In:Site 2018 – Nina Brabbins

I’m Nina Brabbins, I went to the Royal School of Needlework and studied Hand Embroidery for fashion, interiors and textile art. So the idea behind the work at In:Site is to look at the connections between the old and the new in the square so the idea was that people could come and string together pieces of plastic that I’ve collected from here and from Stroud where I’m from and from the beaches these will then go next to and alongside pieces of woven coiled baskets that I’ve made using ghost nets and beach rubbish and will hang next to these to yeah sort of look as if they are kind of growing naturally but unnatural I’m using unnatural material from the trees just to look at how the artwork can address these environmental issues I’ve really enjoyed hearing people’s of sort of how they respond to that and how it likes makes them think because they’re materials that could be there as this plastic could be anybody’s that becomes of anonymous plastic once it’s waste but you have a responsibility it’s just really really great to make work in the public eye, it’s something community-based it’s something public which is something I would quite interested in and it’s an opportunity to get the message which is quite a strong message and a message that needs to be in the public it’s an opportunity to get it out