Janome Horizon MC15000 – Ultimate Quilting Sewing Machine

Somebody once told me that quilting is just
cutting fabric in to pieces and sewing it back together again. I would have agreed with
that before I got in to quilting, or rather before quilting got in to me! Now, I’d say
there’s nothing like it! There’s no creative expression I have that compares to quilting.
An architect gets to design the building, but he doesn’t get to build it. With quilting,
I get to do both. Having a machine like the Janome Memory Craft 15000 has allowed me to
quilt at a level I simply couldn’t get to before.
It’s hard to explain, but, there’s nothing that I want to do that the Janome 15000 can’t
do. Once you see the size of the sewing bed and hear how quietly it runs? It’s effortless,
and for me, it makes my quilting effortless! If I had an hour, I couldn’t tell you everything
this machine does for me, so I’m just going to give you my shortlist, and you need to
go and find out everything it can do for your quilting.
Start with the Janome 15000 touch-screen: it’s the largest/clearest/brightest on any
home machine. It makes everything else so easy! The sewing bed is the largest on a Janome,
but the machine isn’t huge. The Memory Craft 15000 stitch quality is outstanding.
It has hundreds of decorative stitches to choose from. Anything I’ve ever wanted, 9mm
wide. In fact, I can create my own stitches if I want to, with the included software.
The Janome MC15000 is ideal for quilters who embroider. There are even designs made especially
for the square hoops, and I don’t need a long arm, because the AcuFill system lets me do
perfect stippling across the biggest quilt I can make. The Janome 15000 feeding system
is amazing. It’s called AcuFeed Flex, remember that name. It comes with four feet that take
care of anything I need to do. The new needle threader: love it!
The highlight is an eye-saver, and the AcuView now comes with three magnifiers… the quick-change
needle plate… nobody else has it this easy! Variable zig-zag: you have to see this to
believe it. With the Janome 15000, there’s so much I could say…
But I will say this: for quilting, the Janome MC150000 takes me anywhere I want to go.