Japanese Knot Bag – Sew Along – Quilted Style | Jahit tas kain perca

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a
fantastic day in this episode I would love to share this really cute Japanese
knot bag tutorial this is the patchwork version of this kind of bag, I quilted
this as well .I made this out of 5″ squares or the charm packs for the front
exterior if you have five inch squares laying around you can pull them out or
you can incorporate your scraps and cut them into five inch squares. So the
measurement of this bag when it’s knotted like this is about 10 inches by 10
inches you can use this bag as the project bag if you are a knitter
crocheter or you can give it to somebody who does. Nonetheless you can use this back
for pretty much anything I can see me taking this back for errands simply
throw in my wallet and cell phone and keys. I do not have any digital pattern
for this project however I’ll show you in the video how
to actually shape the bag especially the center here where there is a little
bit of curve. You can also reverse this bag to the wrong side to get a complete
different look, so make sure you choose a very fun lining fabric as well. Alright
guys I hope you enjoy this video and without further ado let’s get started.
Arrnge 14 pieces of charm packs or the five inch squares just like shown on
this diagram and here I’ve got mine already arranged accordingly. Now I’m
going to start piecing this starting from the lowest row and we’re going to
sew this with quarter inch of seam allowance now I’m going to sew the next
row now when you press this you’re going to alternate the direction of the
pressing for example if you press the bottom row towards the left side you’re
going to press the next row towards the right side or vice versa this will make
it easier to match the seams when sewing the rows together later now I’m going to
continue on and sew this row. Alright now I’m going to start sewing the rows
together so I like to start from the bottom here simply lay them right side
together match the seams and I am going to place a couple of pins to secure it
in place then I’m going to sew with quarter inch of seam allowance all right so here I’ve got my patchwork
already sewn together next we’re going to draw the curve around the center
point so what you want to do first is you’re going to fold this in half making
sure that all the edges are aligned take your curved ruler and position that
along the edges of the center point just like shown here again guys if you don’t
have curve ruler you can simply draw a smooth curve along the edges and once
you’re happy with the shape of the curve go ahead and cut it with rotary cutter
or a pair of scissors now I’m gonna shape the longer strap as
well just add a little bit of curve around this area so you’re gonna end up
with something like this ,obviously yours is not gonna be exactly the same but
you know you get the idea of how it should turn out to be here I’ve already
basted my front exterior shell with the quilt batting and I’m going to quit this
with simple wavy lines so I use my walking foot and run some wavy line
stitches about half an inch apart so this is probably one of the easiest way
to quilt and I sort of like the organic look that you can achieve with this
method of quilting. So here I’ve already quilted my front exterior shell also
I’ve already trimmed all the excess batting off. Now we’re going to trace the
back exterior shell, so we will use the front exterior shell as the template so
I lay my front exterior shell right side down and the fabric for the back exterior
shell is right side up basically the right side of the fabric should be
touching each other, Now I’m going to place a couple of pins to keep this in
place and then I’m gonna take my rotary cutter and cut following the shape of
the front exterior shell here I’ve got my back exterior piece
already quilted in the same manner now I’m going to trace the lining fabric so
I position the lining fabric on fold and then I place my front exterior shell
right side up now I’m going to secure everything with some pins and then cut
with my rotary cutter so you should end up with two pieces of lining fabric draw
two inches squares on both bottom corners of all of your bag pieces
measure with your ruler two inches at the bottom corner and then draw the line
and then cut with your scissors so you’re gonna end up with something like
this. Now we’re going to create a couple of notches fold your piece in half
just like so making sure that the edges are aligned take your ruler and
measure about five and a half inch from the end of the shorter strap and then
place a little mark there with your fabric marker then you want to take a
pair of scissors and snip from where you put the mark both layers, you don’t want
to cut too much just about quarter of an inch wide and then you’re going to snip
the center fold as well now you want to do the same for the back exterior and
the lining pieces as well. Lay your front and back exterior pieces right side
together just like so match the side notches and then you can either pin this
or place a couple of fabric clips to secure it in place
once you’ve match the notches go ahead and clip or pin all around the side
seams and the bottom as well then go ahead and sew the side seams and the
bottom with half an inch of seam allowance so you want to start sewing
exactly where the notches are, give a couple of back stitching to lock this in
place open up the bottom corner of the bag and
then match the seams place a fabric clip to secure this and
then go ahead and sew with half an inch of seam allowance alright so here I’ve
got my exterior shell ready to go now I’m going to turn this piece inside out
and looking great so far…now go ahead and assemble the lining pieces exactly
the same way next we’re going to sew the straps together so I have turned my
exterior piece to the wrong side again then I’m going to match the front and
back straps and place a couple of fabric clips and then sew with half an inch of
seam allowance and you’re gonna end up with something like this so you can go
ahead and press the seams open once you’ve got both exterior and interior
pieces ready to go it’s time to assemble them so here I’ve got my exterior piece
right side out and my lining piece wrong side out now I’m going to insert my
exterior piece into my lining piece basically the right side should be
touching each other Match the center notches and then go
ahead and pin that in place or place a fabric clip so you want to go ahead and
continue on and secure all along the inner line or the neckline match the
seams of the straps now go ahead and sew with half an inch of seam allowance now you going to snip around the curve
area so take your scissors and then cut around the seam allowance just be
careful not to cut through the stitches we do this so when you turn this bag
inside out the seams will lay nice and flat now you’re gonna turn your bag
inside out through the side opening you can go from either side finger press the edges a little bit to
make it nice and neat you can also use iron, next you’re going to go to your
ironing board and then press the raw edges of your strap towards the inside
about half an inch both exterior and the lining as well so you’re gonna end up
with something like this now go ahead and fold your strap and meet the fold
lines together just like shown here then you’re going to secure them in place
with some fabric clips or pins once you’ve done that go ahead and top
stitch all around with 1/8 of an inch of seam allowance so I’d like to start
somewhere around the center of the back exterior strap Once I’ve got to the side seams I stopped
stitching and then pivot my fabric and then continue on stitching again the last step will be to topstitch all
along this neckline here and that’s all I have for you today guys
thank you so much for watching and I shall see you next time with another fun
sewing project goodbye