Jelly Rolls – Brand New to Quilting series – Quilting Tutorial

Hi I’m Sarah from Missouri Star Quilting
Company, welcome to our Brand New to Quilting series! Today we are going to feature and to talk
about these Jelly Rolls, it sound like its a doughnut or food, but it’s not. It is
this whole bundle of fabric. Moda does this and it’s Hemming House, this
particular one and most of the fabric Moda puts out they’ll cut them into Jelly Rolls. So we have two and a half inch strips and
if I open this up you can see that this is the whole line cut into these strips, and
you can see. My mom started quilting when I was a teenager
and I was always so scared of it because of all the cutting and measuring and I thought
‘I’m never going to be able to do that.’ When they came out with these pre-cuts I was
so excited because now I don’t have to go into a fabric store and buy yards and yards
of fabric, come home and be scared about cutting it, now it’s already cut for me. So now all I have to do is cut them into smaller
pieces, so that’s what makes this for me, makes quilting easy. We have done several quilts in the shop that
I’m going to show you, we’ve laid theses out, you can change the colors, do lights
and darks and there is so many things you can do with the Jelly Roll. I was actually really amazed and excited when
these came out because it does it make quilting easy.  So let’s go over here and I can
show you two of the projects we just did, they’re really cool. This is an example of what you can do with
one Jelly Roll; it makes a great lap sized quilt. There is just so much you can do with
it. I was really excited about this because we
used this left over stuff, it dresses it up makes it fun, it looks complicated but its
not, I’ve got one more to show you it’s really cool. Hey this is the other quilt I wanted to show
you that I’m really excited about, its called a friendship braid and it’s just with a
jelly role and we just use a little bit for the borders and it’s so easy and once you
get started you are going to be addicted, it’s just how it works. So if you’re interested, which I know you
are, check out our website for Jelly Roll selection. We’ve got great stuff or keep an eye on
the deal of the day because we do those and we do some good deals so we’ll hope to see
you next time and  come back and keep checking because we’ll show you how to put this stuff
together next time.