Jelly Roll Week – Strips and Stars

Hi, welcome to Jelly Roll Week. It’s Jenny
again, and I’ve got a really fun idea for you for a Jelly Roll. This was really an interesting
quilt. Take a look at this, see those stars? That’s all made with strips! Isn’t that
amazing! Let me show you how, come on over to the table. Just so you can reference later
this is the pattern we’ve used. It’s called Stars Aligned and it’s all done with strips.
It was just an amazing, different way of thinking for me! This is available on the website, so you can
check that out. The block is actually, you start here with a 4” square and you use
your strips and you dog ear the corners, a 6”, and a 4” strip. As you start to put
them together, you can see how it makes a star. See, if we’re missing that fourth
block, but if we had a whole one there’d be a darling little star there. Anyway it’s
really a cute way to make stars. A great way to make a quilt, and we hope you have a wonderful
week at Jelly Roll Week here at Missouri Star Quilt Company, and don’t forget to check
out his pattern it’s really cute, really fun! Happy quilting at Missouri Star!