It’s Fashion Revolution Week! #whomademyclothes ? SEWING REPORT LIVE

hello everyone and welcome to Sunday
night sewing report live I’m your host Jennifer Moore helping you discover your
love of sewing crafts and DIY projects and did you guys know it’s Fashion
Revolution week we’re gonna talk all about sustainable fashion I’ve got a
great website to share with you plus the wonderful folks at Nancy’s Notions I
have sent me a box of goodies so I’m gonna show you some of that stuff we’re
also gonna talk about Game of Thrones cuz guys I finally got that seven day
trial to HBO go so I am rolling here and I want to show you some projects I’ve
been working on this week in the sewing room because I’m very excited about them
so let’s chat about all that and I’m so excited if you’re here happy Sunday to
everyone I hope you had a great weekend I know I’ve been having a good one so so
far at least so we’ll we’ll see how that goes but uh I think it’ll be a good week
upcoming I’ve got lots of sewing projects that I’ve gotten the works lots
of videos so I just kind of wanted to share and coming out this probably
Wednesday or Thursday I’m going to be dropping a very exciting video the
sewing report got a celebrity guest I know who ever thought that would happen
so I’m super jazzed about that so yes anyways I’m glad you guys are here this
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cuz that’s why we’re here anyways alright yes I see we got lots of folks
we’ve got um let’s see a MERIS Shelley hello hello
alright lots of folks here all right now hopefully you guys can see me alright
can everybody see me and hear me alright so it looks like it looks like I’m good
I just want to make sure I’m cool here so I wanted to share this with you
because I thought this was really so lately I’ve been really trying to learn
more about sustainable sustainability environmental issues I have a friend
who’s super knowledgeable about it and we talked a lot about about certain
things she’s into and and she’s she’s like really she’s
literally gonna go off the grid soon so there is some there is an organization
called excuse me fashion revolution and this organization aims to educate people
about the fast fashion industry and ways that you can be a more responsible
consumer so I thought this website which is I’ve linked it below it’s a super
well I think what they’re doing is super cool so they’re doing something this
week called um alright sorry let me get this role in here they’re doing
something called fashion revolution week and it seems to be more of like an
awareness thing it looks like they have had some events in the past and they
have lots of really great information on this website though so one thing that I
thought was really really interesting so they have a manifesto it’s not as weird
sounds and they kind of go over their mission statement which is to really
alright here we go and basically it says we are designers
producers makers workers and consumers and we want to were world citizens and
we want we don’t want our clothes to exploit people or destroy the planet and
they want change so I think that’s a really neat cause and they have a very
large Instagram presence so I started following them on Instagram but this
week they’ve been really having this campaign hash tag who made by clothes
and I think that’s something you know cuz when I talked to my friend Allison
and I know I’ve kind of shared her channel with you guys in the past
Allison Murrow she is I believe one of the only environmental reporters in the
country that does it full-time on TV so she talks a lot about with me about how
she feels like people are really disconnected from their food and the
things that they buy because people aren’t seen it made like it’s not like
it was in the past where if you wanted food you had to grow it yourself if you
wanted clothes you had to make them yourself
so I do kind of agree that there seems to be a disconnect between people and
the things that we have and the things that we eat and and I think that it’s
interesting that there does seem to be this movement coming forward where
people are want to get back in touch with that so I think this organization
seems seems pretty cool and they have something called let me see that where’s
their trans so they they got together this guide on transparency and they kind
of ranked all these different fashion brands and and ranked them on like how
transparent they are to consumers which i think is a really so it’s called like
the fashion the fashion index I think this is a really because I kind of went
through it and I think it’s I think it’s interesting you know you wanting like
why don’t we why don’t more people want to know where our clothes come from and
who made them and if that person is making an OK living if they’re being
treated well I think that’s something you know human to human there’s
definitely human cost to clothes that tends to get missed so I think this is a
really neat neat organization so I’m pretty I was very excited to find it so
I just wanted to share this with you because so this week they’re having
fashion revolution this week I think it ends tomorrow I believe and I don’t know
I just think it seems like a cool organization to follow and maybe get
involved with so but they have some really interesting uh
where’s the worst like the thing about the Fashion Week but if you haven’t
heard of disorganization or check them out definitely head to the website and
just kind of read a little bit about about what they’re doing so they are
really big on you know keeping the awareness alive about this the Rana
Plaza building collapse where a lot of people died and this wasn’t that long
ago this was only in 2013 I remember this happening because I was still
working in news but I think that you know I I do like that they’re trying to
get the fashion industry to change and to try to get them to move forward and
also promote more responsible manufacturing I think that’s good you
know and when I started sewing I did not realize you kind of think that cotton is
like eco-friendly but apparently it’s actually not it / it requires a lot of
water to produce this like cotton for jeans or for clothes
so I think there’s this kind of almost like a myth that that clothing is
eco-friendly that like cotton is eco-friendly when really it’s actually
really not eco-friendly so that’s something I didn’t really like I didn’t
really know that until I got into sewing so anyways definitely check out their
site I think they’re doing good things and let me where is there I’m trying to
find the information about Fashion Week here the website here is a little it’s a
little bit slow and I apologize in advance I’ve got the I have to I had to
have the dehumidifier running it is so humid in here like we’re kind of by the
water now and it’s just super humid all the time and it’s like oh I don’t know
anyways where you where you live right now is it is it hot is it cold are you
guys uh you know is it is it humid are you also like are you also having a bad
hair day I’m just I’m just curious err oh my gosh Jamie thank you for the the
super chat and by the way so I recently learned cuz I was I got a like a to like
a two dollar super chat last week and I guess YouTube is giving I don’t know if
Jamie you’re one of them but I guess YouTube is giving the YouTube bread or
premium users likes a little bit of money that they can super check Raiders
Jamie thank you so much so Jamie says this is the super topic thanks Jen and
let me know what your opinion is are you if you so are you interested in
sustainable sewing are you interested in sustainable fashion and is that
something that’s important to you because I do feel like I’m seeing more
and more people wanting to get involved and wanting to learn more about it I
think that’s cool like I don’t have anything you know there’s definitely
nothing wrong with that I think it’s a really good thing to be curious and what
I was talking to my friend out again I talked to her like every day pretty much
even though she lives in Seattle we just are constantly going back and
forth on just on how week we should we as individuals need to be questioning
things you know just because someone tells you something doesn’t mean it’s
true so it’s up to us to do do some research
do your hallmark and find out more the issues that you care about so
alright so anyways I just wanted to really talk about this because I think
it’s really I do think it’s really important you know we only we only get
one planet right so it’s something that we should all in and I think as people
who so it can be a little bit difficult because you know we use a lot I mean we
use a lot of materials and I’m really trying to be better about that and not
I’m again I know I’m going to be unboxing some stuff later but I’m really
trying my best to not have too much stuff not buy too much stuff cuz I I
don’t need it like how you know I I really don’t I don’t know I think it’s a
little bit ridiculous about how especially when you think about how much
stuff we all have I mean it’s that’s kind of crazy like we have way much more
stuff than our parents and grandparents and I guarantee you
alright so ah alright I’m trying to get back to this fashion so that there it
keeps slipping but alright so fashion revolution week alright is okay it’s the
22nd to the 28th so they’ve been using the hashtag who made my clothes also
they’ve been getting garment workers to talk and share their stories and there’s
another hashtag called I made a hashtag I made your clothes because there’s real
people that make our maker things and I think it’s really you know I don’t know
why more people don’t care about that or you know don’t don’t want to know about
that because I sure I sure do I don’t know I definitely do but anyways it’s a
great it’s I think it’s a good cause and and I think the more we can I think just
the more you can learn there the better your the better off we’ll all be
and yes okay so Sarah commented I’m into upcycling and use every scrap that I can
that’s a really good thing and in those of you out there I want to know how do
you use your scraps like what I would like to do some more upcycling I haven’t
done a lot I’m just not I’m creative but I don’t know if I have what it takes to
do those like refashioning type I don’t know I never like I’m just not
in me I feel like I could grow in that area but I don’t know I just I’m not one
of those people that look at something like random and is like this would be
awesome I’m like hey here’s a pattern I think is cool but I have a really hard
time going to like Goodwill or a thrift store and in finding like turning the
trash – trash or kind of thing there are some people that are amazing at it and I
really applaud you and I’m kind of jealous I don’t know like a but maybe
that’s something I could work on here at the Sewing Report so I don’t know so
anyways so yes so it’s fashion revolution week I know it’s ending
tomorrow but I did want to take a moment to talk about it because I thought it
was really a neat thing okay so also next thing I want to talk so I’ve been
corresponding with someone at Nancy’s notions and a while back I did a live
show about Nancy Zeeman she was so a sewing legend so any quilting Legend and
she passed away probably buddy I think about a year ago
so but her company still lives on so the folks at Nancy’s notions reached out and
they said hey you know we’d like to send you some some stuff you can try it out
you can share you can do whatever you want with it and I was like okay and and
by the way I know I’ve talked about this before but I do have a policy here here
on this channel that if someone sends me free stuff or they want to do something
one they don’t get any like input on what it is like they don’t get to tell
me how to present it or like how to how to like talk about it or what to total a
video and the other thing is that free products do not equal guarantee coverage
so if someone wants to send something it’s kind of at their own risk if I like
it and I think it’s a good thing I’ll most likely do something on it like this
but you know I really wanted to get away from the tit-for-tat thing you know
because I come from a news background that was really against the rules and I
do find it kind of strange still to see all these bloggers deuced
like this I get that you have to pay the bills and believe me I I understand that
I just feel like a lot of this stuff can be presented in a more organic way and I
think part of the benefit to having someone like a vlogger or a blog or talk
about your product or whatever whatever you’re doing is that it’s in their own
voice so I really want to make sure that I’m keeping that voice and not giving it
to somebody else so anyways the folks at Nancy’s notions they were really cool
about that I’ve been emailing back and forth with a lovely lady named Laura so
she knows that I’ve been really getting into embroidery so she sent me a bunch
of stuff so I want to kind of share some of it and I think quite a bit of this
stuff I would like to do a giveaway in the near future with some of this stuff
that’s being sent I can’t keep and use it all the other
thing I would like to know is if you see a product that I’m talking about that
you want to know more about or you want like a whole video dedicated to it let
me know in the comments because I’m I have so many ideas from this goodie box
that I in fact I started two videos today right before I started this show
and had to get ready okay so the first thing that she’s they sent was like a
lot of embroidery thread so this is a Madeira thread and some of its polyester
and some of it’s rayon and the colors are really cool so like this is I think
this is a poly thread okay so this is mint a metallic collection oh my gosh
I’m kind of just dying over this stuff I can’t wait to dig into it and all my
gosh this one this is a and I’ve linked to Nancy’s notions down below this set
is really cool-looking it’s like opal it’s opal metallic embroidery thread and
it’s just gorgeous like I’m I have so I have literally so many ideas for
projects that I want to kind of do with this so that is definitely in the works
one of my favorite things that came in this box
so I’m all about the embroidery designs I’ve been I’ve been downloading off of
Etsy to my heart’s desire and it’s got in fact I just downloaded some stuff
today and I’m gonna show it to you cuz I was hard at work so this is from a
company called amazing designs which is like a an offshoot of Nancy’s Notions so
these are freestanding lace butterflies and I just stitched one out before like
we when we we went on air here and I got to show it to you because it’s just this
thing is like just incredible so I tested it out so what you do is you put
two to three layers of wash away stabilizer in the hoop I also made sure
that they recommended trying to like get the hoot to be grippier so I put some
painters tape over parts of it and I’m stitching this out in white because
that’s what was in the that’s what was in the the thread holder at the time but
I was so excited I have so many ideas for like literally I am so pumped to
make some cool butterfly stuff so that’s definitely gonna be a future of video
like so probably several videos for sure because I have some really I actually
did have like a creek I I’m not like the best with creativity but I definitely
had some really neat ideas for this so this is it stitching out and I used a I
use like a 75 over 11 and regular embroidery needle and they sent some
needles to like I felt like it was Christmas so this is the butterfly in it
turned guys it turned out so perfect I think I lowered the tension so all I did
was lower the tension to three for the for the upper thread and then I I just
kind of used whatever thread was in there so it’s this is white I’m not
gonna make all white butterflies but I just love this you can really mix the
you can really mix-and-match the threads and make some
really cool butterflies and I was looking around I didn’t see anything
there’s really nothing like this around I didn’t really see a lot of this on
Etsy or even embroidery designs comm or embroidery library comm so this seems to
be a really kind of neat I really hope they do more of these maybe with other
types of embellishments but I’m really excited to make some this week I’m gonna
be making butterflies in fact I ordered some more brother bobbins because the
thing with this though is because you’re gonna see it from the back too you need
to make sure your bobbin thread is the same thread because it’s visible on both
sides so that’s the one thing I don’t have enough bobbins so I ordered like a
pack of 10 so that I can I can make some butterflies to fly away I don’t know so
I’m really I mean I don’t want to give out everything away yet but there are
two projects I really want to do with this with this little embroidery design
set and that I think are gonna look amazing and I’m really excited about
this because I feel like they’re a little bit out of the box so yeah this
is the butterfly I’m gonna hold it up close it stitched out like I didn’t
really have any trouble so what you do is after you take it out of the hoop you
cut around the stabilizer try to cut out as much as you can and then you just
soak this in water and the rest of the stabilizer kind of disappears but aren’t
these cute like you can also hang them so they can be ornaments also like you
could definitely do like hair imagine if you did like hair clips or like you know
hair bows for girls or for you know again for people for adults too like I
actually this would make a really good like hair comb or something or a hair
clip well now look kinda neat or on a but actually you know you put it on a
bobby you glue it maybe glue it to a bobby pin and then you can have
butterflies in your hair I mean wouldn’t that be awesome so I cannot wait to dig
into these but this comes with like 20 I think it came with like 24 butterfly
just different butterfly designs you can also layer them so you can there’s a few
of them where one design is like a smaller version of the other so you can
layer them on top of each other and make like a multi-dimensional butterfly
I’m not sure how much thread like this is going to use if it does look like
it’s gonna use up a lot of thread but I’m really excited the other thing I
want to do is I want to take some of my rhinestone crystals and then embellish
the butterflies once they’re done I think these are gonna look like I’m so
excited about this like I can’t I honestly can’t even tell you this is so
this is so cool so I’m pumped butterflies all the way I you know I
don’t know I’m just I cannot believe this is here but I am I am on board with
this so I don’t know me I’m definitely gonna be making some multicolored
butterflies in the near future okay so let’s move on they also said this
humongo box of thread thank you again thank you Nancy’s notions you guys were
great generous and a lot a lot of this stuff I this upcoming week I think what
I’m gonna do is I need to get some stuff together I would like to do a giveaway
to you guys so dad and I’m gonna do the giveaways during the live shows so
that’s I think I think where I’m gonna be doing news I know I’ve done a few on
Instagram but I gotta be honest with you I really want to get back to the viewers
here on YouTube for the most part so I think I’m gonna keep the giveaways
mostly to YouTube so yes so this is rayon and another thing I want to do for
a video is I want to compare polyester I really want to do like a pretty good
comparison of polyester versus rayon thread for embroidery sorry my hair is
getting a little a little nuts here because I’ve just seen a lot of stuff
about how rayon is a little bit softer and then polyester is a little stiffer
also apparently polyester is supposed to be more colorfast so I kind of want to
put those to the test and see like what the real deal is and then see what
happens you know if I do if I do those two and kind of compare them so I think
that would be a really neat kind of investors like maybe like a sewing
report investigates I don’t know so anyways oh thank you a Maris I thank you
very much for the love and thank you guys all for watching I
know it’s I know Game of Thrones is on tonight so if that’s uh if that is y is
in your plans it’s it’s in mine too and I want to talk about that towards the
end so okay so here’s another thing this is let’s see here this is a press pad
okay so I’m gonna hold it up here and I believe it’s kind of like those um
you know those gray pressing mats that are very popular right now this seems to
be kind of like a slightly thinner version so I would I’m definitely gonna
be testing this out and apparently it’s really good for kind of getting those
final wrinkles out of you know the puckers out of your embroidery design
after you take it out of the hoop but you can put the design face down so that
your so that your like threads don’t get Matt messed up like you’re stitching so
I think that’ll be kind of neat so this looks pretty cool so I’ll definitely be
trying that out so the and but yes definitely let me know if there is a
product that really catches your eye there’s something in here and you would
like to see more of a hands-on demonstration or a full video let me
know in the comments because I definitely see quite a few videos from
this from this stuff okay oh yes so this this is actually in like an
over-the-door organizer and I guess it’s for stabilizer rolls so I guess I’ll
maybe try to hang that up I’m not really sure there’s a lot of random there’s a
lot of like very cool stuff in here but they were super generous I was
definitely not expecting that but there they were very nice and I’ve been
enjoying emailing with with Laura she seems like a really cool lady and really
into embroidery as well okay so this I actually did start using these are
comfort grips that you can put on the embroidery hoop you know screw so that
your hands don’t don’t hurt and you can get the screws tighter that way so I
think and so I’ve tried this out it was a little I had to finagle it a little
bit to get it on the to get it this screw but it worked eventually they
remind me of those things that used to put on pencils as like a pencil grip but
they’re just smaller so I’ve definitely already been I’ve already been using
that stuff and then she sent a this is like a thread director so I’m this I
heard these are really good if you’re working with metallic threads I watched
you you know I’ve been watching some tutorials on working with metallic
thread because it is it it is a little bit different and she did include some
metallic thread needles specifically so apparently when you’re working with
metallic threads you don’t want them to get rattled because that can lead to
thread breakage and there’s a lot of other things you need to worry about but
apparently if you have your spool go on if you hold your spool like this versus
like upright it helps the thread unravel with less tangles and like less you know
less twists so that will help with thread breakage and I guess these
needles have a longer I and in a scarf in the back you know a little group so
that the the thread goes through a little smoothly and again less thread
breakage I worked with metallic thread once before and it was a total nightmare
I was trying to do I was trying to make like these invitations and I was trying
to stitch metallic thread into them and I the thread broke like every you know
every five minutes so that was not great so so yes okay so Carla asks do you can
I ask you about sewing hacks do you use them you know um I have a few hacks I’ve
shared again and it’s one of those things I feel like a lot of these hacks
I feel like nothing nothing is original at this point everyone’s kind of like oh
I learned this from so-and-so or I saw this here so I’ve seen a lot of real
I’ve seen a lot of decent sewing hacks you know I don’t know if I have like
like any signature ones for me I do use Elmer’s washable school school glue to
baste a lot of seams so that they don’t shift around I’ve used it for hemming I
use it for a lot of stuff I also do I use painters tape a lot for
various things you know you can use washi tape to mark a line on your needle
plate so on your needle plate so that you know where your where your guide is
for your fabric so I’ve seen a lot of really good ones out there i-i’ve been
thinking about trying to do a sewing hacks video but then but to be honest
with you I don’t I I need to come up with like a list of good hacks I think
before I do that and I’m not sure if I’m like quite there yet but maybe someday
all right these are the needles okay see a bunch of I think these will definitely
be going into giveaway because there’s a there’s just a lot of needles in here
and I already even have embroidery needles so yes there is a lots of lots
of needles here so I mean they were generous enough that I can definitely
share some of this stuff just because there’s a lot here and this is cool I do
have another like brand of this but this is a Taylor clapper and it helps you get
your seams very flat or if you’re trying to press some press a fold like in two
slacks or into a garment these do work really well I have used I have the
clover version or the Dritz version of it but this is kind of a like a more
streamlined version I’ve got like the bigger one
but this does feel pretty good in your hand though so so there’s that okay
let’s see what else is in here a roll of batting and I believe there’s a book
with projects you can do with this I guess you can make a rug out of this
like with if you put strips in there and then you kind of fold them you know you
kind of fold them inward I guess you can make a rug but I thought this was kind
of neat there is Bob there’s a lot of bobbin holder so this I think will
definitely be going going in the giveaway stuff and these are these look
like slap bracelets but there they are apparently stabilizer holders but I mean
I can see a lot of uses for these because I do have a lot of stuff that
comes in rolls that comes unraveled a lot like my glitter vinyl and yeah I
definitely do stabilizers so this is kind of cool
literally it’s like it’s like a slap bracelet but it’s for your stabilizer
and all of this stuff is available on Nancy’s notions and I’ve mentioned some
of the products below but you know I gotta say I I hadn’t really been on
Nancy’s notions in a while like I think I’d been there a couple times but they
had a lot more stuff on the site than I then I remembered and and it’s kind of
overwhelming so if you are looking for sewing and quilting notions they have a
lot of stuff and they I have seen quite a few items that I have not seen
anywhere else like the butterfly designs I thought this was like I would see I
was super excited about this I thought this was like one of the coolest things
I’ve ever seen and I think there’s a lot I wish there were amazing designs I
would love you to come out with more so this is like a cd-rom and then you just
put it into your computer and then you can download designs and then you could
put them on your USB Drive but I would love to see them come out with more more
collections like this I thought this was just really cool maybe with other
creatures or other types of maybe like a floral one that would be that would
probably go over real well and I just I’m really enjoying this I mean I
haven’t used my regular sewing machine much lately which is a little bit sad
because there’s just so much I’ve been doing with the embroidery machine it’s
been a little it’s been a lot of little out of control so clearly you know what
I’ve been up to lately all right so alright there’s some more stuff in here
there are some books and okay there’s a trim and set template okay listen this
definitely is for quilting I guess it helps you okay it helps you Center your
quilt blocks some half square triangles templates this is kind of neat lots of
some quilting I’m all about the sewing I’m all about the embroidery and
quilting these days I I haven’t really made close in a while
and I was thinking about that I was like maybe I should make like a you know a
shirt or something and I was like you know what I’m having fun doing what I’m
doing I will avenge you definitely eventually but I’m really trying not to
buy I’m trying not to buy any more fabric and I’m really trying to kind of
use some of the stuff that I have on the upside I have seen a lot of baby
announcements on Facebook so I could probably do quite a few baby blankets
and and and try to try to you know well it has it serves multi purposes it
multi-purpose you can help reduce the stash you can also surprise a friend I
mean there’s a lot of lot of upside to that right all right oh and uh oh yeah
this is the fun with the fabric fun with fabric strips book so that’s why she
included the the batting so you could make some cool projects with with fabric
strips and this does kind of look like those rope projects but I think there a
lid there definitely a little bit different
those are cool and then there’s there’s this book and template for the split
tumbler templates so lots of cool things that over at Nancy’s notions so if you
haven’t ever been there before definitely wander over there especially
for the embroidery designs they have some kit they have a lot of kids too so
they have one kit that comes with wash away stabilizer and it comes with this
cd-rom and then they sell this individually they also sell a
downloadable version of this collection as well oh wait I think I’m holding this
upside down sorry about that so lots of really neat stuff happening
over there and thank you what thank you so much over at Nancy’s notions for
being so generous and I’d really like to pass some of this along so in the next
few weeks I will be definitely doing announcement about a some type of some
type of giveaway giving away quite a few items that I that someone else has been
kind enough to send to me you know I really like all this stuff I just I
can’t use all of it I’m only one person so I’d love to try to pass along as well
okay so let’s talk about Game of Thrones alright
so I know Game of Thrones is coming on in like an hour and a half who is
watching Game of Thrones out there and and what do you think tonight apparently
is supposed to be a really big episode and I’m really I am super excited so we
didn’t have HBO for like the past two years which hasn’t really been a problem
because Game of Thrones has been off the air for that long so you know we you
know we figure why paid the money if there was you know nothing new on so we
finally bit the bullet last weekend my husband was like he’s like yeah just
dude do the HBO thing because we were talking about so we’re probably gonna be
dumping Netflix I know we’ve watched a lot of stuff on Netflix and I’ve noticed
a lot of the shows that we like on Netflix they are dropped by Netflix
because like their license expires and then all of a sudden a few months later
they wind up on Amazon Prime video this has happened to shows like Monk which I
love psych I think there was one other one – Oh Chuck all amazing shows and I
feel like white white collar is another one that I watched that I that that was
dropped by Netflix I’m gonna guess it’s gonna be an Amazon Prime and I actually
ironically I bought the monk DVDs after it had been gone for a while and then
like literally the next week it was on Amazon Prime and I’m like yeah you know
I mean I guess still good to have DVDs even though it’s on even though it’s on
Amazon Prime okay so Shelley I will not spoil you then if you have not seen this
season of Game of Thrones but I I’ve been trying to catch up so I watched the
first two episodes of season eight and then I’ve also been catching up on
another show that I really like an HBO called uh called Silicon Valley if
anyone watches that I’m a Big Mike judge fan I loved office space
I loved idiocracy idiocracy is one of the best movies ever so I’m enjoying
Silicon Valley and I have I’m about to I’m at least two seasons behind on that
so even bright before this I was watching Silicon Valley my favorite
character on that show is Jared the kind of like socially awkward pale guy he’s
definitely my favorite and yes yes they did raise the price of Netflix which
kind of pissed us off I get that they’re spending like a gazillion dollars on
programming but I don’t know if you guys saw that Saturday night Saturday Night
Live sketch where they were making fun of how many programs Netflix has some of
them have like one viewer and I think there’s probably some truth to that too
that like Dara shows on Netflix that I’m like has anyone ever seen this I don’t
know I I I feel like not that original programming isn’t good but why create
like a gazillion shows like why not focus on like five good ones you don’t
all have to have all of this original programming I think it’s a good thing
but I I have definitely seen shows on both amazon prime and netflix where
you’re like I don’t know like I think HBO has got it right then they mo they
kind of focus on a handful of shows apparently they’re really blowing the
budget with Game of Thrones I read that I think Game of Thrones is spending like
it was I forgot how much an episode it was something I got to look this up so
Game of Thrones is spending like an insane amount of money per episode cost
and I mean you can definitely see where it it I mean you can definitely see why
it’s that expensive all the CGI all the costumes I mean it’s just that I mean
yeah the CGI dragons alone have gotta be a few million right alright so see it’s
a game of Thrones okay the final six episodes of Game of Thrones will cost
fifteen million dollars each to produce I mean these things take forever to
shoot that’s why they’ve been off the air for the past couple of years I guess
they’re trying to just shoot all these episodes and get them ready but they’re
like the length of them is gonna be longer and I mean then the production
quality is just amazing so I mean you can definitely tell they spent they
dropped 15 million bucks on it ease you know although they couldn’t okay I
don’t want to I don’t want to give you guys any spoilers but alright in the
comments let me know who what do you like spoil like not spoilers but
predictions who do you think is gonna who do you think is gonna be the last
person standing in Westeros I don’t know so and I want to share my favorite with
you so I’m working on a DIY I’m working on like an embroidery DIY project
dedicate another one dedicated to Game of Thrones last year I did like a last
year the year before I did a Daenerys like Turkish pillow that was a fun
project but I just did a sample I’m doing a sample of something I so I’m
gonna make a t-shirt with this on it and if you can’t tell who my favorite
character is this is this is it alright let me get this a little bit closer
alright I found this beard and sunglasses design
applique on Etsy and then I downloaded the game of Thrones font for embroider
machines so I am I am team I’m team torment all the way I think he is the
he’s definitely the real MVP this season and I’m just loving that guy I mean he
was always good but like he’s just really I don’t know like he’s got
something he’s extra this season so I’m rooting for him and I’m going to be
putting this on a purple t-shirt that I have hooped but I didn’t want to leave
unattended so after after I jump off of here I’m gonna finish the shirt and
maybe have it done by the time the episode starts I mean I do really I’m
you know I’m you know I gotta say I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this guy
though he I wish I hope he you know I don’t know I I kind of hope he I hope he
makes it into more episodes this season let’s just say that because I would
really like I would really like to see you more tormund and I’m really rooting
for tormund and Brienne of Tarth to become a couple I’m shipping them pretty
so if if the show ends and that doesn’t happen I’m gonna be really really sad and young dragons really are expensive I
mean I and this weird thing is like okay I don’t if you’re a season behind jelly
you don’t want to spoil you but um I never thought I would be that
emotionally attached to a CGI dragon and that’s kind of the sad thing so but
torment man he’s just he’s the best I just I would love to see I wish he could
get his own length spin-off show or something I don’t know but uh okay Jen
I’ve never watched it but I hope I assume everyone dies dad is a really
that’s actually a really popular fan theory that like humanity gets like
wiped out the night king rolls so it’s it’s certainly that that is certainly in
you know that’s definitely one of the possibilities so even though you haven’t
seen the show Jen you’re you’re on the right track it’s it’s a decent show it’s
definitely it’s definitely not for kids and there are some storylines that that
are that make me a little uncomfortable but you know it’s it’s HBO so you’re
you’re paying for the they gotta remind you that you’re paying for it to be
adult content I guess so I don’t know but it’s you know I’m excited to see
what happens and I’m really yeah I’m very glad to now have HBO and be able to
actually watch the episode so my husband is actually going back to the beginning
and he’s watching all of the seasons just continuously in order just until he
gets back to the beginning I guess cuz he that’s what he does he likes to he
really likes to just watch in the beginning and then just watch one series
over and over again which I know is kind of weird but I don’t know but yeah Game
of Thrones and I’m so I’m so excited so I’m going to be embroidering my tormund
I’m gonna do because I really did want to do a tester I had never done I’d
never bought from these sellers before so I really wanted to test it out the
only thing and I’ve been I’ve been experimenting with Apple case so I’ve
done some Apple case I shot an applique video that I’m editing and I did not use
like fusible web so there’s I’ve seen some people that use fusible web and
some people who don’t so I’ve done it without and then I tried it with but I
forgot to take the paper backing off of this one so I’m glad this is only the
practice one because I would have totally messed up the I would have
really messed up the shirt like if that had been my final one so yeah I make a
lot of mistakes this is just sort of a scrap sheet from fat this is like a
sheet that I bought for fabric I have some pants for this and I just used some
tearaway stabilizer on the back just since this is kind of just just playing
around but yeah I’m kind of digging this this beer did sunglasses thing was not
supposed to be tormund but I feel like it evokes the spirit of torment and I
was not able to find an actual tormund uh like embroidery design really so but
in last week’s episode man he was holy he was hysterical
I was I rewatched if you if you all know what I’m talking about I rewatched the
good the really juicy scene with him I probably rewatched it like 10 times
and I was just laughing through the whole way so I don’t know Shelly I think
you should definitely make a pillow that says winter is coming I think that would
be I think that’d be a really cool project and you can you can buy all the
the fonts online so I’ve seen a lot of though like you can get a lot of you
know like fonts and I think I have seen just a winter is coming design you can
buy it like I saw some Etsy seller with that or you can get the font and then
just make your own you know just kind of make whatever saying you want so I I’m
team-tournament I and I am going to I’m gonna try to tag that actor on Instagram
maybe he’ll maybe he’ll see it I don’t know we’ll have to see but I’m excited
and if anyone here watches Silicon Valley – am I like sorry my hair is
getting like my hair is getting really like crazy
today I don’t know I just kind of did it but who knows but this is this is us
here at the Sonya part we hang out we talk a lot of randomness I talk a lot
and we have some fun so if you’re just joining us that’s that’s what we do here
and all right is that my phone that is very weird my phone is vibrating for
like no no reason okay it is very strange anyways okay okay so
let’s look at let’s see if anyone has used sewing report squad hashtag this
week all right so we will go ahead and do that all right see if anyone see if anyone’s been using
it and we can give you guys some Instagram love and then right before we
right before I jump off for the night Iowa if you stick around this long I’m
gonna tell you I’ll tell you who the surprise guest is this week for a very
cool video I shot last week with this celebrity guest and I’ll kind of share
the story and I’ll talk more about it next week so cuz I know this is already
going almost an hour here but I was I was shocked and I will I will
I would love to talk more about it next week but um that’s what we’re gonna be
okay we have a few photos I think okay all right here we go okay okay actually is this a new
okay well the hashtag sewing report squad Andrew makes okay cool my brother
has a 1968 Road Runner he restored and rebuilt I sneakily acquired a picture of
it had it printed on to fabric and surprised him with the call oh my gosh
oh that’s that’s super creative other than the car itself my fav part of
this picture is the squirrel on the stump oh my he’s like totally
photobombing too oh oh my gosh that is so so cool and erm ace if you’re
watching or if you watch this later hats off to you that is a really cool
gift and surprise how neat I don’t really know much about cars I don’t
really know what a roadrunner is but it’s that looks like a cool car you
happy for a second I was like why has a car here then when I read your caption
that made a lot of sense how cool all right I’m gonna like the sorry it’s
gonna be from my Jen talks forever account cuz that’s the one I’m signed it
on alright is this one a new one okay that is old okay oh that is my sunroom
from a while ago alright Theriot vegan my Saturday project are one of them I
turned a stack of old teas into bags how cool are we talking about upcycling here
I wish I could remember where I first saw this to give proper credit reduce
reuse recycle super easy just sew the bottom closed with two rows of stitching
cut off the arms and enlarge the neck hole area hey that’s a good idea alright
maybe I’ll try to do that I don’t even know if I have like old t-shirts like
that but I’ll have to see how cool alright so they’re looking I’m looking
for posts that are not mine okay alright now here’s another one april showers
bring out drafting supplies alright self trapped in shorts those look
really good actually Terry awesome oh my gosh I time to make a muslin then make
butter in Butterick 63 26 and you have a quilt in the back
I mean don’t apologize don’t apologize for sharing your stuff you know and all
right and Terry definitely don’t apologize for the photo that’s something
that bugs me about Instagram is that people feel like they need to have the
picture be like you know like a professional magazine shoot I mean we’re
we’re just people like who’s got the time to stage all these professional
photographs like I try to get I honestly a lot of my photos are like screen grabs
from from videos I I will occasionally take like nicer photos but I don’t spend
I really don’t spend like a ton of time on it I I think there’s more to life I
were I would rather be making stuff or making a video at least then spending
all my time on photography and I I still do kind of have a love/hate relationship
with Instagram I don’t know hi I don’t really know how I feel about it but I’ve
been kind of I don’t know I think there’s a lot of like fake activity on
Instagram like I think half of the people interacting with you as a bot for
sure so I don’t know that’s that that’s my opinion what do you guys think but uh
yeah all right let’s check out some comments okay Jamie I just started
watching the Umbrella Academy okay I’ve heard someone else talk about that –
what is the Umbrella Academy I saw somebody else post about it and I had
never okay it’s a series on Netflix all right I’m looking it up now okay it’s a
superhero thing okay Ellen Page Tom hopper and don’t know how to print it
all right the only person I recognize in here is Ellen Page and mary j blige okay
so the Umbrella Academy cool all right Carla it’s Mopar new car nice Eileen
polyester thread is more colorfast with Brooke fab with fabric brightness and
lots of Washington heavy-duty stain release detergents so good with kids
clothes good to know all right and polyester is stretchier
okay so if you for anyone that does a lot of embroidery what do you prefer to
use polyester thread with what kinds of projects and what do you prefer to use
rayon thread with cuz that’s what I’m going to be kind of testing out is just
and Terry’s here Terry awesome well it’s good to have you here Terry
and yes don’t seriously don’t apologize for your photos I would rather people
share stuff like on any kind of camera then not share or something at all if
they want you know if they want to share it so I don’t know and honestly you
don’t have like there’s this whole push to to share everything you do like in
your entire life online I think that seems a little like unhealthy and
narcissistic – I don’t know maybe it’s just me but I don’t know oh all right so
you know what I was gonna do this and I forgot to do this I wanted to go to
Nancy’s notions website so let’s do that actually so yeah it had been a while
since I’d been on this site and normally I do like Amazon or like I’ve done a few
like I’ve done while block sewing but I gotta tell ya I’d Nancy’s has a lot of
stuff here so if you’re in that and the prices were really good – so cuz I even
compared them to Amazon for several things and the price was very similar so
I thought this was pretty cool and they’ve got some oh sorry I’m going
really fast here and they’ve got a lot of really interesting inspiration stuff
oh that’s cute oh my gosh they have cactus oh I really like these embroidery
collections and and it does seem you might be like 40 bucks really but when
you go on Etsy by the time you buy all these designs each design is like four
dollars each three dollars each so you get three or four that you get like ten
of those and you’re also at the same price so I thought this was well that is
really cute though stick it to me hug me so yeah they’ve got some really good
embroidery kits and like collections and I’ve just been really I’ve been kind of
impressed with just what they have let’s see what else they’ve got like I’m yeah
I know I’m I know this is what you came for to see
me on like oh okay so they do have more all right I’m gonna have to check this
out further cuz I really do like their freestanding
that lace butterfly just that stitched out perfect like I thought I was gonna
mess it up I was like let me do a practice one because I’m probably I’m
probably not gonna get it right the first time or something or something’s
gonna happen but it was stitched out perfectly they have some in the hoop
projects alright let’s take a own DIY candle mats I don’t really have any
candles but you can do other stuff with this oh those are cute okay so I think
that’s what felt so a lot of good gifts and last week somebody told me to check
out in the hoop projects and I have been doing that for sure but the one I found
so I found like a couple things I liked on Etsy but then when I went to look at
their instructions like there were like there were a lot of steps to it and I
wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for that so we’ll have to see but I don’t
know it was it was just like yeah like they were like it wasn’t like an easy
like it was a simple project but it wasn’t one of those things where it’s
like only five steps they were just I felt like there were a few too many
steps and I felt like it would have almost been easier just to do it with a
regular sewing machine if you had a pattern so I was kind of like yeah I
don’t know like if I had been making it I would have I would have found it
easier to just uh embroider the pieces that need to be embroidered and then do
the rest in my sewing machine like I just I didn’t really see that it would
be easier doing it on the embroidery hoop so I don’t know but yeah they’ve
got some cool stuff oh and they oh they have their own okay this one’s out this
must be really popular so they they’ve got their own embroidery starter kit
that is really cool toweling fabric acts that one comes with
fabric too so lots of really cool stuff on here the thread selection though I
was just really I was really like just knocked out with just how much
just how much thread this place has like it was just crate like the amount of
threat and this this one though I am so loving it
I think the colors are really just really unique I’m very I’m very excited
I think I’m gonna do some of the butterflies with this thread and then
one of the other boxes has gold and silver so I I will definitely get some
use out of the thread for sure and and I noticed they had a lot of
stuff that was uh that was deeply marked down too so this yeah this one right
here this one’s like forty dollars for how many forty dollars for thirty-five
spools that’s actually a really good that’s like a little over a dollar spool
for rayon thread and I do really like the colors that come with this so that’s
super cute so they have a lot I’m excited to try the Madeira thread I’ve
actually never tried Madeira thread for anything before so I think this will be
kind of neat but they have quilting cotton they’ve got but man I’m just so
loving the embroidery stuff like it that’s that’s kind of the thing that’s
gotten me lately I’ve just been so wrapped up and embroidery I would like
to do some quilting though so but yeah they’ve got some really cool I do want
to see these feathers okay so you could make some feathers hmm and look at I
just love how you can do different colors and I I would love to see more
collections like this I think this is so cool oh you could make like a mobile
that would be kind of neat I think they should do some flowers like I think
flowers would be pretty universally you know usable and you could uh you can
also sew these to clothing you can sew these to accessories
I mean I don’t know I’m just I feel like my mind is getting carried away here but
they’ve got a lot of stuff they’ve so much stuff yeah now hmm but yeah they’re
embroidery is design collections I would say they seem really they seem really
good quality who hoop grip tape and uh oh no mesh state I do need some
no-show stabilizer someone have to order some more from somebody we will see lots
of lots of really cool stuff here I’ve just been I’ve just been loving checking
different things out and yeah me and the embroiderer we are me and my embroidery
machine I think our one okay is this freestanding lace as well it kind of
looks like yeah okay stitch designs with organza and I did
see that in in some somewhere I think the organza would be pretty cool so I
did see that and going on oh how pretty are those so yeah they have they’ve got
lots of really cool embroidery designs I’ve also been checking out um i’ll show
you i’ve been checking out embroidery library and embroidery designs comm
these are like my main haunts i’ve downloaded quite a few things from
embroidery designs comm that’s a good site and they have a lot of free designs
too so you can go let’s see where’s all the free ones though they’ve got tons of
free designs and you can get three per week so oh hey speaking of butterflies
and they’ve got some that are pretty wonder if that is freestanding and they
do have freestanding lace as well so they’ve got lots to choose from and i’ve
had pretty good luck with the designs i’ve downloaded from here that does kind
of look like it’s I don’t know but you can specifically sort and look just for
the freestanding lace the other one that’s good is uh and they’ve got a lot
of online tutorials is embroidery library comm they’ve got some
interesting ones as well and they uh yeah they have a lot of tutorials on
their YouTube channel alright since ever and yes I was watching blueprint earlier
I’ve been trying I’ve been trying to get more more use out of that subscription
since I did pay for it so I’ve been trying to alright okay man I hope my
internet connection on the live stream is still here alright well guess we’ll
try this later alright so anyways I guess embroidery library is a node
I really hope my livestream does not get knocked off on air we will we will see
so all right cerise let’s see you think we had a few more comments all right Oh
Jamie have a good week thank you for joining us and Shelley thank you very
much as well okay so for those of you who are who are still around I’m gonna
tell you who these celebrity guests is on the sewing report this week do you
remember a couple weeks ago and we were talking about Craig Conover the guy from
the Bravo TV show southern charm apparently his assistant saw the show
and she read somebody reached out to me and said hey would you would you want to
interview Craig for your for your show and I was like you bet of course so on
Thursday I ended up skyping with Craig himself so this week I will be releasing
our literally hour-long conversation I know I can talk a lot with Craig Conover
he was super nice and I’m I’m so excited to get this out there because I think
what he’s doing with the sewing is so cool and he just seems like such a nice
guy and and he’s just super into sewing so I
will be so this week definitely look for a conversation between me regular old
gen and and celebrity reality TV star Craig Conover I was so I thought it was
so like amazing though that somebody would reach out to like somebody like me
to be like to give an interview with so yes I I was totally shocked also
apparently they’re they’re gonna be sending over a box of sewing down-south
stuff that i will be checking out probably a next week’s show we’ll be
doing some more more unboxings and in this week I hope to get all this
giveaway stuff together because I really do I it’s been a while since I’ve done a
giveaway I wish I could do more they’re just
I’m a little weary of all the legal aspects and that’s what all another
reason why I can only do it with us contestant eligible members is because
of all these international laws so I’m sorry everybody who’s not in the United
States just hope you can understand it is for legal reasons I just don’t want
to get in trouble and apparently that’s pretty easy to do so yes so I wanted to
share that with you guys thank you for hanging out with me and yes I know
sodium contact yes I was so like that guy is so wants to do an interview with
like a small youtube channel okay man but he was super cool and and we talked
a lot about sewing and about him and it was a really neat conversation and I was
really surprised just this guy is really like deep like I know he’s on a Bravo
reality TV show so he might be like he’s probably kind of a you know yeah you
know you kind of might get some wrong impressions um but just after talking
with him for that long I I definitely could tell this guy is like a he’s a
really good decent dude and he really he’s really into sewing so we talked a
lot about sewing and about a little bit about how he’s portrayed no we did talk
about how he’s portrayed on the show cuz people were giving him a lot of crap for
the sewing but anyways guys thank you for joining us this hour and let me know
too if there’s a topic you would like to see discussed on a future episode let me
know in the comments as well yes I know I’m asking a lot of you to comment but
because I really want to hear what people have to say and see what what
what you guys want to chat about in here in the live chat talking with me I this
is just kind of fun for me I just obviously this is super casual and it’s
just something we do just ed just kind of hang out you know hey it’s an hour
before a game of Thrones what else are we doing and I’m gonna be trying to
finish my my tormund shirt I am a hundred percent and and I will wear I
think in next week’s show I will wear the team torment shirt because I’m I’m
gonna be doing a video I I started shooting my process with it so there
will be a video on how I made the tormund shirt because I think it’s I I
don’t know I’m very excited about it cuz I was looking around all day trying to
find a beard embroidery designer or something worked kind of look like hit
men’s hair and I found something and I was like okay so this is cool so I’m
pretty pumped but you guys I hope you have a great week and and happy sewing
so alright I’m gonna I’m gonna check out I’m gonna try to get something to eat
finish my shirt and then and then catch up on the latest Game of Thrones it’s on
pretty soon so we’ll catch up next week we’ll talk and I’m next week I’m gonna
chat a lot more about about Craig Conover and kind of what what happens so
cuz I’m I’m just really excited about that I know I think it’s pretty cool so
hope you guys have a great week and I’ll see you guys uh see you guys later