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I am real nervous Future Wendy. I hope, I hope you’re watching this and I hope you’re okay. All righty. Thank you. Fabric Wholesale Direct for sponsoring this tulle if you remember the last time I did a collab with Fabric Wholesale Direct was also a very special project it was When I made my own wedding dress So if you want to see everything that they have I’ll put a link in the description for you. They’ve got fabric Notions, especially Bridal fabrics, which is what made me think of them when I knew I wanted to do this tulle project It’sa blue (Mario noise) Hoping and hoping and hoping and hoping and praying that I can achieve a nice Cinderella blue type of look so that is the regular tulle I ordered the 108 inch width now a section of this tool has already been cut Sent away to a pleading service and I have that order back as well Okay, this one I’m a lot more nervous for because this is my first time ever getting a pleading done Asked the guy who did the pleating to send me some photos you can tell he’s so over it whereas I’m like still amazed by this because his photos are so chill, but I’m like the pleading service that I ordered was crystal pleading which is one of the Finest ways that you can get fabric pleated it gets you a super tight accordion fold Do you see all that pleading feel and fancy? Oh That is just paper-thin. Yo, okay, whoa I’m having one of those moments where something is so nice that now, you don’t want to touch it because It’s just nice the way it is It’s so neat. All right, it’s time to bring in a special guest Judy Right, okay. The other thing that I have picked up that I think will be here to critical to my success is a corset those of you have been paying attention know that I mentioned this in a previous video I’m just gonna take a moment now to do some pinning and try to figure out what the next steps are hair is tied up Judy’s in her lingerie, and I’ve got some pleated tulle to deal with There are two things that I’m testing out here The first one was I wanted to get a sense of the opacity of the tool I’m gonna have to go buy some inner shell fabric that matches this blue the other thing I was trying to do here was to get a sense of how many layers I could get away with on the Top and now I know six layers is safe on the model Which should be safe on me in terms of making sure I get past The waist right here with enough fabric below to attach the skirt. So.. I got the fabric folded over a couple of times so that I don’t have to cut for miles and I’m gonna divide it into Three equal sections. It’s folded in half. So that should yield six sections in total The next task was to cut out the really long strip of fabric that was going to form the bottom top of the skirt I was not quite sure how much I needed but the body of the skirt was originally 12 yards so at least do more than what you have above and if you’re starting to get curious about all of the fine details of Measurements that went into this I will put a link in the description because I don’t want to put them all here It’s gonna be way too many numbers I’m about to sew the bottom section of the skirt to the pleated fabric which is gonna form the body of the skirt basically, I know that this is Six yards, I know that what I cut is 12 yards therefore. I’m trying to gather at a two to one ratio And it really hope that works out we begin I have to do this 12 times? no, more than 12… (oh my gosh) many many many many many strips of gather tool later I have been refining The settings on my machine to figure out what’s gonna work first I paid attention to the comments and one of them was to Use a basting stitch to gather the tool and if you use the right tension and stitch length The machine will gather the tool for you instead of you gathering by hand, which is what I’ve demonstrated many times on my channel So first you put your machine on your longest stitch possible for me It is 5 then over here on the tension the bigger the number the more intensely it’s going to gather so I started all the way out here at 9 On a 9 the gather was super dense 6 is kind of my sweet spot. The gathering is a little bit lighter. Can you see the difference? Let me show you my workstation currently. It’s just covered in tulle. Ok let’s get to work. I did have one more thing I wanted to cover I can hear someone in the comments already screaming (GATHERING FOOT!!!) I did. Alright? It’s magic I’m very sad to report that This ended up not really fitting in This top slit as I hoped this foot is gonna have to shine some other day I took a moment to lay out all of the layers of the dress that I had made Thus far and just see how they were all fitting together because I had a plan on putting it all together there are now six layers of pleated tulle with attached gathered skirt and now I’m going to tackle the next six layers of pleated tulle repeat and stack Okay, um so over there I have been creating a new stack of tulle Reason for that is because I noticed on the original dress there is kind of like two layers of tulle Going on there’s like a high and then a low So hopefully I can replicate that well, let me go throw over this tulle The last tulle There’s no time to be scared. It’s time to be brave poor wendy Gosh look at this increase in skill level. This one looks so much more Nice and orderly. Sorry whew It is time to bring these two piles together I’m going to flip them all over so that the right side is facing down and then layer them so that the outside is Touching the floor. I just cut off a little bit of excess because there was too much fabric to pull it all together I’m gonna be using a elastic waistband I dreamed of finding a baby blue one, even though I don’t think it matters This part honestly is always a bit of a mystery to me how tight you want your elastic band Too loose and you’re gonna have slippage too tight indigestion Okay on this elastic there are 20 spots in between these slits. So then using safety pins. I added 20 equidistant points To secure all the layers together I am using those safety pins as markers to aligned with the gaps that are in the elastic and I’ve written all of the measurements on the elastic so that I know How many centimeters of tulle I need to stick out above the top edge of the elastic so I just sew a straight stitch? Slide it over to the next safety pin measure. So another straight stitch Okay, I gotta cut all these threads free and then we’ll see how it looks on. It’s kinda like.. too big? So now I think I’m looking at a mirror here I think what needs to happen is like I’ve gotta remove even more fabric Like have this much that I’m gonna take away. I Think it looks better (squat and squint meme) I have to move on. I feel like we should start giving time to challenges So that I can’t spend forever doing this stuff I cut out enough fabric to go around my waist and then I put a marking for How long it needs to be in the end But I gotta like fold over these edges so that I can attach hook and eye closures to it securely It’s like I literally have to remind myself to breathe Just to be clear because I think the next time you see this it will be done I’m going to use the rest of this to make a pretty little bow Okay, so that was my attempt at the Giambattista Valli and H&M signature dress I want to add a final and very enthusiastic Thank you to Fabric Wholesale Direct for supplying this tulle. I’m also super super happy I got it pleated like it just is such a magical experience the pleating surface that I went with is located in Montreal and it was $5 a Yard, one thing I think about this dress is that I do wish that I had made it just a little bit longer I’m definitely aware that it was not like the perfect length that I could have dreamed of And I’m always so amused when people in the comments point out the stuff that I know because I’m so self-critical so anyways Feel free to keep on giving me your constructive feedback if you have advice on how things can be done better in the future I totally welcome it, but just know that there’s no need to wake me up to the error of my ways because I’m very painfully aware Definitely a very valuable learning experience Continuing to foray into the world of formal fabrics I really hope that if you’ve been a longtime viewer of this channel You can tell that I’m getting a lot better at being transparent about The things that don’t go as perfectly I think in the beginning I dreaded sharing failures But then the comments kind of showed that the flawless execution Actually put a lot of pressure on people and made them scared to start and the reality was sewing is mistakes will happen It’s a craft that just requires you to have patience and a willingness to keep trying and growing and and I think Now that I’ve shown that more I’ve seen a positive turn in the comments where people feel a lot more motivated knowing that Stuff does not turn out perfect all the time, but like you got to embrace it with all that said Thank you so much for watching this video. I hope you subscribed I hope you hit that notification bell I hope you plan on coming back again and again because you’ve made it to the end of this video So to me that means a lot. I’ll see you all next time. Bye. I love you