Jelly Roll Race 3.0! Easy Quilting with Jenny!

Hi, I’m Jenny from the MSQC. Today I’ve
got a really fun idea for you. Take a look at this. This is a Jelly Roll quilt and we’re
calling it Jelly Roll quilt 3.0. And the reason we’re doing that is because it is the third
in a series of Jelly Roll quilts. And also because this triangle right here has three
sides. So it just is a really fun idea and a quick way to make a fun quilt. So to make
this quilt what you’re going to need is a Jelly Roll. We’re using this Robert Kaufman
jelly roll and it is called Winter’s Grandeur. And it’s a holiday color story and it’s
just gorgeous as you can see from the fabrics behind me. Also you’ll need a yard of white
and that will take care of your little triangles and your, your first border. And you’ll
need a yard of border fabric for the outside edge. So that’s really going to make this
darling quilt and this quilt is actually 70 by 75 so it’s a good sized quilt. About
a twin size and it’s just, you know, so fun and quick. So let me show you how we added these triangles
to our strips because we have a really easy way to do that. So the first thing you’re
going to do of course, this is the hardest part, you’re going to open your jelly roll.
So we are going to open this up. Let me see if I can do this here. Ah, lots of have jelly
rolls but we don’t always open them. So you’re just going to peel your rubber band
off and you’re just going to lay this out here like this. And we’re going to sew these
together just like we do in the normal jelly roll race quilt, end to end to end. But one
of the things we have to do is we have to put them together with a triangle in between.
So first thing I’m going to do is cut off the end, this selvedge right here. I’m just
going to use my, my, my ruler and my rotary cutter and I’m just going to cut off this
selvedge. The next thing I want to do, and you’ll do this to all your strips so you
want to prepare all those strips. Then you want to get your triangle pieces ready. What you’re going to do for your triangle
pieces is you’re going to cut four 2 ½ by the width of fabric strips and then you’re
going to cut each one of those into ten blocks. So we’re going to go ahead and do that.
And I’m just going to go ahead and cut these right here. I like to line mine up so that
I know exactly where I’m going. And these are 2 ½ by four. So there’s four of them
right there because I’ve folded my strip in half. And so here’s eight. And then we’re
going to take this piece right here, we’re going to open it up lay them right on top
of each other. And we’re going to cut that four inches. So I’m just going to cut a
piece off of this end to kind of square it up and a piece off of this end. So there’s
our ten squares. And remember those are 2 ½ by four. So then what we’re going to
do is we’re going to take our strip that we’re working with and I’ve got this one
ready right here. And we’re going to take our pieces and I’m just going to press this
because it’s a little bit wrinkled. And we’re going to put it this way so that the
bottom of the square is even with the bottom of the strip. And then we’re going to sew
this way from this outer corner into the bottom so make sure that you do that. Outer corner
into the bottom. You can actually fold this corner up like this and over to the side.
And just finger press it and that will give you a little bit of a sew line. So that will
help you. So we’re going to sew from here to here. And let’s go to the sewing machine
and do that. Alright so I’ve got my line and I can see
my little corner peeking out there and make sure it stays lined up. It slipped a little
bit so let’s ahead and line that back up. Line it up on the corner of your strip. There
we go. Now I’m going to sew straight across here. And I actually generally eyeball these.
You know I just, I just go ahead and eyeball them. You’ll want to fold your piece over
like this to make sure it’s going the right direction before you cut it off. So now that
I see mine is going to right direction I’m going to trim off this extra fabric right
here. And then I’m going to iron this back and I like to iron it all to the dark side
so I’m going to pull this part back to the dark part of the strip. And I’m just going
to roll that back like that. So this is how your piece looks at this point. Then what we’re going to do is we’re going
to take our next strip and we want the strip to be in our lap. And it’s going to come
up right sides together. And we’re going to put it this way. So again, this side we’re
going to now sew from this side out here. And so we can fold this up like this and match
our corners so that it gives us a little. I just like to finger press that and it gives
me a little bit of a guide. And then I’m matching the top along that edge. And then
I’m going to sew from this side, this corner to that corner. So let’s go do that. Alright
line it up again. Every time I get over here it shifts just a little bit. So we’re going
to line it up again and we’re going to start from that corner. And we’re going to sew
straight down to the outer edge. There we go. And then again, I like to open it up.
Make sure that I’ve got it, you know in the right spot there. And then I’m going
to trim this side off. I always look before I trim. Alright so now what we’re going
to do is we’re going to iron this open, making sure that our seam goes to the strip
side to the dark side. And you end up with this. And we’re going to do this to every
one of our strips. So get your pile of 4 ½ or excuse me, 2 ½ by four inch blocks ready
and get your strips ready and we’re going to sew all of these end to end to end and
start our jelly roll race. Ok so I’m at the sewing machine and I want
to show you guys one more time how to do this. So what we’re going to do again is we’re
going to lay our 2 ½ by four inch rectangle and line up the bottom and the side like this.
And we’re going to sew from the outside corner in. And so we’re going to do that
like this. I just have to line it up and make sure it’s all even. Eyeball it to this outside
corner. Then you’re going to snip this off and you can use scissors or your rotary cutter.
Wait, we better look to make sure. Yep going the right way. I would much rather look than,
better to be safe than sorry. Like they always say, I don’t know who they is but they always
say it. So then I finger press this down. You can press it at the ironing board or finger
press. Finger pressing for me is a little bit faster. And remember with a jelly roll
race you’re going to go ahead and sew these just how they come off the jelly roll. So
then here I am and I’m lining this up at the top now and sewing from the top middle
to the outside bottom. So we’re lining it up along the edge and along the top. So the
first one is lined along the edge and the bottom. The second one is lined along the
edge and the top. Start at that corner. I’m going to peek here to see where my other corner
is and sew straight for that. There we go. We’re going to trim that off. And we have
our little triangle. And we’re going to keep going and add another one here. So you’re
just going to want to keep going until you have all these done. So once you get all of your strips sewn together
remember it’s just like a jelly roll race. So you’re going to cut 18 inches off and
then you’re going to put the last strip with your first strip. So you’ll go all
the way down to the end until you find the end. You’re going to put them right sides
together and we’re just going to sew a quarter of an inch all the way down the side. So make
sure they’re lined up. Put them under your sewing machine and we’re going to sew our
jelly roll race. Alright so here we go. You know people wonder all the time how I
get so much done. Well one of the things that I do is it really helps to grow an extra set
of arms and I happen to have that so I just really enjoy my arms because while I’m sewing
I can actually have a snack or I can, you know, oh thank you. I love these arms. I can
fix my hair and I can keep sewing all the while. It just makes for such a lovely way
to do it. Sometimes I get thirsty and I need a drink but I don’t want to stop sewing.
So what I do is I just use my third arm to give me a drink. Oh my gosh, it’s just so
convenient and you just keep sewing your jelly roll together. Oh my. I didn’t even know
I wanted that cookie. Oh and my hair is a mess, thank you. Thank you extra arms. Everybody
needs an extra set of arms. So if you want to go ahead and just sew your whole jelly
roll together and you get to the end, you’re going to cut the little strip in half and
then what will happen is you’re going to bring the last part up and put it with the
other one and sew it again. If you have any questions be sure and watch the other jelly
roll tutorials. And we hope you enjoyed this video on the Jelly Roll Race 3.0 from the