Intro to basic household sewing machine

Hi there,
This is Laure from Stitching it Right. In today’s episode, I’m going to introduce
you to a very basic household sewing machine. This model was available for under a hundred
dollars several years ago when I bought it. I’ll find a link to them and put it on the
website in case you’re interested in a basic household sewing machine. The advantage of this type of machine is it’s
great for beginners because if you find out you don’t like sewing, you don’t have a huge
investment in your machine that way. And, they do hold up several years, so you
can learn to use a sewing machine before you invest in a more expensive machine. The light button is over here on the end. Sorry about the mess in the background. This adjusts for the different stitches, which
you can see along here. This is the hand crank. Be sure to always turn it towards you, never
away. It raises the needle, brings it up and down. Needle. Presser foot. This lifts the presser foot so you can put
the fabric under it. The bobbin goes down in here. This cuts the thread, and there’s also a light
right under there. The bobbin winder is here on the end. This adjusts the stitch length, width, and the pressure on the presser foot. This is the reverse button. The thread goes up here. Comes along here, feeds under here, comes down
under, around, and up into the thread take-up guide. You can see that moving in there. And that is really the basics of a basic household
sewing machine. (Sound cut out, but…) Thanks for watching, and Happy Sewing!