“If it don’t fit, don’t force it.” Not Quite Enough Yarn, May 2019

hello and welcome to the not quite
enough yarn podcast, How rude! Hello lovely people and welcome to the May 20
19 episode of the not quite enough yarn podcast. My name is Lesley and this is a
podcast about all the yarn crafts, predominantly knitting and crochet but a
bit of weaving, bit of spinning, bit of anything else really, and it’s recorded
on the south coast of England. I record throughout the month, so you’ll see me in
various places and then I put it all together and upload on the last weekend
of the month. Tank you so much for coming to say Hi (whether you said hi or
not) and whether you’re a new viewer or returning viewer, thank you so much. It’s
really great to to have you in this little corner of the world, so thank you.
If you are new and you’re wondering why it’s called the “Not quite enough yarn”
podcast, when it will become quite evident, as we go through, that I’m not
short of yarn. The reason for that, is I usually buy single skeins or small
amounts, rather than enough for a whole item, so I end up putting a bit of
striping or colour-block or something. So that’s the reason for the name. Now a big
thank you to everyone who has subscribed, we have made it to over 3000 subscribers,
so thank you so much for that. I will be doing a draw later, of a prize, as a
little thank-you because I really am appreciative of everyone who comments,
likes, subscribes all the things, so thank you very very much. Now unusually I’m gonna start this month’s podcast with a bit of stash
acquisition. Those of you who’ve been following me for a little while will
know that I haven’t actually bought yarn (with the exception of my trip to unravel)
haven’t actually bought yarn for about 18 months now but I do keep acquiring it
and I’m not at all ungrateful, and this was actually a swap. What I’m about to
show you is a swap so the lovely Marceline Hebrownbrerrr, sorry Marceline, Hey BrownBerry on all of the social
medias including her YouTube channel – I’m assuming you already watch her channel
but if not why not, why not, I’ll put a link in the description box below, she got in
contact, she saw some yarn I’d used, knew that I’d kind of finished the project
and said, would I be interested, because it’s something she uses, so absolutely
delighted to swap with her, so thank you very much for suggesting it and I’m
going to share with you some of the stuff that she’s sent through to me, There was a canvas bag that she sent through, and some yarns, so this beauty (I
think the colour is showing up reasonably well) this is Sweet Fiber Yarns Sweet
Merino Lite, it’s a fingering/four ply weight, single ply merino yarn, lovely
texture, lovely and soft and that’s in the colourway “Smoke”. So that’s the first
one, the second – now this is much greener than it’s showing up, I know I record this
in a kind of slightly strange way with the light, the reason why I don’t face
the light is for two reasons. Firstly, I wear glasses and all you’ll get is the
glare from those, but also I record with my yarn behind me and oddly enough I
don’t want my yarn opposite the window because I’ll end up with all sorts of
gradients I wasn’t expecting as it fades. So, apologies for the light
but this is a beautiful variegated green yarn and it is BayView Fiber Arts,
Ferguson BFL, and that’s in the “Before the leaves fall” colour, so really lovely
greens into sort of browns and oranges the autumnal side of green, you can see
how they chose the name, so absolutely beautiful yarn so thank you again for
that.And this beauty, and again I don’t …oh no, that’s better, that’s showing
up the colours nicely this is Malabrigo Sock and it’s in
the aniversario or aniversario colourway which is number five, and there was some
other stuff as well so thank you so much Marce, It’s been really lovely
to swap with you I hope that your parcels got to you okay, I sent you off
track delivery and everything, so hoping that’s got to you fin, and thank you,
really lovely colours, yarns that I wouldn’t have come across, so big thank
you for that. Now as I’m recording this, it is a Bank Holiday Monday in the UK
and it’s May Day, and where I live there’s a big thing going on. It’s called
“Jack in the green” and it’s quite pagan in its origin. It’s about releasing
the spirit of summer, and the drumming group that I belong to has two events
this weekend, and as I record this, they’re probably
having a little…shall we call it a refreshment break, at the moment, they
have trudged up to the castle, so they’ve gone all through the town,
trudged up to the castle and they’ll be having a break. I think they’re due on
the stage in just under an hour. I’m not there, as you’ve noticed,as I’m here.
Various reasons for that, mainly relating to my dog. Himself is away this weekend
and apparently not buying me yarn! (there’ll be words, they may not be polite)
however um yeah it’s a very long event ‘cos it starts at about nine o’clock in
the morning it will go on till mid afternoon possibly later and the dog
would be left on her own for too long. And I know I have friends that very
kindly do come in and let her out when I need them to and that sort of thing, but
I don’t like to take advantage of the favours, so um, so the rest of the gang are
there, also it’s the one event where a lot of people turn up a lot of people in
the drum group turn up (even if you don’t see them from one week to the next
at practice – naughty me) so yes, I won’t be missed
there, there’ll be plenty of people there, so yeah, that’s happening at the
moment. However we did have, yesterday, what is my favourite
drumming event that we do. It’s called The Drum Off and we are involved with
another local drum group – very different style of music, they do South American
mother called Sambalanco, so that kind of tells you what sort of music they do, and
we parade around the old town in Hastings then we go into an open
area and we play a song, they play – so on and so forth so I’ve got some footage
for you here and this first bit of footage was me just before I left, so you
can see the glory that is my drumming costume. Well my lovely people, I’m just
about ready for my favourite drumming event of the year which is the Drum Off.
it’s part of the Jack in the green celebration so all dressed up somewhere
to go just got to finish off the ensemble. Well, a lady’s not a
lady without a hat. It’s gonna get noisy! Now as the next bit
of footage will show, the next two bits, um if you’re not used to our drumming
group you probably think “Lesley! What a completely over the top bit of makeup”
you ain’t seen nothing yet have a look at some of the folks in the
group, their costumes are amazing and I take my virtual hat off to them or
actually yesterday my actual hat off to them because some of the costumes that
the folks put together are absolutely fantastic So this first bit of footage was us
listening to Sambalanco as they played one of their tunes And this last bit is us. Well, as I
said last month that my problem is I can’t record it while I’m drumming
because, yeah it just really wouldn’t work. However we do have some pieces where my
particular drum (I’m a TomTom drummer) isn’t playing during some of it, so I was
able to record and this is one of our sort of signature pieces called Flying
Scotsman to emulate a train. I couldn’t record all of it because um I was
drumming some of it but this gives you an idea of kind of what we’re doing Well, this is what I looked like after
the drum off. Someone needs a cuddle because she’s been on her own this
afternoon but it was a lot of fun. You’ve hopefully just seen a bit of footage and
we were fortunate with the weather. There was a high chance of rain at 4 o’clock,
which is where we were due to start our Drum Off, but the rain held off so we’re
very glad for that Now it’s time for a cup of tea, cuddle
the dog, get some of this stuff off my hair and off my face and a bit of a
return to normal. Whatever that means. Right, that’s all the drumming back to
the crafty stuff. I seem to have, I seem to be near the beginning of
projects this month. I finished a shawl and a sweater or cardigan last month and
I seem to be kind of early stages of stuff, so I don’t know yet if there’ll be
a finished object. I’m also suffering from a bit of castonitis and I really want to cast on some things, because they’re pretty, so it may
be that we have a lot of works in progress but nothing actually finished. Who knows what the future brings? Well, clearly, nobody. Oh one of the things I
definitely want to cast on are some socks now I’m not someone who makes a
lot of socks and I think part of the reason for that is I have very large
feet, quite large legs and it’s not a quick project, However Amy from the
stranded podcast is running a knit along to make the Rose City Roller socks and
these a little shorty socks so there isn’t that long bit of leg to do. The
stranded roller derby as one of her subscribers suggested it be called (top
name) so I am going to do that – oh sorry voice went a bit odd. mm-hmm I have some
yarn in mind I’ve got some Araucania Ranco in a sort of bluey colour,
which I can’t find at the moment and following the Gretchen Ruben advice, if
you can’t find something, tidy up. I think that’s what I need to do also because
I’ve got through some stash recently and some of the boxes that I have in
addition to the cupboards have emptied, so I can move stuff around. So that’s all
good. After I’ve finished recording this section, I’m gonna spend a wee while
having a go through the stash, probably discovering things that I’d forgotten I had. Could happen, and hopefully I’ll find this sock
yarn so that I can start on the Rose City Rollers. There are also a couple of
crochet sweaters that I want to make and as I finished a crochet garment I feel
kind of justified to start one, yeah we’ll see. Right, my lovely people I’m going to give
you an update on a couple of very old, nay almost forgotten projects. When I was
on the train to Eastbourne last month, I was knitting and someone asked to see
what it was I was knitting and it’s a project that’s been on the go for
probably nearly a couple of years now and it’s my adaptation of the Panel
Jacket by Carol Lapin, and I say my adaptation because mine’s going to look
very very different. There’s the picture of the original, so as you can see it’s
garter stitch it’s panelled, it has a shaped back, the only difference is it,
sorry, the only thing in common is, I’m doing it in panels so I don’t want to
give her the blame for anything that I make. She is the inspiration in terms of
the panel design but there really is absolutely nothing in common between
that and what I’m about to show you. I’ve been making the panels over a long
period of time, this is part of the back and I’ve got another panel to go on each
side of the back and then do the fronts. I’ve also got sleeves done and this is
one of them, and the yarn so far (I say so far because there isn’t enough, of course)
but the main yarn that you can see here the variegated yarn is Araucania Ranco and the grey is King Kong merino yarn, and I am crocheting the
panels together. Now, this was something I saw on Pinterest and I thought it was
quite a nice technique, so rather then sew them together or three needle
bind off or anything like that, it’s a crochet technique so it’s putting
a bit of a seam so this will be something down the top of the sleeve, “comme ca”! So that’s where we’re at, I have done one
more panel, both sleeves are done, one more panel to go on the back and another
one blocking, I really need to just keep going and see what happens when I ran
out of yarn, which I will, I mean that’s inevitable, so I need two panels
at the front as well, so the back one is slightly wider, and that’s the equivalent
of the back neck, and then you have these side panels. This looks like it’s a slow
project,I kind of work on it as and when. It’s almost the equivalent of sock knitting for me
because it’s very simple, straightforward stocking stitch – doesn’t require any
thought once it’s on the needles, I just make sure I stop at the right place. So I
also am going to run out of the grey, the solid grey, which may be more problematic,
because I do want to keep some consistency with the borders and the
joining. I was also hoping to do a kind of all the way around panel, probably in
garter stitch, to give it a kind of slightly shawl collar and to finish it
all. I’m not going to definitely not going to
have enough of the King Kong merino for that, I do have some other grey four ply
weight yarn, that Himself brought me back from one of his trips last year, which i
think would be a very good substitute. So onwards and onwards with that, I will
keep you apprised once there’s anything more exciting to look at, but that’s kind
of where we’re at with that one, so it is still going for those who remember it and
for those who saw me knitting last month and wondered what I was knitting – that’s
what it is but we’re a long way from finished object on that one.
Now the other project I’m going to show you – if you recall a cold January day in
2018, when the first episode went up and you no doubt thought “who is that?” I was
talking about a crochet project I was working on which was a curtain for a glass panel in the door of my downstairs
cloakroom. Now let me reassure those who weren’t reassured at the time, there is
something over that glass panel it’s not an indiscreet cloakroom, but I wanted
to make a pattern that matched the the woodwork of our banister rail. I was
working along quite happily using some crochet cotton – it was some stuff that I
bought in little quite some time ago, and I’d use quite a bit of it in other
projects I’ve actually made some cinctures and I didn’t even know what a cincture was but I have a friend who’s a deacon at the local Catholic Church, and
it’s the long kind of belt thing I’ll put a picture up here, so yes that’s
something I was using that cotton for but I thought I had plenty of it, and
then I had to stop my project because I couldn’t find it. Now I know I’m not a
tidy person; I’m not a very organised person, but I just couldn’t find it at
all, and that’s was kind of stewing on my mind a bit, because my yarn is kind of
all in one place,pretty much. I mean it’s in the three cupboards so in theory if I
went through – even if I had to go all three, I would find it and I just
couldn’t find it at all, so that was worrying me, and then I went to sort out
a drawer in a cupboard and I remembered I’d made this bag. Well I’m not even sure
if it’s a bag or a cushion cover, I put so many buttons on it and buttonholes it
could be could be either, but I think I know where most of that white cotton
went! Now this was also made using embroidery cotton, I think I had several
skeins of that, that had been found in the loft in our old house and I don’t do
a lot of embroidery so I thought I would knit with it because thread’s thread, and
I just used it to store odd balls of yarn and there’s quite a tangle
going on in here, but odd bits of acrylic mostly double knitting weight. So that’s
where that white went, now I’m not going to unpick that because looking at it I
still won’t have enough for the curtain I’m pretty
sure of that, and also in my stash I do have some similar weight white cotton. Again if you’ve been watching for a long time, you know that a couple of years ago
a local shop was selling a load of cones that had come from Texere Yarns,
which was a business that unfortunately failed, and a lot of these cones were
very fine to lace or thread weight and I made a cardigan where I’ve used five
together and that kind of thing, so I have a couple of these to hand, so I am
carrying on with the curtain and at the moment I’ve got one of the Lidl, the
last of the Lidl cones, and the new one and we are here, so very simple pattern. As you can see columns of shells, columns of filet, and this little bit here is
where there’s a sort of stylised tulip pattern coming, where that’s going in and
I’m going to stagger those to match the staggering on the banister. That’s the
plan, so I’m back on the crochet curtain after a long hiatus thanks to the fact
that I hadn’t… that bag had never been kind of logged anywhere, so I didn’t have
the yarn logged as used. Oh well, as my father will often tell me there are
no problems there are only solutions some of the solutions create prob…no,
let’s not go there yes so I’m back on those two projects if
you’ve been watching for a long time you’ll have seen them before if you
haven’t been watching for a long time – new projects, how exciting, yeah that’s
kind of how it goes. Hello lovely people it’s a bright and
sunny day, it’s actually much colder than it looks but I’m sitting in the car
so it’s bright and sunny and I’m in an exciting new location because, and a
lorry is coming along so it might get noisy, but we’ll keep going, there is a
new crematorium near where I live. Now for relatively new watchers of the
podcast, you might be thinking “What?” I conduct funerals for my job so that’s
why I’m interested in local crematoria and this is a new one. I was here
yesterday it opened last week, apparently I was the first celebrant here – they’ve
had a couple of vicars and ministers of religion but I was the first celebrant
so guess that’s some kind of claim to fame, I don’t know, but yes it’s all new
and shiny, and a few teething problems but nothing we can’t get around. So
I’m here again and it’s very sunny, which is lovely so I’m still working on a cat
rescue blanket using corner-to-corner crochet, and just plodding on. There’s
been a lot of discussion recently about size inclusivity on Instagram in
particular, and this is a subject that I know something about, and in fact the
reason why I ever designed my own patterns in the first place, back when I
was young and foolish (as opposed to older and foolish) was because I couldn’t
find things to fit me. I’ve always been above average, shall we say, in sizing and yeah, that’s why I started so it’s
something that interests me but it’s made me kind of stop and think, and one
of the things I’ve got on the go at the moment is the Leaps and Bounds sweater,
and it’s the first time I’ve made a fitted sweater and I really like the
pattern I really like the yarn but for some reason I’m not feeling the love for
making the sweater, and I think it’s because I have a fear it’s not
going to fit by the time I finished. It’s a fitted sweater, it’s worked bottom up
in pieces and even if it was too small I could put a side panel in or something
like that, but I am resisting because… and I think it’s because I I don’t know if
it’ll fit or not. So I’m going to do something that I possibly should have
done quite some time ago and with Himself’s help, I’m going to compile all
my measurements, because in the past I’ve always just made the biggest size that I
assume will sort of fit, and most of my things are kind of baggy and oversized
anyway, so I’ve done an awful lot of winging it and I’m not going to wing it
with this. I’m going to measure myself. If I need to frog back what I’ve done and
start again then I will, because it’s a lovely pattern,
it’s gorgeous yarn, so I want it to look as it should look, not uncomfortable, or
you know, I make it and then not wear it because it doesn’t quite fit as it
should, so it’s only taken me fifty-one years to reach this conclusion, but I
it’s something I need to do. I’ve also got, on the go, a sock and again I haven’t
just made the largest size and hoped I’ve measured my foot. Now I have very
large feet I will do us a section later in the podcast about the socks and you
will see the enormity of my feet, I will never fall over in a high wind, let’s
put it that way. Just call me the Sussex Sasquatch, but um,
I measured my foot, and I’ve increased the pattern accordingly, and that’s fine
if that’s what I need to do that’s what I need to do. Um yeah, so that’s kind of
where we’re at, the sun is shining people are wandering around looking lost, because
this is all new but it’s very shiny and random strangers who I’ll be talking at
later, I’m actually quite early for my ceremony but quite a few cars are
arriving. My ceremony’s in 40 minutes time, but I think, because it is a new
venue people are coming early to to make sure that they found it. Yesterday’s
ceremony, we did have a few late comers, I think it was kind of trying to find it,
work out where it was… you don’t think about these places being new – the
local churches and crematoria and funeral homes, they’ve kind of been there
forever,so to have one that’s in a new location is odd. But uh, it was felt it was
needed – it’s near a town where there’s been an awful lot of building in
the last 10-15 years the population has grown quite considerably and we’re in
the Southeast of England which is fairly highly populous as it is, so it makes
sense to have built it, and it’s a way for the local authority to boost their
income, so that’s understandable as well. I’ve nearly finished this cat blanket I
think… I think for a little while, because I’ve got quite a few projects on the go
including things like socks, I might not do the charity work for a little while.
I’ll see how it goes, but I might want to carry on with some of the easy to
pick up and put down projects, and kind of keep cracking on with them and
get some stuff finished. It feels, although I’ve had a bout of cast onitis,
it does feel as if I’ve got a lot of stuff on the go that’s being hanging around for
quite some time. I may even bring that curtain with me and sort of crack on
with that whilst I’m waiting, because it’d be fairly easy to to put down as I need
to, and pick up again and just sort of carry on with that, and feel like I’ve
got some of these old projects under my belt It’s alright casting on new ones, but if
you’ve got stuff that you realise is kind of eighteen months old, it would be quite nice to get it finished really, wouldn’t it? Or that’s the plan. Hello my lovelies, got a bit of spinning
to show you. I started last month with a very uneven thing of yarn I now have a
slightly more even ball of yarn. I bought some fibre, which isn’t the same
as buying yarn, is it so we’re okay, I hope and in amongst this fibre, which I’m about to
throw all over the floor, there were lots of different bits, which
was great, because I just wanted it to practice on It was a kind of “bin end”
selection, so there’s all sorts. What was good about it
is that as I was spinning I could feel the different staple length, so I could
feel the different fibres and the different properties of them, what was
bad about it is I’ve no idea what this stuff was, because it was just a carrier
bag full of fluff and none of it was labelled. But that’s okay, because it just
was for practice. So we’ve got some different colours in there, this grey is
actually fairly even, I’ve no idea what it is – feels quite kind of rustic it’s not
one of the smooth short staple ones but it’s lovely, red, so yeah I’ve got all
sorts in here, some white, so this is what I started with, so it’s still uneven in
places and it’s going to be, because it’s still only the third ball of yarn I’ve
ever tried to make, so you know it’s not gonna be perfect, but it’s okay, we will
live, it’s alright. Now as I’m winding this up, um it occurs to me I don’t have
much by way of finished objects this month and in one sense I was
thinking “god there’s a bit pathetic” because you know it’s been a month and I
haven’t finished anything and I’ve got a couple of little bits to show you
towards the end but nothing much, and then I thought, well, it’s not a race it
doesn’t matter. And I have heard comments, that some people find podcasters almost
a bit intimidating by the amount amount of projects they get through,
because most people don’t get through that many. and it really is a personal
thing. I mean, yeah, some people knit faster than others crochet
faster than others, and others don’t for reasons of just that’s how quickly
they knit, they perhaps have physical reasons that they knit at a different
pace, or maybe just time and life pressures, you know, so it’s
definitely not a race, and you know hopefully this is still entertaining. I
mean, I know you come for the knitting and crochet but you stay for the …witty
repartee and Madrigal singing? Recipe tips? I don’t know, I really don’t know
why you’re here, but I’m very grateful that you are so thank you.
Smashing. And on that note actually we’ve reached the 3000 subscribers so
thank you to everyone who has clicked that button, I really appreciate it. Now I
was going to try and do something where I could just pull out a random
subscriber name, but YouTube won’t let me do that, and you can get a list of
subscribers but it only shows the most recent it won’t show those whose
accounts are set to private, so I’m gonna have to do the giveaway based on
comments, to do it as a random thing. So if you’d like a chance of winning this
prize, and I’ll go through it in just a sec, please just make a comment
there’s no prompt question you don’t have to give any thought to it you can
just say hi, you can just say hello, you can just put an emoji up, it could be
that brown squiggly one if that’s how you’re feeling, that is absolutely fine.
If you can just put a comment on and then I can randomly select a comment, so
I can get in touch with you and let you know that you’ve won. So yes, apologies
that that’s delaying this, but I thought the technology would do something that I
don’t think it does. So what is the prize that you’ll be commenting for? Well, just
a quick reminder we have these three balls of Shetland yarn. These are all
undyed; they’re from Isle inspired fibres, each one is on the floor, it’s 25 grams
just around the hundred metre mark, so three of them, one’s just rolled over
there, but I will pick it up and you get that with this lovely bag made by the
fabulous Sue in Auckland who’s kindly sent it over for a
prize, so we’ve got these New Zealand birds on it, it’s actually a really
pretty kind of swirly (the light I think is not going to help, it’s a very bright
sunny day) but you’ve got a lovely fabric on the inside, it’s got a pocket for your bits and
pieces, a really good sized drawstring bag absolutely lovely, beautifully made ,so
thank you again Sue and a lucky person can win this. Like I say, just any comment
at all ,could be as facetious and as flippant as you like – that would appeal,
that would be fine, just anything at all, just in the comments to give you a
chance to win this, because then I can go in random comment selector, and that will
be fine. So I’ll be giving this away next month, when I will also be announcing the
winners of quarter two (Quarter 2!) of the year, my goodness for the –
stashkal, stash mal, stash crochet along, make along slash everything along that I’m
running with the lovely Barbara from the Flame and Fiber podcast, and just a very
quick recap on the rules (which you probably sick of me saying but I’m
going to anyway) to be eligible for the project to be in the stashkal, the yarn
had to be in your stash as at the end of 2018, the project can’t have been started
before the 1st of January 2019, that’s it, anything that fits those rules can can
be in it. You can double dip with other makealongs that are going on; I was
watching Angie B, the knitter next door, she’s just finished something, she’s
entering it in another knit along, but it’s coming into ours as well because it
applies, so that’s all good, and yep next month, I’ll be drawing a prize from the
finished object thread and also a pattern give away from the chatter
thread so even if you just go on there look at someone else’s project and just
say “I really like the colour” or “nicely done” or whatever, you’re then eligible
for a prize, so please do come and play, it’ll be lovely. And talking of
podcasts, a new to me one and relatively new, I think,
she’s on episode 9, is Rosie of Rosie’s Knitting Shed thanks to Chevas from
Chevyrell for bringing her to our attention.
Rosie is in Cumbria which is in the northwest of England and she has an Etsy
shop; she’s an indie dyer, and she’s good fun – she shows you the sock she’s made by
you know putting her foot up in front of the camera. Please be assured, I will not
be doing that, you’re okay, especially as I’m wearing a skirt today. Yeah, so she’s
good fun – quite short podcasts – 10 or 20 minute mark, just there’s an energy about
her I find very appealing, so if you’re after a short fun knitting podcast,
Rosie’s Knitting Shed and I’ll put the link in the information bar below. Hello lovely people, now first I
apologise that I’m looking a bit what my Mum used to call “white and spiteful”, I’ve
got no makeup on my face. I’m drumming later and I’m gonna have to put a whole
lot of war paint on so, so that’s why we are where we are. I said that I hadn’t done
much knitting this month and that’s true, or crocheting or spinning or anything
much, but I will show you what I have done. Oh, I need to iron my tee-shirt, sorry
mm-hmm anyway, that won’t happen this morning. I have
made a sock, and I have the other one up to about here, so we’re kind of getting
there these are the Rose City Roller socks by Mara Catherine Bryner
I think that’s it, I’ll put the details in the bar below, and I am making this as
part of the stranded roller derby. Amy has a knitalong going on this
month, to make a pair of adult sized socks by this designer, Mary Katherine
Bryner and I mean look at the length of that it’s bigger than my head by how
much? Oh anyway, my mother looked after my feet too well,
so this is the first of the socks and it’s a shorty sock as you can see little
rolled cuff there, slip stitch heel flap, gusset and then just straight, and she
gives you an option of a rounded toe or a more chiselled – I went for the rounded.
I will put them on and show you them when I’ve made the other one, which I
have to do by the end of this month so that will be next Friday, to be eligible
for the giveaway draw. I’m also going to show you my somewhat homemade (I hope you
can see that okay you, find something to put it against) my homemade sock blocker which, as you can see, I made from a wire
coat hanger. They don’t have to look as weird as this. To make a regular stock
rocker I’ve got the coat hanger like that, just
pull down and then push in, so yeah I’m not gonna
push it back as it will never fit again, but yeah very simple to make,
like say just pull down and on the bottom straight edge opposite here and
then push in what was one of the sticky-outy bits, push it in and you have
a fairly reasonable size and shape sock blocker, but because I have very very
large feet, I had to do a bit of manhandling with it, so that’s why it
looks slightly peculiar but it works for the socks. I will go into more detail on
the sock when I finished the other one and it’s made from some old Regia
that I had in the stash and I will go into more details next month, as I will
about the Harpe’rs Ferry shawl by Tamy Gore that
I’ve been making, and we’re kind of 3/4 done on that, so that should be finished
next month and I’ll go into details with that then. So a HO a hoe and a half but the
other half is in the car cos it’s my current car knitting. The other thing
that I’ve been doing this week – Francoise Danoy, who is best known as
Frenchie on Ravelry and on all social media, she’s Aroha Knits and I
really would suggest going to look at her designs, because she is a fabulous
designer there are many of her designs in my
favourites, let me tell you. She has been running this week the five shawls in five
days challenge which sounds like a real challenge because you think 5 shawls in
five days? No, but what it is, is a brilliant way to learn different shawl
constructions, so she gives you the pattern for different constructions and
I’ll go through them, and then says knit for half an hour and then cast it off,
block it, because it’s enough to give you a sense… to give you a template of how
you start the shape, and then you you go mad on it, you know, you can do whatever
you like. So I just got some old acrylic from the stash, and the first is the
probably the most common shawl shape the triangle
then there is the crescent and then the others are still on my blocking boards –
so I’ve got the asymmetrical here, the 3/4 and I’m definitely going to be
making one of these, I think I’m probably going to slightly adapt it so it’s
bottom-up, because of the way I like to knit, but I think this will sit really
well on the shoulders so this will be a design that I’ll work on in the future,
and the semicircular as you can see here so it’s been a really enjoyable
challenge I mean challenge doesn’t feel quite
right really, because challenge makes it seem like it’s really hard and it’s been
a delight to do – half an hour a day, a little bit more and you learn so much
just by doing, as is often the way. So thank you so much Frenchie for putting
this challenge out, it’s something that I know she’s run before – if she runs it
again and you’re interested in shawl making and shawl design I really would
suggest having a look at it, because it’s a real eye-opener. It’s one of those
things “of course that how it works” you know, that’s what you’re knitting
thinking “oh yeah I can see this” but as I said, sometimes it just helps to do stuff
so so thank you Frenchie for putting that out, and if anyone’s interested, look out
for the next time she offers it, assuming she offers it again because it
really is a good thing to do the five day five short challenge. The other thing, a bit of a follow up from a piece I recorded earlier in the month,
I was talking about my leaps and bounds sweaters by Jiminez Joseph and I was
kind of resisting working on it because my fear was it wasn’t going to fit
because I’ve never really measured myself and I think there’s a lot of
stuff… I mean there’s a lot of conversation at the moment about body
image and that’s been resonating with me because, largely I’m fairly happy with
who I am, because if I wasn’t, I would change it but there are things…we all
have our foibles… you know some people think that they have
big nose or sticky-out ears or something, so we’re all aware of the ways that we
deviate from the perceived standards, so I thought well I better do the grown-up
thing and measure myself, so I got Himself to help me… that was after we’d
worked out where things should be before you measure them… so yes it was quite an
interesting half an hour, I did come out of it saying “does this mean more engaged?” I
mean we’ve been married 24 years but you know, so I’ve now measured myself so I
then thought, right, well I’ve got my measurements, I know what I need to do,
and I looked at the pattern and I looked at the gauge on the pattern I thought
well I need to rip it back as I half expected to, but that’s okay because I
know that it will fit when I.. I thought I will just double-check my gauge before I
rip it back because I’ve made that mistake before, ripped back a whole thing
and not taking the gauge, which is stupid because you’ve got this lovely big
sample, this big swatch, and um …gauge swatches lie – it’s been said before, by
far better knitters than me,but it’s true; gauge swatches lie- they lie like a
cheap watch. I’m kind of getting away with it, I think. I’m kind of one or two
stitches out, which I’m happy with because of the ease I’ve built-in, so I
don’t have to rip out what I’ve done not that it’s that much, it’s probably about
that much of the back of the sweater, but it’s nice not to have to rip it back – the
only thing I will do is on the waist shaping, I made do slightly less waist
shaping on the front to accommodate the fuel cell, but that’s okay I can work
that as I do it, that’s fine, but yeah the rest kind of works I do just need to
think about the shoulder shaping – the shoulder length, and I’ll I’ll look at
that but I’m kind of getting my mojo back, so I’ve got a couple of little bits
I want to finish not least the other sock and the Harper’s Ferry Shawl, but then
I’m going to crack on with leaps and bounds, because it is a really lovely
pattern I’m using yarn I really enjoy working with
and I just had put it to one side, so it can come out of timeout and back in the
mix. so that’s so good I think that’s kind of it for this month.
Sorry, I was distracted by someone walking down the road – how dare you, don’t
you see I’m podcasting? Hello! I’m off drumming later so I shall look
ridiculous but that’s okay we’ll make a good noise, um I hope whatever you’re
doing you’re having fun. Thank you again to everyone who’s joining in with the
the make along for this year, I am really delighted seeing all the the FOS and the
partially finished items. My queue and my favourites list have grown so much, just
seeing all the different patterns that I wouldn’t have otherwise come across, so
I’m very grateful to you for that. I hope you feel that you’re achieving stuff by
getting stuff out of the stash, onto the needles on to your back or whoever’s
back it’s supposed to be on, and yes thank you so much for taking part. So
next month I will draw for the next quarter of that,as well as for th
subscriber giveaway, so again just put a comment and I’ll do a random comment
generator thing, clever IT stuff for the draw for that, so there’ll be lots of
things to giveaway next month also hopefully some finished projects because
I’m fairly close but definitely want to finish the other sock, to enter it for
the draw and also I should have finished the shawl and should have
cracked on with a few more things. In terms of projects coming up, I’ve got a
few smallish things I want to make. I’m gonna make himself a cowl and I’ve
started to think I really need to crack on with that, because it’s easy to think
oh it’s not not winter for ages ye,t but stuff takes time so I I want to kind of
crack on with those things, so that will be in the mix fairly shortly, and
yeah just odd bits and pieces so hope that you’re having time to craft and
that whatever you do be a craft or not brings you joy. Thanks so much for
watching, really do appreciate it. have a good month see
the end of June Thanks bye-bye