understand how the sleeves went together. So I’m so glad I finally have it out of the
way. You can see that it’s not completely done,
I still have to sew on the panes. These are actually just pinned on, but I spent
3 hours last night trying to figure out what order the panes went on in, and where they’re
placed, because in the pattern, there’s no indication like notches on the pattern of
where you’re supposed to place the panes. So I spent 3 hours doing that last night. I think I finally have it figured out, and
they should be sewn on really quickly. For home decor, I made some drop cloth curtains
for my living room. And that was more of a painting project than
a sewing project because um I spent most of my time painting them, but I did do a little
bit of sewing, so, still counts! I’m not fully in love with these curtains
yet, and I’m not sure if it’s because all of the sudden I have color in my living room
when I didn’t have any color in it before, or if it’s just lingering frustrations from
all of the setbacks that I had while I was making them. But I’m not completely in love with them although
they are growing on me. Please let me know in the comments below your
honest opinion of these curtains because my sister said that she really liked them, so,
if I decide that I don’t want them up any more then I can always give them to her and
make a new set. The other little home decor project that I
did this month was an embroidery project. Um, I’m sure everyone has seen the little
embroidery hoops that people put on walls, with usually a floral wreath around them and
some sort of sassy or cute saying in the middle. So I decided I wanted to do one of those. And I finished the floral part of it! And then my dog decided that she missed me
too much, and she ate it. Uh, luckily she only really destroyed the
hoop, so, the embroidery itself is still in good condition. I hadn’t decided what words I wanted to do
in the middle at first. But, the other night as I was working on sewing,
um, my English gown, I was having a cocktail, and I was getting ready for Game of Thrones,
I figured out what I wanted it to say in the middle. And that is going to be based on a Tyrion
quote from last season. It’s going to say, “It’s what I do. I drink, and I sew things.” And then I can put that up somewhere here
in my craft room as a really cute decoration, so, I’m very excited. I have to go to Hobby Lobby and buy a new
embroidery hoop to remount this embroidery in, but it’s only like, $1.50 so no harm off
my back and at least she didn’t eat the actual fabric, she just kind of chewed on the hoop. As you can maybe guess from this video, I
am trying to do more with my youtube channel in terms of my sewing projects. So, the other exciting news is that I filmed
all three projects I did this month. Um, I’m not sure if I’ll post the curtains
since, as I said, there were lots of setbacks and frustrations I faced while I was making
those so I don’t know if I’ll have the footage to make a cohesive tutorial with all of the
changes that I had to make in the middle of making them. But, make sure you subscribe to my channel
so that you can stay tuned and see when those projects go up! I have a lot of plans for August, I actually
already have a list of sewing things I want to get done going out through the rest of
the year! Um, I also already have at least one thing
every weekend going on in August, including a trips to Florida, Kansas, and Charlotte. So, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get everything
done on my list, but I’m certainly going to try. After a disappointing 2 months of making progress
on my sewing, I’m really going to push myself to sew more on the weeknights, um, especially
since my weekends I already have plans and I’ll be driving or flying. I will also be bringing some sewing with me
when I’m flying, I have a lot of hand sewing to do, um, on my English gown. The only thing is that I have a lot of work
to do on the skirt and I hate bringing skirts with me when I fly because it’s just so much
fabric! It’s a lot to pull out of my bag, it’s hard
when you’re in a really tiny airline seat to pull out meters and meters and yards and
yards of fabric, and be hemming it or sewing it. But it’s what I’m going to have to do to stay
on my schedule. For my contemporary sewing plans I don’t have
anything that I need to finish in the month of August, but I definitely have projects that I want to
finish in the month of August. And the first one is the Burnside Bibs pattern
from Sew House 7. I saw Jessica Lorainne make a dress from Sew
House 7 so I decided to check them out. And when I saw this pattern… It’s DEFINITELY not my style but it immediately
came to mind as my sister’s style. So I showed it to her and I asked her if I
wanted her to make it for our birthday and she said yes. So, the other day I finally ordered the fabric. I’ll be using um, a black linen fabric, and
it is the upper echelon of the medium weight linens from Fabrics-store.com, IC64. It has a tighter weave then then IL019 that
I usually use from them in a lot of my historical sewing projects. I’ve made a shirt from this fabric before
in a color I think is called iron grey? and it is the Zena pattern, also from Fabrics-store.com. I love the shirt, I loved working with the
fabric, it’s really beautiful, dense weave, very very smooth fabric. And of course it’s linen, so it sews and presses
beautifully. I’m really excited to work with it again and
it finally went on sale the other day so I ordered 4 yards to make these bibs. It’s definitely probably a lot more fabric
than I’m going to need, but I wasn’t sure if my sister fit in the first amount of sizing
for fabric or the second amount that um, Sew House 7 gave. Their pattern sizing isn’t typical pattern
sizing, it’s definitely um, more commercial sizing you know, so they start at a 0. I think from Sew House 7 I’m like a 2 or a
4, where in most patterns I’m a 10 or 12. Um, so, I wasn’t really sure where my sister
would be so I got a little extra fabric. And it’s OK, cause, as I said this fabric
is beautiful and I will use anything I have leftover to make something for myself! I bought another pattern from Sew House 7
at the same time that I bought the Burnside Bibs pattern and that is the Tea House Dress
pattern. This one’s for me! And I am just waiting on the fabric that I
want to use to go on sale, also from Fabrics-store.com. It’s this gorgeous purple yarn dye, um, you
can see it’s pretty expensive, so I’m figuring this will be my birthday present to myself
at the same time that I’m making my sister’s birthday present. I don’t know when this fabric is going to
go on sale so I might not have the dress done in time for my birthday, but I definitely
plan on having my sister’s overalls done in time for her birthday, which is at the end
of September, so I’m trying to get a head start on it in August. The end is finally in sight for my English
gown!! Now that I’ve finished the sleeves which were
intimidating me so much, the next step will be the skirt, and then just trimming and garding
it and doing all the finishing touches. I’m really really confident in sewing skirts
so I’m really excited to be at this step finally. It’s just going to be a lot of cutting for,
um, a lot of fabric (laughs). Uh, the skirt will be made of the same wool
that the bodice is made out of and it will be underlined with some linen, just a mid
weight linen to give it a little more body. Once I get the skirt sewn up and pleated,
I have to sew it onto the bodice, then I’ll have to add trim to the bodice. There’s going to be like a very traditional,
um, diagonal trim as well as I’ll trim around the edges and hopefully trim around the edges
on the skirt. I’ve always wanted to but I never really get
to it because it’s a lot of sewing. I have to gard the bottom of the gown which
is just to sew a piece of fabric over the hem so it looks like a big contrasting hem. It’s, um, the purpose of that is just to protect
the hem because you could theoretically remove the gard and clean it or replace it, and keep
the original hem of the gown intact. Um, I’ll be hemming it with some green velvet. I also have to add the gard to um, the under
dress that I made for this piece which I finished a long time ago, but I hate adding the gards
because it’s a lot of hand sewing on the huge hem of a skirt, um, so I haven’t done it on
the other gown. I also hope to get started on the undersleeves
for this dress this month, uh, the undersleeves will be made out of an antique gold silk um
that matches the embroidery on the underdress. I will want to quilt, um, the sleeveswith like a really,
uh, thick cream colored thread to make them really stand out. Um, we’ll see about how that happens. My friend’s sewing machine is supposed to
have a quilting attachment to help you sew straight lines that are far apart from each
other, so I’m going to try and experiment a little and see if I can’t get the sleeves
quilted. The last bit of historical sewing that I want
to do for this month is not really historical sewing but it is going to be something for
the renaissance festival and that is to make another decorative collar for my greyhound,
Rhianna, similar to the decorative collar I made for her for St. Patrick’s Day. Um, this one is going to be for the Charlotte
Pride Parade which we are marching in in August. I’m really excited about it, I didn’t get
to do the parade last year because my first costume wasn’t finished yet! So this time I’m going to make her a collar
out of white velvet were for St. Patrick’s day it was obviously green velvet, and I’ll
be sewing on a pattern of rainbow beads so that um she will be really spirited for the
parade! As I mentioned I just moved houses so I have
a long list of home decor sewing that I want to get done. There’s a lot of pillows, curtains for, like,
every room, um, so, there’s a long list and I know I won’t get to all of it in August
so the goal is to just make curtains for my sliding glass door that’s in, like, my dining
room/it’s a big open space with my kitchen area, I don’t know what to call it. Currently I have vertical blinds that are
terrible, and they’re old and they’re stained and they’re broken, and they don’t open or
close easily, so I really want to get rid of them and replace them with something nice
and beautiful. I got this gorgeous embroidered fabric from
Mill Outlet Village in Raleigh. It is like a geometric pattern and it’s on
a linen-like base, although I don’t think it’s linen, I’m pretty sure it’s
synthetic. And it has all this black embroidery on it. It was a bolt end so I got it on sale! I plan on making curtains for my sliding glass
door as well as a matching small curtain for the window over my kitchen sink. I’m hoping to get that all done this month. If I wind up being really good at sewing this
month, I might get started on the curtains for this room, my craft room. Um, I got some Roman Shades from Ikea,
and I plan to cover them with thick black and white stripes, kind of like a Sephora
bag. Um, I wanna use a satiny fabric, not something
too shiny but something with just a little bit of sheen so maybe a cotton sateen or like
a duchesse satin where I’ll use the back, more matte side of it. Um, so that’s my plan for this room, I probably
won’t get to it this month, but, who knows maybe if I have a really productive month
I will. So that is everything I sewed in the month
of July and my very ambitious plans for the month of August. Please let me know in the comments below what
you think of my makes this month, especially my curtains because I’m still not sure about
those! And make sure you subscribe so you can see
all the upcoming videos I made on the things that I made this month. Thank you for watching!