Identifying Image Types – Working with Design Space – Tutorials for Beginners

In this video, we’ll make sure you know how
to identify image types at-a-glance. You may already know that Cricut Design Space
makes it easy to try before you buy. Meaning you can design with any image from
the library, and it’s not until you go to cut an image that you need to purchase it. But if you’re curious about an image type,
here’s where to look. At the bottom-left corner of any image you’ll
see a price, or you’ll see three other titles which may be self-explanatory, but hang tight
if not: Purchased, Subscribed, or Free. And, who doesn’t love free, by the way. To get more info or find similar images, click
this icon. You’ll get the image name and ID number, the
cartridge name, and a Buy Image link. To see more images from that cartridge, click
cartridge name. You can buy single images or the entire collection. This also switches your view from Images to
Cartridges. Let’s switch back to Images. This green Access icon means this image is
available in a Cricut Access subscription. If you’re an Access member, like me, it will
say Subscribed down here. If you’re not, you’ll see a price for the
image instead.