Joey Essex Has Keith In Stitches In “The Back To School Challenge” | Celebrity Juice | Series 10

hello welcome to the back-to-school
challenge it’s not a porno it looks like a part of its not doing a little quiz
for little Joey Essex here and little Helen planning are you chewing gum
give me that sugar give me that chewing or not joining class laughing you know a
simple test and the person that gets the most right answers will win understand
to decide who will win the back-to-school challenge it’s like saying who’s got better
handwriting my cat or a chair we based it you’ve seen him on tell yeah yeah
we’re just testing them you know the our yes
what’s helen Flanagan from yes well she’s just on the telly then what’s Joey
Essex bombs down here next to it I told you you must know Helen yeah yeah she’s lovely what she’s just she’s crazy
which answer we’re going Coronation Street family we’re going helen helen
Flanagan ferns a team will you going far let’s have faith in Joey for what
nothing a good diet yeah run V T which stands but you don’t have stands for
Kevin please tell me enlighten me honest I’m getting an education here
today economics what currency is used in Great Britain Joey
great British power the answer was the pound that’s correct if you bought dozen eggs how many eggs
would you get if you pop up dozen eggs how many eggs
would you get I’m just gonna wall what I think you’re trying to trip me out okay
hello oh that’s me what does Christian religious studies in
the Bible what was Jesus’s mom car oh come on you never know so Helen would you like to reveal your
answer please Helens pop marry Joey what was just one call Jesus anyway that means this challenge goes