Jelly Roll Week – Layer cake and Jelly Roll Quilt

Hi, I’m Natalie, from the Missouri Star
Quilt Company and we have another fun Jelly Roll idea for you! We made this quilt using Sandy Gervais’
Objects of Desire. We used one Jelly Roll and one Layer Cake. And what we did is, we
took our 10″ squares and we cut them into a 6″ & 4″ piece, and then we took our Jelly
Roll and we cut them into a 13″ piece and a 10″ piece. And so what we’re going to do is mix these
up and put our strips inbetween our layer cake. And then you come up with these really
fun scrappy blocks. You sew them all together and you have this really great quilt that
is fun and a good idea to do with a Jelly Roll. Very simple, minimal cutting, thinking. It’s
quick to go together, we enjoy it a lot! So, hope you enjoy this Jelly Roll idea for Jelly
Roll Week from the Missouri Star Quilt Company.